Some people were born lucky. They literally didn't have the crazy or anxiety over not knowing what their real talent is. They just found themselves at a young age being able to express the commonest talents or most admirable that is singing, dancing, being an artist ~my favorite wish~ and so much more. 

Music over the ages has been considered or been recognized as something that is fun to listen to...helps us to express our feelings and also used for meditation on a bad day. Credit also has been given to those chosen few that can sing incredibly well to help us with the current trends and mostly feeling expression.

To be considered among the musical geniuses I think the following should be key.

* Having a unique and beautiful voice

* Singing with passion to attract crowds from all over the world

* Winning musical awards, billboard hits and nominations atleast

 My favorite musical geniuses ~ at least I consider them to be~ are Whitney Houston, Demi Lovato, Khalid, Sia, Halsey. They are too talented in their own way. They make you want to sing. They are perfection

 Demi Lovato is my character. Recently I watched her documentary on YouTube and according to her mother she started to sing well at the age of four. Just imagine a little girl being able to sing to your soul. That's both incredible and kinda adorable. She sang and landed herself on the famous Disney channel on Barney and friends and also became the main character on the Camp rock movies. 

She was amazing. Personally she made me want to sing which I do but not as skilled as her. 

She's been able to become a role model to both young and adult singers. She also has energy that is contagious. I mean at the age of 25 she's literally a musical genius. Her songs make my soul dance.

Being a musical genius also is not about singing. Its about you being able to write your own songs. These are mostly about your current state of mind and life situation or even a friend's life that you might want to project for your fans to learn about or use experience. Demi has written her songs the best being "Tell me you love me" In my opinion she must have wanted her boyfriend to tell her to love her. I mean what's life without a little expression of love to your partner. It makes you feel secure and I bet many people used her song as a dedication to their non verbal love partners. She's also skilled and if you watch her in studio you can see her passion for great music. Her vocals are just excellent. Sometimes I just go to the bathroom to pretend I can sing well~laughs~ my voice sounds incredible and for a moment I feel like I sing like Demi and I don't mean to brag but my voice has improved with time maybe at a later stage I'll definitely be able to sing just like her. They say that it's always just a matter of time. God knows how much I want to sing like her!

If only I could sing like her!

I hate the fact that there's a possibility of 50 50 


Or Maybe not. 

January 31, 2020 13:30

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