American Coming of Age Contemporary

The engagement party went well, it was late now. Breanna and I were starting to clean up after everybody. Ribbons astrew, plastic cups galore, the usual after party remnants now being dealt with.

"That went rather well don't you think Lu? I asked my best friend from high school. She had grabbed us some large garbage bags, cranked up some tunes to boot, making the job more energetic as classic rock filled the room with beats bouncng from the walls. She shook her mane of blondness, then tied it up with a wrist wrap friendship bracelet, part of the party favors.

"We will see how long their marriage will last, if they ever get to that point." She hoffed as she threw in plates and cups into the green sac. She looked tired, older somehow than I remembered her. It had been awhile since we all got together like this, our lives taking different avenues now. The dark circles under her eyes and the deepened wrinkles were evidently harrowing on her face now. Maybe it was the lights, I thought, as I put remainders of chips and other snacks into a plastic container, munchies for breakfast.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I replied back, munching on some cornchips, not enough to save but, why waste?

"Come on, her fiance is a doorknob, he flirts with anything wearing a skirt." Lu's lips pursed together, not very attractive, her lipstick had worn off.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, and frankly, I think you can keep that opinion to yourself." I scolded, unaware of the harshness in my voice. I wanted a drink. Wine glasses, dirtied, but I found one thankfully clean. I poured some warm leftovers in that glass and drank some.

"Oh don't be so pompous, you always do that when you don't agree with me." My friend provoked a spark in my gut. I wasn't liking where this was starting to go now. Lu was always the more confident, the one who got on the cheerleading team, the one who got whatever guy she wanted and then some. I always remained the wall flower, teased and left scorned by her sarcasm and darkness. Lu was never happy you see, it was never enough for her. Long sexy legs, gorgeous boobs, Lu was a knock out. She could have whatever she wanted, and yet, she wanted more, always more than anyone could give her.

"I am being pompous? Your not one to judge me and criticize me, and frankly, I am not in the mood for this right now." I tiredly answered. This was not over though, not for Lu.

"Ok, missy, he came on to me at the office the other day. Yes he did. He cornered me in the elevator and planted a big fat kiss on me, so don't tell me I dont know what I am talking about." She got out the vacuum. Hopefully some more noise could block this out. Fat chance of that. I went into the kitchen and began to work in there, putting food away, loading the dishwasher, my stomach knotted from the presence of a stressful conversation.


"Lu look, he probably had a moment. Your irresistable, sexy, maybe he'd been drinking, I have no idea. But I wouldn't read too much into that. Come on, let's not do this now." I spoke quietly, not wishing to get her aggravated. Too much drama, too late, too tired, all three were in tact here.

"Ok fine, but don't say I didnt warn you about him. He isnt faithful, that's all I will say." Lu sat down on the couch now, it was after midnight, rain began to fall outside, pummelling onto the window now.

"Well, I am going to forget this conversation, and would you like another piece of cake?" I pulled out the last of the celebration cake, decorated with its tiny flowers and do dads on it.

"Oh sure why not? I need another glass of wine, can I sleep here tonight? Looks like that storm is getting worse out there, brrr." she shivered and I poured her another glass of Chardonay. The bubbles were disappearing now, it was warmed, yuc, but it was alcohol.

"I am so tired right now I could sleep for two days. " I purred as I sank into the armchair with the recliner. "How did we get so old so fast?" I spoke to no one. Thinking about high school. Remembering about being young and not a care in the world. Here we are, bickering about someone's fiance who cant keep his pants down.

"I have no idea how that happened. Hell, three husbands later." Lu breathed - uncaring really. She would get another one, and another one, Lu will never be without a man around her, she was that kind of a woman.

"Not me, one is enough. We have a nice life and we like it that way. Just got our rose bushes yesterday." I smiled, I loved roses.

"Rose bushes hmph", Lu snorted. Again, her unattractiveness and scarcasm. That was Lu.

"Wonder when we will have another party again like this?" We should do it more often." I said. We now had blankets on us, the rain continued outside, the night turned colder. Unusual for this time of the year.

"Ha, how about her divorce party? Or "I caught him cheating and left him celebration?" Lu laughed at her own outburst. Not thinking. That was Lu. Well, this party was over, and I am ready to call it a night. I grabbed sheets, blankets and pillows for Lu to sleep on the sofabed. At the very least, we got most of the cleaning done, my house looked more normal now. I would make her eggs in the morning and a protein shake for me. That night, I dreamt of nothing.


The next morning, scents of fresh made coffee woke me. I grundgingly got up, saw Lu in the kitchen cradling her hot mug. I poured myself some, added sugar and cream.

"Hey, I am really sorry about what I said last night, I had too much to drink." Lu eyed me.

"No worries, I dont go telling tales. I hope the best for those two, they deserve to be happy." I went to the fridge to grab some eggs and bacon.

"Hungry?" I put slices onto the frying pan.

"Starving girlfriend." Lu smiled at me fondly. Sure, we had our moments, our ups and downs, no friendship is perfect, but some, like me and Lu's, are meant to last for life.

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