Adventure Fantasy Fiction

John Paul was ogling at his computer screen while typing something on it. He was shaking his head in a few seconds interval and rubbing his eyes with the backside of his hand. Dark circles were visible underneath his eyes. He stopped typing and looked all around. All other people were busy with their respective desktops in their seats. John closed his eyes and rested his head over his hand on the desk. Soon he was snoring faintly.

A bright moon was perceptible in the sky. There was no cloud. Stars were twinkling and along with the moon trying to spread and pierce the illuminating urban light-emitting steel structures lying on the ground. From nowhere, black clouds materialised in the sky. Moon was invisible now and so were the stars. A plane was passing just below the dreadful cloud. Just above the plane, a large circle with light, green light emanating, appeared and electric sparkles appeared at the boundary of the circle. Those sparkles grew in intensity and a few of them struck the ground. Now, the plane was receding away from the circle. Suddenly a big electric arc from the boundary of the sky circle leapt for the plane and it struck its tail. The tail of the plane caught fire instantly and started fateless descent and in no time it was bruising on the ground. Luckily, it was a field.

The green colour of the sky circle was becoming more and more accentuated. A man was visible flying towards the circle. It was slowly approaching the circle. He was about to enter it, but just then the circle disappeared and the man fell from the sky. Many people who were watching the ascent of the man started running toward his fall, but they could not find his body.

Frank lustre, manager of the company tapped on the desk. John hastily got up and was once again staring at his computer. As soon as John emanated haphazardly from his nap, the intensified green light outside the window stopped instantly. All other people who were gazing outside the window returned to their seats. John was perspiring profusely.

“Are you all right, John?” inquired Frank.

“I’m all right,”

“It appears you haven’t slept for days. Can you tell me the reason?”

“Well,” John cleared his throat and replied, “every time I sleep, I have the same nightmare. It seems extremely real to me,” then he glanced toward Frank and added further,

“I know you won’t believe it, so just forget what I said.” While squinting, John said.

Frank cradled the soldier of John,

“Don’t worry, you can share anything with me. After all, I am your superior and it’s my responsibility to look after my juniors, so just tell me what type of nightmare you see?”

“But sir,”

“I said, didn’t I? just tell me, no worries. Maybe I could help you.” Frank insisted.

“Sir,” said John, “from past few days I am having the same recurring dream that a big passage or portal is opened in the sky amidst dark clouds and a man flies towards it. As soon as he goes almost near the circle, I wake up gasping. I can’t understand why I am having the same dream again and again. That’s why I cannot sleep for the last few days,”

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Frank, “it’s just a dream, well, take care,”

Frank hurried toward his cabin. While crouching over his seat, he pulled his phone from his right pocket of trousers. He dialled some number.

“Hello,” he said and then after some time he further added,

“I have found the gate opener. Meet me at my home,” and then he hung up the phone.


John was cradling on the rocking chair and watching the news on TV. Images of the circle in the sky were being shown on the TV. John became flabbergasted seeing the circle of his dream in the sky on it. It was emitting green light the same way the circle of his dream emitted green light and the same way a person tried to reach for circle flying, but the circle disappeared just before he could go inside it. John was attentively staring at the TV and listening to whatever anchor was describing.

A strange man in a black blazer appeared in front of him, blocking his view of the TV. John got frightened and stood up from the chair.

“Don’t worry, I am not here to harm you. I just want you to sleep peacefully so that I can return to my world, so please, this time, don’t wake up during your dream. I can help you with that. I can make your sleep so profound that you would not get up in the middle.”

“What are you saying and who are you?” stuttered John. He was perspiring, seeing the stranger.

The strange man shook his head in anguish.

“Why everything is so hard for me? I just want to save my world. Why does no one understand it? Why?” the strange man shouted. He was heavily breathing and staring at John.

“I’m sorry, but what do you want?” once again asked John. He was trembling in fear.

The strange man took a gun-shaped weapon from his pocket. It was like a gun, but not exactly. It had a large barrel. The strange man aimed at John,

“Please don’t kill me, what I have done to you?” John pleaded.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die by this. You will just dream indefinitely,” saying, so the strange man grinned.


A young lady, look wise, maybe in her thirties, was gawking at the sky. She was sitting on a bench in the park. She closed her eyes as if she was trying to feel the wind. She was wearing official attire. She was wearing light makeup. She had blue eyes and fair skin with a small and sharp nose. Her chin was pointy. She opened her eyes and strolled her eyes all around.

Suddenly, her breath heaved fast, and she stood up. Now she was looking all around rapidly. She fixated her eyes in a particular direction and her eye bro frowned and her face became red. She was now fuming in anger. She closed her eyes and disappeared into thin air.


“Why would I want to sleep indefinitely?” asked John.

“So that portal to my world would remain open and I could go back to my world,” said the strange man and pushed the trigger of his weapon. A green laser light emerged from the weapon and marched toward John. Just then, the lady from the garden appeared there and with the help of a strange stick, having a careful handicraft on it made of dark wood, she absorbed the green laser in it.

“Why are you disturbing me, Lois? I just want to go back to my world. I have become tired of this world. This man has the dream sequence to open the portal to our world,” he said.

“Arlo?” Lois was now squinting at Arlo.

