Really it should be easier than this, it should, christmas shopping should not be making Artemis’ heart pound. And it should most definitely not make her palms sweaty, or her breathing to become uneven, except that this time it did. 

And for good reason, this was not just any Christmas gift, no, this was the christmas gift. Something that she had been planning for over a year and a half, well, really since Ria thought their first date was the best she’d ever had (even after Artemis spilled water all over her, and even after they both ended up walking home in the rain, getting splashed by a car in the process). So yes, this was a very special gift, which is why she brought back up, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea. 

“Oh! What about that one?” 

“Are you kidding?! There’s no diamond on that thing, that’s  a speck of dust!”

“Ok, but did I ask?”

“Yeah, you kind of did!”

With a sigh, Artemis raised a hand to her temple, turning to see Alec and Percival arguing over a glass case. Sparkling diamond rings peering up at them, why did she think that this was a good idea again?

“But did I ask ?” Percival questioned, quirked an eyebrow at his boyfriend. Alec rolled his eyes and looked towards Artemis, “Well, what do you think about this one, I like it. It’s nice and simple, but beautiful, just like Ria.”

She stepped towards the glass and peered in, the dazzling rings gleaned up at her, thousands to choose from, but only one would get chosen, and only one would be worn for the rest of her life (if she said yes). “Um, I-I don’t know, it’s nice, but I think I gotta agree with Perce, it’s kind of small,” she shrugged. 

“I was right, suck it!” Percival exclaimed with a triumphant smirk, Alec, once again, rolled his eyes. The two began to bicker once more, arguing over who knew her better. Which, if they were being practical, would fall to Percival, whose known her since they were six. 

An overwhelmed sigh slipped past Artemis’ lips, blowing some of her blonde hair from her eyes, “I did not expect this to be so hard,” she muttered. 

“But that’s why you have us,” Alec said, hand grasping her shoulder confrontingly, “We’ll help you, alright? So don’t worry, we’ll find the perfect ring for her.”

The blond smiled at her friend, she really was grateful for them, it’s just that she felt the pressure to get this right weigh her down. She had to get this right, Ria wasn’t just some girl. She was the girl, she was the love of her life. She was the one person in the whole world that Artemis wants, no, needs, to spend the rest of her life with. There was no more searching, she had found the one, and she knew that no matter what ring she brought Ria, she’d like it. Hell, she could bring a ring pop and Ria might burst into tears. But that’s what Artemis loved the most about her. 

Her uncanny ability to love everyone unconditionally and still have love to spare, she had a big heart. And god, did Artemis love her. 

“Hi! Do you need help?” Artims looked up, her eyes meeting a woman's kind eyes, she was young, her hair brushed back in a high bun, cheeks stretched into and eased smile. “Looking for anything in particular?”

Artemis shook her head, “I’m looking, most definitely, I just...don’t know what to look for,” she said shyly. 

“Ah! That’s no problem, who are you shopping for?” 

“My girlfriend, Victoria,” the woman's smile grew, if that was even possible. 

“Ok, tell me, what’s she like?”

With a slight smile, the blond leaned against the glass counter, and began to speak, “She’s- well, she’s perfect. Kind and beautiful, and smart, god, so smart. She’s got her PhD, yeah, she’s the intelligent one. She’s funny, very funny, and she has this - this smile that lights up the room. It’s like one that reaches her eyes and reaches your heart. Oh, and she does have the biggest heart, she loves everything that breathes, hell, even things that don’t breathe. I love her, a lot, I always have. Well, I knew on our first date, can you believe that? Our first date! But she was just so very perfect. I spilled my water on her, and apologized, but she just laughed; her laugh is beautiful. But anyways, we walked out of the restaurant and decided to walk to her apartment , but it started to rain! Real classy, like, romantic movie classy, but then we got splashed by a car. Mud and rain water and all, her white blouse and new shoes got all dirty, and mud got in her hair too! But she just laughed, she told me we looked like hobos and I think I fell in love with her on a curb covered in mud.” 

The clerk stared at her foundly as she spewed information, watching as she came to an end, “Well this girl certainly seems to have you wrapped around her finger,” she chuckled .

“Oh you have no idea,” Percival spoke up, coming from behind Artemis, “Ria could literally ask her to walk into oncoming traffic, and she would,” the raven laughed. 

“You act like you're any better,” Alec interjected, shooting both Artemis and the clerk an apologetic smile, “You would literally fight the sun and moon for making her unhappy, but I’m not one to talk.” He laughed before continuing, “She has that effect on people.”

