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What deceiving words to live by that violence does not solve problems. Violence has been the true instigator of change and that I know in my hear to be true. Fernando also knew this to be true, but some infectious pest has been making him weak of mind and blind to the lies of his so called council.

Once an honorable friend and now a lifelong foe. Oh how he poisoned my heart and how I wish to poison him with my lips. His action endlessly tormenting me each minute in my bed chambers; a never ending spinning wheel of torture. But at last, many hours of reckoning I have thought; I will speak with him; I must move his spirit into the right direction or else we shall see demise. He mustn't seal the fate of our nation with fiends still whispering in his ear. If only he would listen to me; If only I could make him listen.

I shall go to him. If I do not go now, he will never get to taste my crimson lips, for I plan to leave on the morrow and go back to where we first met at my childhood home. At this late hour, he should be in his library smoking his night opiates, that weak minded soul. But first, I should remove my slippers and go barefooted. I don't want anyone recognizing my footsteps in these tiled corridors, especially Bethany, his simpleton wife.

Goodness, why do men of title always fall for the most complacent and boring ones. Are they that intimidated by opinionated women? Must be a weakness in their nature, I suppose.

At last, his room is but two doors away. I must move quickly before anyone gets the chance to see me. But I hear voices coming from under his library door. I place my ear to the door and listen.

"Sir, if word got out that you are letting a woman council you in these political affairs you will be done for. The council of men will not tolerate it. Woman do not think like us, sir. They are of weak mind and spirit. They faint at the sight of a drop of blood."

"I know Mr. William, but Lucy is an old friend of mine. I have known her since I was but a lad. Besides, her father took upon himself to educate her. She knows about the politics of our land. It's what her father, may he rest in peace, never stopped speaking about."

"With all due respect, sir, let your selected council of men do the concealing. Do not let her feminine breast distract you and get the best of you. I know the way you look at her even when your own wife sits by your side."

"Enough Mr. William! You have spoken your mind already I will not allow you to cross the line once again. Remember who you are speaking to, you subordinate old man. Now leave me be. We will continue this conversation in the morning."

Even I knew Mr.William was too afraid to utter another word; their conversation was now over; I must hide. I must hide before the insolent Mr.Williams sees me eavesdropping about. That awful man. I hope he dies from poisoning one day. The devil knows he deserves it.

I shall go into the next room. There I can enter the library through the secret passage behind the paintings of Fernando's muses.

As quickly as I entered the empty bedroom, the main library door opens and closes; Mr.William has left the library. Now, walking across the room and pushing on to the wall, I open the secret pass-way into the library.

There, sitting alone in front of the hearth, my once betrothed inhales through his opium pipe letting out a cloud of white smoke. Oh how I loved and hated him.

Now, finally alone with Fernando, I shall confront him. I shall demand the reasons for his humiliation in front of his council of dogs.


Startled and standing up quickly, he sees me surprised and happy.

"Lucia, my love. I have been dreaming about your visit to me this night. Come, sit by my side and let's speak quietly as to not start any suspicion."

"I will sit next to you but please, put that pipe away from me."

"I will my love. I shall put it above the heath."

"Fernando, there's something I want to speak with you about."

"I know Lucia. I know what you want to speak to me about. Lucia, please forgive me for what I did to you this morning at council. I know I promised your farther before he passed that I will let you speak your mind in matters of politics, but Mr.William has been threatening my position. He is envious of the power I hold over him and his land. He has been poisoning and manipulating the minds of the other gentlemen."

"Then pluck him out like the dirty worm he his."

"It's not that easy Lucia. He holds an immense closeness to the other councilmen. I have to carefully calculate my every move."

"Then calculate better Fernando. Any chess player will tell you that you do not put your queen out in the open, and god knows that your wife is far from your true queen. Don't ever humiliate me like that ever again, or I swear Fernando, I will expose all of your weaknesses."

"Lucia, if you do, you will be hanged, mark my words."

Feeling a frog crawling in my throat, "Fernando, you are straying away from everything you and I worked on. We were supposed to change this nation for the better. You are straying away from your true purpose which is to help our people. If you continue like this, it will be a matter of time for a new revolution to begin and for your head to be placed in the gallows."

"Lucia, that will never happen. I know of a way where we can appease the nobility and the poor. Come closer to me, Lucia, please. I must look into your eyes for forgiveness."

Right, you must have me come closer to touch the breasts that your wife don't have; but, I'd be lying if that is not what I also want.

"Let me sit on you, instead, Fernando. I want to be able to see the blue in your eyes. Here, grab my breast like this and kiss my lips as if it were your last time Fernando."

With one of his hands on my breast and the other caressing my face, he kisses me, tugging my lower lips with his lips. I feel a sense an immense sense of pleasure between my legs. What is done cannot be undone.

"Fernando, yes, I forgive you. I forgive you for what you did because if I don't, you will go to hell tonight, for tomorrow, they will find you dead from supposed overdose."

"Lucia, what are you saying my love?"

"What I am saying is that you just licked the poison from my lips, Fernando, and when you fall down, I will place your pipe right in your hands."


October 18, 2021 19:31

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Howard Seeley
03:33 Oct 28, 2021

Never under estimate the scorn of a woman. Nice ending.


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Caitlyn Cline
20:04 Oct 23, 2021

This was an interesting take on the prompt. I liked how the character seeking forgiveness got it, but it didn’t end like he expected. Good twist ending.


Paola Figueroa
09:45 Oct 26, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to read it and to leave a comment. Means a lot! :)


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