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Serena left the house. She could never tell when it started, in fact she could never tell when it ended, the cruelties of all the people in her life. Those closed to her, smiled, as they called her names, and tried to force her to do things she did not want to do. These things they tried to make her do, weren't nice, either. They were vicious, and evil. These creeptoid's, her little nickname for the people who behaved less than trash, wanted her to either give up her chastity, and fornicate, or they wanted to drive her to her own death at her hands. It was murder by proxy. Nothing short of cold, cruel and calculated, by the people she shared a nation with. Had she ever done anything to deserve this? No. Not a thing. It had started at the moment of her birth. The current players either didn't know or didn't want to know the facts. I guess from the people controlling this evil, its easier to get people commit crimes when you have manipulated them. She knew from experience that these people had been groomed, programmed, manipulated and conditioned to see her in a particular way.

Serena drove to the shops with God in her heart and Jesus in her soul. The drive to the shops was short. The low lives were thick around her, trying to trigger her, attempting to manipulate her.

Serena entered the shops. She was in full praising God and glorifying Jesus mode. This had the most beautiful effect of raising her vibration to a place where she could not be reached mentally and all their attacks fell short. Everybody knows you can not launch a successful attack on a person when their location has shifted. In her case, it was not a physical location that had shifted but a mental and spiritual location.

The fools danced around her like monkeys. Some days, she could see the invisible strings shooting from their backs and being jerked around. It was ever so obvious to her that she had no strings to be pulled by anyone, though the domestic terrorist tried their best to attach cords to her, she ensured she cut them every day. Serena could see that the majority of these people were nothing more than slaves. The mind control in their psyche was absolute. They said what they were told without thinking about what they were saying. That is the definition of a slave. They were incapable of enlightenment and well on their way to burning forever.

Forever is an awful long time to pay for a crime. It must be understood, we do not sleep when we die. Sleeping is a physical thing. When we pass on, our consciousness is forever awake and we carry the suffering in our soul with no escape. To give an example, a bully will be bullied in eternity by their own soul. Every sin, every immoral act, when you do not truly repent (lip service isn't worth a thing, sorry for telling the truth, church goers) brings your consciousness into separation from your soul. To be physical about it, it is a form of self-harm, but because people can't see it and most people hide from their conscience rather than face it head on, these are wounds on the soul that never heal and once you die it is too late for you to amend what you've done. When most people do get the opportunity to re-incarnate their sins are so ingrained in their energy field that rather than taking the opportunity to clear karmic debt they prefer to incur further debt. Oh, we'll pay next life time, they think.

As the chafe was tossed on the winds of the breath of the Prince of this world, Serena pondered for a moment what an icon really was. Eye means the Devil when it comes to Qabala. An eye con was someone whose soul had come under the power of the Devil, either through dealings with him or unrepentant sin. This is why the elite are called eye cons, because they are imprisoned by the Devil for eternity as they made a contract with him.

Serena wasn't worried. As songs of worship worked their way through her soul and mind, her spiritual vibration continued to elevate. If she did notice anything from the perpetrators, she went into her forgive, bless, release routine. It was one of the most liberating methods for dealing with their shenanigans that she had stumbled across during a conversation with God.

Serena finished her shopping and went home, pondering on the activities of the morning. As usual, she felt the flow of victory in her energy. Regardless of the war that evil forces had brought against her, she knew she was winning. What were her benchmarks for winning? Well, she wasn't being manipulated into sin. Another was that her vibration remained elevated and her connection to God and Jesus was secure. The thoughts they wanted her to think never penetrated further than the energy fields of those attacking her. She understood what they wanted but never took it on, after all, nowhere are we told we must carry the burdens of others. We must only carry our own burden. When you have learned to surrender and cast your burden upon Jesus, the load becomes light and you become liberated.

Serena always prayed for her enemies. She prayed that one day the lightning bolt of consciousness would reach the minds of all these robots and free them. In the long run, it wasn't her they were destroying, because she had salvation, but themselves. What God has blessed no man can curse and what God has cursed no man can bless. Remember, a deal with the Devil to become an eye con, might seem like a blessing because of wealth and status, but it curses the soul because that soul has agreed to go into permanent separation with God and accept eternal suffering as a consequence. This is why the Bible mentions that it is difficult for a rich man to enter heaven. Not because they are wealthy, but because of the sins committed through attaining that wealth.

Serena is still living, continuing wither her life, elevating her consciousness, keeping her spiritual energy clean, and her soul intact. Serena is still winning the war against what seems like 8 billion of the Devil's toys and in the end she will win the ultimate victory that will make David and Goliath look like a road map to victory through faith.

Never The End

July 21, 2022 01:28

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