Friendship Sad

Laura moved to New York City right out of college. She had the perfect job in place and a studio apartment in which one month's rent had already been paid. Her apartment was not furnished with much but it felt like home and she was pleased with it. She went to work every day on time and tried her very best. One day Laura came into work at eight a.m. as she always did. She was called to the boss's office. She sat in silence as he explained that she was a great addition to the company but that the company could not afford to keep her on the payroll. Laura's heart sank as she listened to him say those words. The dreaded words that she never thought she would hear. "Sir, I am here on time everyday and I rarely take off work." Laura said. He laid his hands on the desk and said, "I know this is hard to understand. But you are our newest addition to the company. I just have no other choice but to let you go." Laura walked back to her desk and cleaned it out then walked out of the office.

When she walked in the door of her apartment she sat the box down and threw herself on the bed and cried for hours. She knew she could not afford to keep the apartment for longer than two months, she just simply didn't have the money. Laura spent the next two months out walking looking for a job. Nothing worked out and she couldn't find anything. Two months flew by and she still went out everyday looking for a job. One day she came back to find the lock on her door had been changed and her few belongings was sitting by the door. Her second fear was coming to be her reality. With tears rolling down her cheeks she got down and put everything important to her in a back pack. She had to leave what she couldn't carry. Slowly she walked out of the building and stood on the busy sidewalk looking both ways. She just began walking and didn't stop until it was dark; she knew she had to find somewhere to sleep for the night. She however did not know of anywhere. She had only been in New York three and a half months and didn't go anywhere except for the store and work. But wait, she did know of a little café that was open twenty four hours that she would go to sometimes. She looked in her bag and found enough money that could buy dinner. She walked into the café and sat down. A waitress walked over to her, "what can I get for you?" She asked. Laura looked up at her and set her money on table. "Could I have something that this will pay for?" She asked. She smiled and walked away then came back with a slice of apple pie. "Thank you ma'am." Laura said smiling. When she had ate her pie she was told she could not just stay there. Laura paid and then left the café. As she walked down the empty dark street she began to see more homeless people the further she went. Is this what my life has come too? She thought to herself. "You know you shouldn't be wondering around alone." Someone said. Laura looked around and saw no one that looked like they were talking to her. But then a young man stepped towards her. "You lost?" He asked. Laura looked up at him and answered, "No I'm not. I am looking for somewhere to stay." He smiled and giggled, "Are you homeless? You don't look like you are." He said. Laura rolled her eyes; she did not feel like being lectured. "Yes I am. I just today lost my apartment today." Laura said. "Aw girl you’re a new one then. Come on I'll look out for you." He said smiling. They walked over to a pile of old metal and tarps "Is this your place?" Laura asked. "Yeah it's a little run down. I have been trying to get it repaired though. Just can't seem to get anyone out here." He said so seriously. Then he turned around and began laughing, Laura joined in on the laughter. The laughter died down and the boy looked around the little metal house. "I'm Fizzle by the way, what's your name?" He said. "I'm Laura." She answered. "Well it's nice to meet you. Now since we gonna be staying together there are some rules that I follow." Fizzle explained. "You can't trust all homeless people. Good bit of them are drug users and you don't want to get involved with them. Other half of them are drinkers, not many of them are dangerous. And then there are ones like me who are trying to get back on my feet." He continued. "I understand." Laura said calmly. It was a lot to take in and very overwhelming for Laura. She had never gone through anything like this before. "You can have that corner over there." He said pointing. Laura walked over to the corner and sat down he sat down on the other side of the house. "You got any skills?" Fizzle asked. "Like what?" Laura asked. "Like anything you can play. Something we can use to earn money." He replied. "I can play violin but I didn't bring one with me." Laura answered." I know some people. We will see tomorrow if we can get you one. Oh and a dress." Fizzle said smiling. He was a very cheerful person and was always joking around.

