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Connections are everywhere and all around us. People, places, and objects all have connections. Connections can bring people together or drive them apart. They can be big or small, long lasting or short lived. Connections can happen fast or happen slow. They can withstand a lifetime or they can be severed. Connections are all around but what happens if they are gone. What happens when there are no more connections?

“Yes mom I will be there.” Annie said over video chat. “Now which dress looks better, blue or black?” She asked holding them up.  

“Blue, it makes your eyes pop. Don’t forget you are in charge of the desserts and they need to be good.”

“I know, they are already done and packed up just gotta load them in my car.”

“Oh. Okay then I will let you get ready and I’ll see you in an hour.” Annie’s mom hung up. Annie looked at the phone to make sure it was disconnected then laid down on her bed. She was frustrated. Tonight’s dinner was a set up and she knew it, her family didn’t really approve of her baking business. So they set up this dinner to introduce her to someone, she just didn’t know who. Annie figured it could either be a business person or an attempt at matchmaking. Annie knew if her family would actually try her desserts they would see how good she was but once again she was different for not wanting to continue in the family business. She shrugged off the thought and got up off the bed. She needed to get ready for the party.

Annie put on the blue dress and did her hair and make-up then she loaded the desserts into her car. She texted her mom to let her know she was on the way and put her phone up. About twenty minutes later she arrived at the family cottage and parked her car. She tried to call her mom to ask for help with the desserts but her phone said no signal. Annie shrugged and started gathering what boxes she could when her sister came running down the stairs.

“Oh Annie you are here! We have been trying to call you but no one here has cell service and mom’s internet is down.”

“That explains why I didn’t get a reply when I texted her I was on the way. Krissy can you help me with these?” Annie asked her sister.

“Uh sure.” Krissy said reluctantly. 

Annie and Krissy walked into the house with the boxes and sat them on the table. Annie embraced her mom in a hug then looked around to see who all was there. The usual people were there, mom, sister, sister’s husband but there was a new person. Annie assumed he was the guest her mother told her about.

“Is anyone getting any signal?” Krissy asked walking around holding up her phone.

“No.” The man said.

“Nope” Krissy’s husband Craig replied.

“Well I can’t call the phone company to report an outage and I can’t go online to say its out. What are we suppose to do?” Beth, her mom, said.

“How do you know it’s out? Maybe the internet box got lose or something.” The man said.

Annie walked over to where the wifi box was and checked it out. It was plugged in but the green light wasn’t on. She tried resetting it but it did the same thing.

“Well the internet is down but that doesn’t explain the lost cell signal.” Annie said walking back to the group.

“Do you all have the same service provider?” The man asked.

“Yes we do, so maybe it’s just us. Which one do you have Ben?” Craig replied.

“The same as you, so probably just an out tower or something.” Ben said.

“Well no need to let this evening go to waste. We still have electricity and each other’s company, not need for phones or wifi. Shall we eat?” Beth said. Everyone just nodded and followed her into the kitchen.

It was quiet for a while. No one talked, no one knew what to talk about. Annie didn’t like uncomfortable silences. Usually at the dinners everyone had their phones out and would show each other funny videos or pictures. Everyone just sat and ate and shuffled their food around. They would glance at each other then stop and look back down at the plates of food. Annie couldn’t take it no more so she spoke up.

“So… Ben is it? What brings you to dinner? We weren’t properly introduced what with everything that was going on. I’m Annie by the way.” She said with a smile.

“I’m friends of Craig, he invited me said we could talk.” Ben replied.

“Talk about what?” Annie said looking confused.

“Oh not now. You two will have time to talk later. Why don’t we try those desserts you rave about all the time.” Beth said.

“No I think I want to talk now. I mean that’s why we are here isn’t it? What is it another matchmaking scheme or business arrangement?” Annie huffed frustrated.

“It’s not like that at all.” Ben said defensively. “Well it is a business arrangement but for your baking business. Your sister brags about your cakes all the time. Figured we could work together and really get it going.”

“Oh…” Annie said blushing.

“I would show you my business link but no internet or cell service.” He grinned.

“Sorry. How about those cakes then?” Annie laughed while getting the desserts. 

A few hours later and the internet and cell service still wasn’t restored.

“This is ridiculous. We don’t even know what is going on!” Beth said frantically.

“It will be okay mom we have been without it before.” Krissy said.

“Yes I know that but we had regular television then and not streaming services. Guess we could head into town and see if anyone knows what is happening.”

Annie decided to head home since everyone else was leaving too.

“Can you perhaps give me a lift? I rode with Craig but he is heading the other direction.” Ben asked Annie.

“Uh sure… Wait how do you know where I live?”

“Craig showed me the bakery and I figured you rented the space above it. My house is two blocks down.”

“I don’t rent the space I own it and the bakery. But sure I can give you a lift. You seem to be good people.” With that they headed off towards town. When they got there people were standing on the sidewalks and whispering to each other.

“Looks like there is no service here either.”

“Weird. It was working right before I headed to my moms.” Annie replied pulling into the bakery. They got out and went to talk to some of the people on the street to see if they would find out what was going on.

“Any idea what’s happening?” Annie asked one of the lookers.

“Yeah someone destroyed the cell tower and with it the internet services too.”

“Oh ok thanks.” Annie said.

“Do they know when everything will be restored?” Ben asked.

“No idea. Get use to doing things the old school way.” The looker said and walked off.

“The old school way? Well at least I don’t need internet for my bakery. Although without phones I can’t take any orders unless they walk in.”

“I’m sure it will be fixed in no time.” Ben smiled.

Two weeks later and the cell tower still wasn’t repaired. Thankfully the land lines were up and working but not everyone had land lines anymore. Annie got one installed just so she could keep business up. With nothing to do she had been getting more customers coming in and ordering. Some even want to take a baking class which was a good idea and bring in more profits. Ben had been coming around more to talk business since that was the only way to communicate. Annie didn’t mind though. Her mom and sister have been around a lot too learning more about baking. Annie didn’t mind that either, she was building a better bond with them. At this point Annie thought losing the internet connection was a good thing not only was it bringing people together but it was building her business.  

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