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There was once an alien, a ginormous one, bigger than planets. And that alien would watch the activities on other planets. The alien didn't live on any planet though instead it lived between planets. And it would get bored a lot being in all that darkness for so long. Which is why it would look down and watch other planets through a magnifying glass, the same way humans look up at space through a telescope, with one eye squinted.

The alien eventually grew bored of the watching though because it started to know and realize the patterns and endings of the galaxy and human lives. Human lives became like old show reruns. And there was another reason the alien grew bored quickly and that was because it had such a big brain. So basically....

The alien was smarter than all humans and other creatures it knew. So this smartness and wisdom of age is what the alien believed led to it's boredom. Without proper stimulation for it's brain the alien grew tired as well. And eventually fell asleep, when it fell asleep it tured from red to blue and started emitting a light from it's body like a night light because it wasn't using it's energy to think or watch anymore.

When the alien went to sleep it started dreaming about what it saw during the day..a businessman either getting richer or losing everything...a woman getting swept off her feet in a romance...a kid or teen making friends and going on an adventure....a family fighting or bonding. All these were familiars. The alien knew the patterns of human nature and behavior by heart. Or so it thought. And knew.

The one thing that still always interesting the alien though was motion because motion naturally meant change and resistance, change of direction and resistance against some force be that gravity or wind. Motion meant something was coming or leaving. Motion affected the alien like nothing else. Because the alien could feel motion strongly but other than that the alien was pretty invinsible and didn't need food to survive for it ate the air it breathed in through it's large pores that opened sometimes and closed like flaps. It changed colors between red, blue and green depending on it's mental state awake, asleep, or in between. And it had a balloon shaped head with an oval body and arms with a few hands at the end of it. It had slits for eyes that were black and white. And no legs or feet, it moved with it's hands.

Anywho when it woke up it woke up to a com-motion uhhumm commotion. And it couldn't believe what was happening because one human creature had got all the other creatures in an uproar. The alien tried to understand what was happening and narrowed it's eyes and moved it's eyes back and forth trying to come up with a reason...but came up clueless as to how it could happen...what was actually happening!?!

The alien quickly saw the cause was a man who was speaking to groups of people and causing only some to panic and run away and others to stay and come closer. The alien now wished that it could hear the human better, for it could understand any language but couldn't hear it from a speck so far away.

This confusion lasted a long time and the alien saw many horrors during it some human creatures killed other human creatures who did nothing to them. The alien couldn't make sense of the senseless violence. If only the alien knew that what it was seeing was WWII and the man who set it off, Hitler.

In order to counter this commotion there was a different man who decided to leave money, adventure and romance behind in order to fight a evil. Most people want to aquire these things yet it was out of character but had to be done by man number two. The alien respected this man because he stopped the commotion that started to scare it and started a different motion for more peace and fighting against those who were killing. Sacrificing everything seemed to be against human nature the alien thought, he couldn't understand why a human would do such a thing but he couldn't understand why another would kill so senselessly. So the algorithm the alien thought he knew was all screwed up. But in the end the unpredicted selfless nature of man number two astounded the alien into some respect for some of the humans, especially man number two. And even though we don't yet know his name because the alien couldn't hear it, we know as humans that he is the hero of the story.

The alien kept a close eye on him after that. The man's name was Clyde though and the day he almost died for his sacrifices still haunted him. This very morning he woke up in a sweat.

I, Clyde Stalmose, can't believe half the things I have done in my life. I woke up and saw my purple medal right in front of me and was taken back to all the days I almost died. But I almost died for a reason....one greater than me. Many can't see the reason. But I can and even though I can't explain my reason even to myself. Maybe I'm just quirky? I mean I had everything but I left it to fight...son of a rich man I was, and married and had kids. But something inside me just said go fight for what's right. Even though one shouldn't have to fight for that it's ridiculous. But there are many ridiculous things in this world. From my childhood I can name a few...being made fun of for having a speech impediment...even made fun of at parties ( supposed to be a good time, right?...wrong), being made to feel slow in school when I wasn't a fast learner and not being accepted to college even though I wanted to learn ( stupid test grade), and being neglected by my parents (aren't they the ones who created me and are supposed to dote on me). Oh well my life has been a bunch of tragedies and maybe that's why I can't stand to see others in the middle of a tragedy like the Jews were.

Call me quirky but I don't see what's wrong all it takes is one person to cause a commotion and then it should take one to stop it. And a hundred involved equals a hundred against. That's just the way I see it.

December 13, 2020 05:17

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