They went to bed and the next morning he woke me up early by shaking my arm. "Laura get up." He called out. Laura woke and sat up rubbing her eyes. "I thought it was all a dream." She said. Fizzle chuckled "You're not so lucky. We got to go if we are going to get some work in today." He said. Laura sat up and grabbed her backpack. They left the house and walked down the sidewalk until they reached a thrift store "I have a buddy in here. He'll get us what we need." He said. We walked in the door and Laura looked around "find a dress, I will be back." He whispered. Laura walked over to the dresses and looked through them she happened upon one that was a blue silk she looked on the tag. Five dollars was the price and she wasn't sure she even had that much. "Laura." Fizzle shouted. Laura turned around and saw him walking down through the isle. A man was following behind him. "Laura this is Bones he owns this place." Fizzle said. "Nice to meet you." Laura said. "Yo, Fiz man you didn't tell me she was gorgeous." Bones said smiling.  Laura just stood there smiling. "So I got a violin in the back you can try out, and you getting that dress?" Bones said. Fizzle shook his head as if I should get the one I was holding. "Is there somewhere I can try it on?" Laura asked. "Yeah darling in the back." Bones answered. Laura walked back to the dressing room and tried on the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and actually thought she looked beautiful. She walked out of the dressing room and looked around for Fizzle and Bones "Wow Laura you look beautiful." Fizzle said as he walked over to her. Laura smiled, "Thank you." She said shyly. "Get changed then come up here and try out the violin." Fizzle said. Laura got changed and walked up to the front of the store with it. "Alright kid, try it out." Bones said handing Laura the violin. She tuned it then put it up to her chin. Slowly she pulled the bow across the strings. "What should I play?" Laura asked. "Anything." Fizzle said. She held the bow up and played some of Carol of the Bells. As she did she noticed that fizzle and Bones were both smiling. She finished and they both clapped "Laura that is amazing." Fizzle said. He had this awestruck look on his face as if he had never heard anything quite like it. "Your good kid. I think you will make a good bit of money." Bones put the violin in its case and handed it to Laura. He also put the dress in a bag. "Alright you two, be careful and stick together and keep that dress clean." Bones said. "Thanks man, I won't let her out of my sight." Fizzle said.

They walked out of the thrift store and Laura began walking towards home. "Whoa Laura. Where you going?" Fizzle asked. "Well I thought we were going home first." Laura said. "No I know somewhere you can change. That way we get in more work." Fizzle added. "Oh."Laura said. They walked side by side down the sidewalk "Where are we going to play?" Laura asked. "In the park of course." Fizzle answered. Laura was excited and said, "I have never been to the park before." Fizzle smiled "You have never been to the only park in the city?" He asked. "No I just always went to work." Laura answered. So they walked to the park and Laura got dressed while fizzle waited outside. When she came out they went over by the water and set up. "They can put the money in the case." Fizzle said. "Wait where are you going to be?" Laura asked. "I will be sitting over there. I think my clothes will give you away." Fizzle answered. Laura began playing and didn't stop until almost dark. They went back home so that they were not out after dark "You did amazing today. So how much did you make?" Fizzle asked. Laura counted the money, fifty dollars and ten cents is what they made. "That's so much." Fizzle said. "Yes and we are going to save it." Laura added. "Yes we are." Fizzle said sounding disappointed. Then he smiled and laughed. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. They went everyday and played and began to make more and more money. Fizzle and Laura became very close friends; if you saw them you would think they were inseparable. And they were very much so. One night after she had played all day and they laid down for bed Laura looked over at fizzle "Are you awake?" She whispered. "Yeah." He answered. "Let's make a pact that we will always stay together and take care of each other. No matter what." Laura said. "I have never had someone to take care of. I like the idea of it." Fizzle said. "Me too I am tired of being alone. We can build a life together." He reached over and grabbed Laura's hand. The pact had been made by two people who never would have met had Laura's luck not changed. Sometimes it is necessary for luck to change. It may seem wrong or unfair but sometimes it brings us right where we need to be. Laura and Fizzle continued working everyday for two years. They saved their money and only bought what they truly needed. Then finally they had saved up four thousand dollars. Enough money to move them out of the city and find a cheaper apartment. They had saved enough to change their luck and turn their lives around. The pact was kept and they always stayed together. Laura did not know what she was going to do when she lost her job. She didn't know what she was going to do when she lost her apartment. Her life changed in a direction that was unknown to her but in the end it brought her something so well worth it. Laura and Fizzle traveled around the world playing in the streets. They tried there hardest to help others that were homeless. Because they knew what it was like.

June 17, 2021 22:23

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Retired Slv
00:57 Jun 24, 2021

Good read and flow, I however noticed on two occasions the writer and character(Laura) become one person. There's the word Wondering mentioned instead of wandering(to stray) but overall a good story.


Heather Duckett
13:58 Jun 24, 2021

Thank you! Yes I noticed it too but did not get to fix it in time.


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