The clerk smiled again, “And you two are?” 

“Oh! Alexander, I’m one of her good friends,” he reached over to shake her hand, “I’m here to help.”

“And I’m Percival, I’m her best friend, I’m just here to make sure it’s the right one, really,” he shrugged . 

The woman nodded understandingly, “I never caught your name, dear,” she motioned towards Artemis. 

“I’m sorry! I’m Artemis.”

She smiled again, “Don’t worry about it, but I do believe that we have a very special ring to find for a very special girl?”

The trio nodded, “Then let’s get started.”

The next hour melded into looking and rejecting different rings of all shapes, sizes, and cuts. None felt right, they were either too heavy and flashy or plain and simple. None seemed to be the one for Ria, and slowly, as they passed their 20th no, Artemis’ hope began to drain. 

“This one?”

“No, no, good god! That’s break her finger, she has itty bitty hands.”

“Ok...what about this? It’s more simple, a princess cut?”

“No, that’s the exact opposite, it’s too small.”

Artemis sighed and she shot the clerk, Bri, a sad, apologetic smile, “I really am sorry for saying no to all these...they just don’t feel right.” 

She shook her head, “No worries, I am determined to find you the right ring so you can give it to Victoria!” Bri turned facing a different case, examining all the jewelry with laser focus. Thankfully, all the rejects taught her what they were looking for, and from what she heard, she had a grasp on Victoria’s personality. 

Artemis spoke softly to the two men, “Look, I don’t think it’s here, maybe this is a sign from the universe, maybe I shouldn’t propose,” sounds of disagreement erupted .

“No way!”

“There’s no way in hell you’re making my Ria wait for another year longer,” Percival quipped. 

“But maybe this is a sign, I mean, we’re young, we have time. Maybe I need to wait, but I don’t want to, but maybe that’s best-”

“I think I’ve found the one,” Bri proclaimed, eyes shining in accomplishment. She waved them over to the case. Heavy doubt filled Artemis and she walked over, Alec and Perciavla at her heels. 

“That one, in the center.”

The blond followed her finger and her eyes landed on a stunning ring, “Wow…”

“14K rose gold ring, perfect for your girl,” Bri gushed. 

Artemis examined the ring, taking in the beautiful rose gold against the bright gleam of the diamonds, following the breathtaking leaf-like pattern along the band. It was beautiful , and she could see Ria wearing it. It was perfect, it was the one. 

Percival blew a low whistle, “Now, that’s some ring, it’s beautiful, it’s just like Ria.”

Alec nodded, “It’s her, in a piece of jewelry.”

“It’s perfect,” Artemis said, a little breathless, “It’s the one.”

Bri let out an excited squeal, and she was coming to the wedding, hell, Artemis might make her a bridesmaid , “I knew it! Oh, I’m sure Victoria is going to love it!” Her smile was so very big and genuine. 

“Thank you,” Artemis whispered, pulling the clerk into a tight hug, she let out a small sigh of relief. 

“Of course!” Bri responded, “I’m just glad I could help you find what you needed, I know that she’s going to love it, and I also know that she’s a very lucky woman.”

With a smile Artemis looked back down at the ring and let the shine of the diamond blind her for a second as she imagined Ria’s face when she took the box. It was so perfect Artemis could cry, “I’m going to get married,” she whispered, “If she says yes.”

The three others looked at her flabbergasted , “What?” She questioned.

“She will say yes!” They all but shouted. 

Artmeis grinned, she was right, this wasn’t just a christmas gift, it was the christmas gift. 

December 09, 2019 04:31

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Terry R Barca
02:20 Dec 19, 2019

I like the way you make your reader believe that this is a Christmas story then slowly reveal the actual reason for the buying trip. The dialogue gives us a good idea of the personalities of the characters and I got caught up in the excitement. Well done. Just as a side note, and it may just be me so feel free to ignore this comment -- the main character's name made me think she was a he. Most readers will be expecting a 'boy-girl' story, so I jumped to that conclusion. If that was your intention, then so be it. I worked it out so others wil...


Viviana Cruz
02:48 Dec 22, 2019

I am so very glad to hear that you enjoyed my story, and no, my intention was to make it clear that Artemis was a female. She was named after the Greek goddess. As for the typo, I apologize, it must’ve slipped my eye. Thank you for catching it. And thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my story.


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