Fantasy Friendship Romance

Roman can't remember how many times he moves. It bothered him a little already. That wasn't what you'd think. No, he just didn't get along very well with people. Oddly enough, he nodded bitterly, considering he was the only werewolf in the area. At least as far as he knew.

He didn’t attack people, even during a full moon. He hadn't needed a long time. Especially because he was a butcher. Why would he hunt, when his suppliers are bringing everything literally at his feet?

He did not forget those old years when he experienced his first transformation. Since he had no parents, and no relatives, somehow he had no one to explain what was going on, so he literally had to learn everything along the way.

He had his sins, but let’s be honest who didn’t have them?

This suburb looked pretty good to him for now. Only, wherever he had lived before, he always thought so at first, until he quarreled with the neighbors for whatever reason. So he would start all over again. One would expect that since he grew up alone, he would eventually find some common language with people. But that never happened.

Well, he wasn't even upset about it anymore. He simply accepted that this would also be only temporary accommodation. Luckily this is a big city, it will always find some new ones.

The house was neat and pretty well furnished. Although he spends a lot of time at work, he still wanted a place of his own, at least for a days when he could afford a vacation.

He brings in a little of his stuff and is happy it's already dark, at least for today he doesn't have to have any contact with people. One night will be enough to rest and settle in, with all that the new days will bring, but he will somehow cope.

The first night in the new house is a bit chaotic. He often wakes up even though he is not sure why. Before morning he becomes totally restless, and knows it’s not just because he’s sleep deprived. Now he can feels that smell that irritates his nostrils more than last night, and he knows that the other side must feel it too.

He puts on a tracksuit and goes out on the terrace and meets the bluest eyes in the world. The man is tall and blond, some would say he looks like a Greek god, but Roman is sure it isn’t, because this time he was shitty lucky that his first neighbor was a vampire.

They observe each other for a while, so they each retreat to their own house. Probably like him and his first neighbor thinking what to do now.

Vampires and werewolves have always had conflicts. However, there were centuries in which they had longer truces, so it was like that at the moment.

In some past times they had a lot of problems with people, in fact better said, people had problems with them. In addition, they had problems with each other, but somehow they came to the conclusion that they simply stay away from each other and pretend that the other side does not exist.

Now it’s all behind them, and yet Roman doesn’t really know what to do. He just moved in. He hadn't met a vampire in a long time, and he didn't need this now. Although he knows that he will soon have to move on for sure, he stubbornly refuses to move away immediately just because his neighbor is his sworn enemy.

To his great astonishment, on the evening of the same day, someone rang his doorbell. When he opens the vampire stands in front of his door and he invites him inside.

"I'm Lucian," the blond man says as he settles into an armchair at the other end of the room.

Roman looks at him a little incredulously, but appreciates the decision to come and introduce himself. None of them are afraid, they have no need. Their hunting days are long gone. This new time has brought them so much good, why would they actually be enemies?

"Roman" he says simply by introducing himself "I'm glad we met" he doesn't lie, he didn't hate to have someone who understood him to some extent.

The conversation flows surprisingly easily. They have so many differences, but also common interests. Although they used to be conflicting parties, now they are both looking for some place of their own in this world of people. Although they both live longer than them, people with their short lives and limitations are still a dominant species.

Maybe it's better that way, they both agree. Vampires and werewolves have only been destroying each other for centuries, and humans have slowly progressed and grown. And now that there are so few of them left, they better be good to each other, because no one else will, right?

Some time passed and Roman realized that he had stayed here much longer than anywhere else. Lucian is certainly the main reason, he wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he loved his company.

Although Lucian worked as a photographer and somehow at first it seemed to him that they had nothing in common, he was actually wrong. Their different long lives were actually very similar and had so many other themes.

They’ve both been in this city for just a short time, so they won’t have to move on any time soon, so people don’t notice they’re not changing. This time, somehow, they're both glad. More than anything, they seem happy to bump into each other.

Roman no longer had a problem with people, because they were simply go around them in a wide arc, for who knows what reasons. They didn't really care.

After a while, Roman moved into Lucian's house. That was no longer strange to him either. Since he has known Lucian, nothing is strange to him. A better word would be now he is finally satisfied. After so many years. After each of their new days…

And as people who didn't really like it would say, life is beautiful again…

October 29, 2020 16:05

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