Fantasy Sad Friendship

We can’t tell aliens are real or just in our imaginations; there can be life on other planets and galaxies. We can’t explore all of the planets. Some of them might have high tech while the other aliens are learning.

Bastis is an alien Prince from billions of light years a way from Earth, living on a planet called “Astero Sphere”. They call their planet Astero Sphere because the planets are actually asteroids and it’s round and kind of like a sphere.

There is only one kind of living creature there. It’s them, they’re kind of like us humans but a little different. We call our selves humans and they call their selves Piris. They can only eat plants that grow on their planet because there are no other animals.

The Piris are intelligent and have high tech gear. They have future techs and space ships that observe many galaxies and even us. They only have one king and one ruler for their planet.

Bastis is the oldest son in the royal family; he will be the next king. He has two younger twins, his father is the king and his mother is the queen. A few months later after the twins were born, he was only 5 and his mother passed away. The older twin’s name is Zeri who is the older one and the other is Reo.

His father is very old now and he is about to make Bastis a king in a few weeks.

In medieval times, the royal families often break apart for not making them kings or queens. The younger siblings want to be kings or queens and betray their older siblings. It was treacherous those times; lucky we weren’t at that time now.

The one thing Bastis loves is his family, planet, people and his kingdom. He doesn’t cares about him being king, but he doesn’t want the wrong king to rule it.

One morning, just a week before he was king, his brother invited him to test the new teleportation device. “Hey, come here brother. Try out my new teleportation device.” Reo said. “Alright, let’s give it a shot.” Bastis said and try it out.

When he pressed the button, he can only see a white screen and a loud explosion noise was echoing in his ears. A second later, he could hear and see everything back to normal and he was teleported from one end of the room to another. It was really amazing to be able to teleport anywhere you like on the planet.

“Wow, that’s brilliant.” Bastis said. “It was quite simple really, I’m making a new one which will teleport you to any person you want.” Reo said.

“Keep up the great work.” Bastis said. “Wait brother, are you excited to be king?” Reo asked. “A little, but when I’m the king, the most important thing is my family, planet, people and my kingdom.” Bastis replied.

“Yeah, me too. But I promise, no matter any thing happens, I will always find the truth and I won’t betray you brother. You are the best and if anything bad happens to you, you must do what I said. I will help and defend you like you do to me.” Reo said. “Thanks, that's a deal Reo.” Bastis said.

He went searching for Zeri to talk to him. He went around the castle until he bumped into his father.

“Oh, sorry father, my mistake.” Bastis said. “It’s fine, I know you are excited to be king right.” His father said. “A little.” Bastis said.

“Oh, I will be on my way then, do you know where your brothers are?” His father asked. “Reo is at his workstation and I’m finding Zeri.” Bastis answered. “Well off you go then.” His father said and left.

He went searching for Zeri again and he found him in the garden. Bastis saw Zeri came out of a secret room in the ground and Zeri closed it back. Zeri had a bottle in his hand and quickly hid it before Bastis could see what it was. Bastis didn’t know what was in there and what he hid, but he went and talked to Zeri first.

“Hi brother, I wanted to talk to you about me being king a week later. No matter what happens, I will always look after my family, planet, people and kingdom.” Bastis said. “Yeah, alright. See you later brother.” Zeri said in anger.

“Why was he so mad, was it something I said?” Bastis said to him self. “Well, I talked to him, I need to tell father about the room.”

Bastis went into the castle and looked for his father. But instead a flash of glowing light appeared in front of him, a second later a, there was a huge blast which covers the glowing light he and his brother Reo appeared in front of him.

“What was that Reo?” Bastis asked. “Don’t you know, I told you I was making a teleportation device that will take you to any person you want on the planet.” Reo answered.

“I didn’t expect that to be that quick.” Bastis said. “This is the future now brother, but I’m still sorting out some bugs.” Reo said. “Well, great work brother.” Bastis said. “I’m teleporting to Zeri to surprise him, I already showed father, bye.” Reo said.

Then he vanished with no trace to be seen except a glowing light, and soon the light disappeared. He was finding his father all around the castle and saw Zeri sprinting towards him. Zeri’s face was full of tears.

“What happened brother?” Bastis asked. “Our father, he passed away, someone killed him, and the doctors said he was killed by a strong poison.” Zeri answered.

They rushed to their father and he was completely dead, Reo was next to his father crying. This is the time for Bastis to take over the kingdom.

Everyone agreed to make Bastis the king and it will begin tomorrow. That night, Bastis couldn’t sleep. He was crying all night and something was telling him to go to the secret room he saw earlier and check it out.

He couldn’t sleep, so he decided to go and check it out. He walked along the long stone halls until he reached the garden. He remember where the door was, he opened the door and went inside.

There was complete darkness, it was cold as ice and the wooden stairs led him to a chamber. He switched on the lights and it was a laboratory.

He had so many questions, why was Zeri here. There were potions everywhere.

A second later, someone opened the door and he could hear footsteps coming down. There were lots of soldiers, polices and there was his brother, Zeri.

“What is this place?” A soldier asked. Then police officers walked towards and examine the potions.

“I can’t believe it, it’s poison potions, get him.” One of them said. “No, I can explain.” Bastis said. “Brother, you are a betrayer, you can’t even last a week to be king, get him officers.” Zeri said.

Then a glowing light once again appeared with a loud explosion, a second later a masked person appeared and every one was is shock.

“Here, take this, teleport to Reo in the next 3 seconds.” The masked person said.

He disappeared leaving no trace. “Get him!” Zeri said. “1…2…3.” Then Bastis pressed the button.

He can’t see anything. It was like before. It was Reo’s teleportation device. Later, Reo appeared in front of him and took him to a rocket ship.

“Reo, what are you doing?” Bastis asked. “Saving you, I know it was not you, Zeri killed father.” Reo said. “He what? Why didn’t you tell me or them?” Bastis asked.

“By the time I went back in time with the time machine and came back, I was about to tell everyone, but it’s too late. Zeri reported you first and they won’t believe us now. He wanted to be king. They won’t give us a chance.” Reo said. “We have to do something about this.” Bastis said.

“I will show them the truth, you have to escape now or they will kill you.” Reo said.

Reo pushed Bastis in to the rocket and closed the door. Then he pushed the button that send him to space, Bastis heard someone talking on the walkie-talkie. “Hello, brother. I’m sending this message because I wanted to tell you something. I’ve sent you to Earth where you can live peacefully, keep this safe, I will call you back after I showed them the truth. Good bye brother.” Reo said and muted.

This was the worst day for anyone; he had to give up his most valuable thing. That is his family, planet, people and kingdom. But he will try and live his life on Earth until Reo calls him back.

True friends come from your heart, they won’t help you to get “Thanks”, and they help you because they want to make you better. A guy who left you in a dangerous situation isn’t your true friend. True friends will help you no matter what; they will walk besides you ready to help for friendship and in this case, brotherhood.

April 04, 2021 09:05

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