Rain of money

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The condition one is right now is not permanent, for everything has an expiring date. There was a certain man who used to live under the old bridge, with nothing to fill his stomach only the strong smell from the garbage. No friend near him except flies on his sore legs. This is the story of Mr Phillip.

Mr Phillip was not born under the bridge, but, like others he had a family and attended school. His dream was shattered the moment they were travelling to upcountry together with his parents, when the vehicle rolled down the hill steep. Mr Phillip survived the crash, but his parents had all perished bringing sorrow into his life.

Months, days had gone by that the bills kept on piling up. Papers all arranged on the table that brought many thoughts of where he will start from. Mr Phillip tried to ask some help from his friends.

"Hi Jim, have been having a problem. Can you please lend me some money to solve the bills?

By the look on Jims' face that he looked down, "Phillip right now I don't have some money with me.

Mr Phillip insisted on, "please dude, anything you have will be assistance to me. "

"I told you I don't have money, "Jim shouted at Phillip that brought many chills into his body. One thing he realized that the moment you are in problems, that's where you know who your friends are.

Phillip couldn't say a word as his mouth was sealed by misbelieve, "I thought Jim was my friend. Walking away looking down like a sheep, heading towards his house. He was surprised to meet some four gentlemen standing right at his doorstep.

"Are you Mr Phillip Summons?

"Yes, I am Mr Phillip. Is anything the matter? Phillip asked with that surprised tone.

One of the men reached onto his briefcase and removed some papers, Phillip didn't know what was the content on that paper. The man handed them to Phillip, he had been given three days to vacate the house.

"O God! am finished, "sitting down on the stairs holding his head, not knowing where to go. His life was like walking in the darkness and not seeing where you are heading to.

Three days had gone, being ushered out from the house that he once called home. Memories buried in the house, staring as he walked away not looking behind. Not knowing where to start from , all his friends abandoned him leading him to end up in a big city.

Darkness had fallen, people headed to their homes but those who remained in the city were thugs. Shadows were seen moving around, no matter how he tried to escape but he was later ambushed with three men, who had knives on their hands.

Snatching the luggages from Phillip, he tried to fight back to get his luggages back. He was beaten like a dog and left there to bleed to death. Crawling down in pain till he managed to reach under a bridge, all strength gone.

The sun had risen and he couldn't just look at himself and die of hunger. There was no any other option for him but to beg for survival. Phillip became an eye of mockery, pulling their noses as they stared at him.

"Am I smelling?

Phillip looked all around himself, surrounded by garbage and smelly dirty river. He reached out to a lady, that he recognized her as his classmate. Holding her shoulder, the lady turned around and held her nose.

"I don't have money, "she said.

Maggy! Phillip uttered her name*

"How do you know my name, you dirty man? The woman pushed him away with her hands, and spitted on him and left.

"What has this world turned into? tears rolled over his face, looking so helpless hoping that time could be reversed for his parents to be alive. The empty bowl with no a single of penny in it, he lied down and all he could see were footsteps passing by him.

Suddenly, footsteps stood right before his eyes. He lifted his head and only to see a smart dressed man standing near him, bodyguards all around him. By the look of things he looked a rich man.

In fear, "what have I done now?

Phillip got hold of his bowl as he tried to run away and get away from those men, but he was stopped by the men in black who are the bodyguards.

"Please! Sir don't hurt me, Phillip knelt down asking for mercy with tears all over his face. The man hold his hand, "get up, I won't hurt you.

Phillip stood on his feet, "then why did you stop me?

The rich man walked together with Phillip to his car, "young man you might not have known me but have been seeing you under the bridge and have come help you.

"To help me, "Phillip was so surprised.

"Let's go to restaurant and have something to eat, "the rich man told Phillip to abode the vehicle. Wiping away dirts from his clothes, being embarrassed to enter the vehicle.

The hunger showed it all the moment food was brought right before his eyes on the table, Phillip dashed onto eating the food so fast.

Life for Phillip had dramatically changed when the rich man bought for him a mansion and a vehicle. He was always grateful that the rich man removed him from streets into living in a big mansion.

Droving down the street, he saw a lady who begging and coming closely he noticed it was Maggy. Phillip stepped down from his vehicle and headed towards the lady, "Maggy! He called unto her and there was a bright smile on her, "Phillip! as she was ashamed to look directly to Phillip's eyes.

Phillip lifted her chin up, "don't be ashamed putting that comforting hug to her. But the flash light kept on reminding Maggy of what she did to Phillip. "Please, Phillip forgive me, "Maggy knelt down.

"No -no Maggy I forgave you long time ago, "Philip held Maggy's hands, "stand up*

Who could have known the same Phillip that used to be a mockery in the society, is one of the millionaires in the city.

oh! You will want to know where Maggy went to after that.

Phillip and Maggy later on got married in a grand wedding, and living happily. rugged Phillip is now surrounded by riches.

November 18, 2019 14:42

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M Daly
15:33 Nov 28, 2019

Hi Joan. Your story came up in my critique circle and I thought it was a very nice, inspiring story. The moral is one that I certainly identify with ‘don’t look down on other people’.


Joan Opoyi
19:20 Nov 28, 2019

Hi Mark, Thank you


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Joan Opoyi
05:07 Nov 27, 2019

Don't look down on other people


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