I have escaped fate more than once. You could say I'm just like a cat, I have (I'm pretty sure) nine lives.

One of them was a car accident my boyfriend and I were sharing a candy. My candy over to him. I was successfully slipping it into his mouth from mine and he looked over at me like he always did, like I was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen, that in fact, ever lived. He hit the meridian at fifty kilometers an hour and wrecked his pick up truck. Pucker up we say to each other everytime we go passed that street.

The first time I recall almost losing my life. Which I really feel is my fate. God seems to feel otherwise, is when I was on top of an old barn. The wild grass, grew half way up that old barn. I looked down at all of that soft, five feet tall grass and in my five year old mind, said to myself, " That's going to break my fall!" I screamed "AND JUMP", leaped of the twenty five foot barn and landed on my feet. " Ouch", was what I said next. Then limped through the grass, that was higher than my head, home to grandma's, and complained of aching legs all night, till I went to bed. I've kind of been scared of heights ever since.

The time I partied with some people, and then agreed to go on a three day big truck delivery trip while still drinking tequila, was one I have to mention. I got in the truck, that was departing for three days, and woke up two days later in Negalis Mexico. With a hangover, that the 40 degree temperature did not help. For some reason I have to mention this one, as being saved from my fate. Dying of thirst, was my fate that day. Thank goodness for stashes of ice tea.

I really went for an airplane ride with a pilot that was by the way, a very excellent airplane type guy. He took me over the musket and pingos in the Northwest territories. It was a fabulous trip. Totally enjoyed it. To make a long story short. He wasn't someone I knew well, but trusted him and his navigator. A few years later I found out that, a policeman had found a cabin up there somewhere( somewhere, I'm sure this pilot knew nothing of, but just the same) that had up to thirty womens heads on the wall. Yikes, God bless the poor souls. Or in fact this could just be an urban myth someone made up. Never the less I thought twice about travelling without proper investigation again.

One time on a big fish boat my destiny was to drown, but I did not, once again, seal my fate with death. I was playing around with the scuba equipment, long before , I took the National associations scuba diving school certificate. This fine suit by day, I put on. I wanted to jump into the Pacific Ocean. Even on the finest days, the ocean on the northern west coast of Canada is very cold. So, I put on the suit to keep myself warm, but declined the tanks ect ect. Oh, no a snorkel was fine for me. At the time I had only weighed in, at about a hundred and thirty pounds. I did take the weights around my middle that my near two hundred pound friend had had on though. I strapped them around my middle, and plunked in. Down, down, down, I was sinking. Well it's a good thing that I'm a good swimmer, because I was sinking like a rock. I yelled and squeaked my head off at the top of the water barely keeping my head above. After struggling for at least a minute. A half a minute with no air is pretty scary in itself. My fate, and about my fifth cat life, had both been completed.

Oh, yea of fateful days. Woah is you, I said when the deer ran out in front of my Camaro in about 1997. Pretty simple story, but the poor deer that I clipped on the right hind end, probably ended up on someone's dinner table, from having a poor back leg after that. Bad day for me, and the deer.

On time in the North west territories as well, I went out in a Florida Everglades swamp boat, on the Mcenzie river. It was a glorious day in about the end of May, daylight almost all eight hours at that time of the year. Well, an Everglades swamp boat has a propeller the size of a small airplane. Like Sesina size or so. So my eyesight, keeping it, was my fate this time , as I decided half way through the ride that the fishing rod, with the hook on the end of it was going to fly and hook one of us. The wind from the propeller caught it and, boy oh boy, did it fly around. We were all at our maximum andreniline rush after that one, yes siree.

If driving fast on Saskachewan winter back roads is tempting fate, then this as well, is a story. We were driving on a snowy gravel road in a sports car, and we went off the road. Now if starving to death in a snow bank, is your idea of a simple death, then, you can have it. We were up to the top of the doors, in snow. You know to this day, I really don't know if that farmer got thanked for lending us his tractor the he had in his barn. Him ( the farmer) not knowing it was ever lent, saved us from the toll he may have charged. I also don't know how we got out. Thank God again for the Male species. Lol.

I do believe that I counted my lives in this story, and my fate to be lived I have incurred, almost the same amount of the lives of a cat.

The fact that I have ridden in cars, airplanes, boats, trains , subways ect.can be considered defying death, can't it? By even the least paranoid people. I'm definatly not paranoid, maybe a little superstitious but never paranoid. I have friends that have lifetime aches and pains from accidents. Some even severely disabled. None seem to be on their last of their destiny, or fate yet though. Buckle up and live, when in a car or truck, and anywhere else, cross your fingers. May your fates be full!

May 05, 2023 20:29

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