“Yes, I am saying the truth, when we entered this world, you know we lost the portal opening gem and I think the gem got somehow absorbed into the brain of this man, that’s why whenever he sleeps and dreams about the portal to our world, the portal gets opened. I have tried to cross to our world through that portal but every time he wakes up and portal also disappears, so this time I want him to sleep sound enough so that I could go back to my world. You can also come with me, don’t you want to return to our world?” said Arlo.

“Well,” said Lois, “I already knew that he somehow absorbed the gem and possess the power to open the portal although only subconsciously and through deep simulating sleep sequence only.”

“What!” Arlo was staring at Loise with wide-opened eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me then?”

“I didn’t want you to know this as clearly,” said Lois. “I don’t want you to contact our world and bring them here. They already have destroyed our world with their greed for so-called scientific development. I don’t want them to destroy this world,”

“What are you saying?” said Arlo in astonishment. “People of this world are no better than the people of our world. You know that our world will become extinct soon and with the extinction of it our people will also be extinct don’t you think they have a right to live in another world, like this world.”

“It’s their doing. They tormented nature and now, nature playing with them with their destruction. I don’t want them to come here. This world is in its infancy. It has to see a lot in the future. I don’t want them to take its future and the future of humanity with it.” Replied Lois.

Seeing both of them arguing, John comfortably sat down on the sofa and continued listening to them. Arlo now looked toward John,

“Tell me, buddy, would you not try to save your world if you see it collapsing?”

“To be honest,” said John, “everyone would try to save their world but not at the cost of harming other’s world. The way you guys talked, I can infer that your world is going to collapse, and it’s because of their mistakes. And if they do the same mistake after coming here, certainly I will not welcome you guys,”

“They will surely do the same mistake,” bellowed Lois.

Arlo was visibly furious listening to this.

     “Then I will have to do what must be done forcefully for the sake of my world,” and then he took again his bizarre gun out of his pocket which he had kept in the pocket while talking and tried to press a button seeing this Lois pounced on Arlo and snatched his gun. Lois pointed the gun toward Arlo, but before she could press the button, both of them disappeared into thin air.


  It was like a court of a great king. The throne was elegant and spectacularly decorated with caricatures of mysterious incarnations. An elderly man was sitting on the throne. On both sides of him, some people were standing with a translucent large tablet-like device in their hands. Lois and Arlo appeared in front of the elderly man. They both were rapidly looking all around and then looked at each other.

“shoot,” uttered Lois faintly and dropped the gun of Arlo near her feet.

“Welcome,” said the elderly man, “I had planted the teleportation device in your bodies for this same purpose. Any person having this device can be summoned to this hall from anywhere in the multiverse.” He was panting and his voice was loud. His eyes seemed red seeing both Lois and Arlo.

“I had sent both of you to find any other world so that our species can relocate there, but you failed miserably. It has been over five months yet you did not report any good news. Tell me why?” the voice of the elderly man crackled.

“It is the fault of Lois,” said Arlo in a quivering voice, his lips trembled, “we found the habitable world, its called earth in one of their language, and in our language, it is called ptebrine, a habitable planet around a tiny star. But Lois stopped me from coming here. The only source by which we could return was the gem. It was lost while we entered the earth. I was searching for it. Lois already knew that the gem was absorbed by a man of the earth yet she didn’t tell me when I went to him for opening the portal, as his sleep was the only way to open the portal and also I didn’t have a gem extractor device, but Lois tried to stop me, it is all her fault that you had to wait so much for our return,”

The elder man’s nostrils flared as he looked at Lois. His eyes were stark red now. His head was shaking badly as he shouted,

“Tell me, Lois, is it true whatever Arlo is saying?”

“Yes,” replied Lois politely.

“Why?” shouted the elderly man as he stood up from his seat.

“Because I don’t want the earth to have the same fate as that of our planet. It’s all your greed that turned it into inhabitable. If you go to earth, you will certainly make earth the same unsustainable plum of garbage as you have made this planet,” her voice quivered, a drop of water emerged from the left eye of her, “my planet,” she further said while raising her voice, “I don’t want your filthy foot on any other planet.”

“Guards,” shouted the elderly man. Few guards entered the hall through the main gate.

“detain this traitor,” he further shouted.

Lois looked toward guards, then she looked towards one corner of the hall. There were few devices there. She was keenly looking at two particular devices. As guards approached her, she pounced toward those devices. Now she had those devices.

“Stop this wretched lady. She has taken the gem tracker and destroyer device with the help of this device she can destroy the gem from here. This device is entangled at the quantum level with the gem,”

“Tell guards to stop or I will destroy the gem,” shouted Loise.

“Stop,” said the elderly man. Now he was perspiring and heaving heavily.

“If anyone follows me, I will destroy the gem,” said Lois, with creasing on her forehead and squinting rapidly all around.


John was sleeping. He was rolling left and right while in sleep. His head was filled with perspiration and his breath was heavy. Outside, dark clouds were stretched throughout the sky. The portal appeared in the sky. Lois descended through the portal.

Lois was standing beside the sleeping John. She pointed the device toward him and pressed the switch, and she smiled.

      “Your world is safe now, sleep well.”

John was now smiling in sleep. Outside, the clouds along with the portal disappeared. The moon was shining bright in the sky and stars twinkled to full of their hearts.

The End.        

October 01, 2021 15:01

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