The Secrets of Molly

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It was a windy saturday evening when the trees began to sway. It was about the time when only the sun’s upper half could be seen above the horizon. The time when Molly Hill would go out to think. Molly was unusual and she knew that. Everyone around her knew this too. But one thing that no one knew was the secrets she has been hiding for years. Molly was quite mysterious and a little frightening to some, but deep down everyone loved her. Some people were just too afraid to show it.

Molly walked over to her special thinking tree; a large green weeping willow tree that stood just outside of her house. Molly would sit here at the end of everyday with a notebook. The things she saw and felt all melted deep into the pages. She would go through a whole notebook in just one week! Her mother suggested using her computer or notes section on her phone, but Molly insisted on doing things the old fashioned way. It had been hours now she had been sitting outside in the breeze. It was chilly, but Molly being the prepared kid she was, had a warm white fluffy jacket to keep her warm. 

“Molly, love.” her mother called to her from inside their cozy warm house. “Come inside and finish your dinner and homework.”

“Yes, mother.” she replied. “I’ll be right on that.” She came inside and ate some chicken stir fry while she wrote. It was almost time for a new notebook.

“Molly, darling,” she began. “We have to come up with a new plan, these notebooks are getting expensive.”

“Ok then go to the swap meet this weekend. They have sales for school items sometimes. I know that they have one this week for sure. $1 a notebook, $3 for five. It’s only three dollars to get a whole 5-subject notebook. That could last me for a month, Mom!” Molly explained excitedly.

“I guess you're right.” her mother said almost giving in. “Wait. How did you know all of that? I haven’t taken you there in years.”

“I know.” Molly replied proudly. “I saw the sign this morning when we were driving home.” 

    “We were going 70 miles per hour on the freeway, Molly. How did you see the sign?” she asked, very confused and a little worried.

    “That's what I thought until just now when I just seemed to remember it.” she explained, doing well to cover up the truth. The truth was something she never wanted her mother to know, something had been done plenty of times here on their planet, but not in others. But here on Lunora, the land where her mother came to just 15 years ago, things like this were a part of everyday life. Her mother came to Lunora in search of a new life and this planet was a great place to start over, as many customs here are quite different then back home on her planet of Adarlan. Everyone got their own kids there and their ruler was a caring man named Prince Theodore Reed. Lunora’s king on the other hand was greedy and harsh, but he got the job done. He was called King Andrew. 

    After dinner, Molly went to go do her homework before going to bed. It was fairly easy like always and it only took her about 20 minutes to finish it all. Molly was about to go to bed, but got a strange feeling. She went to the door of her bedroom and opened it. She peered at the light coming from the living room. She walked towards it only to see a huge shadowy figure. It was tall and dark and was wearing a long hooded robe. Almost like the ones she had read about in Harry Potter. It wasn’t facing her, that was clear, but the reason for its presence was just the opposite. Molly had always been different, but never had she seen things so strange before. She never had hoped to see it either. Nonetheless, she was seeing it and would have to figure something out or at least find out what it was. 

    Out of nowhere, the figure turned around in a quick whip, this scared Molly and had her heart beating a mile a minute. She still could see much detail in the figure, nor could she pick out any specific facial features, but one thing she did know was that this wasn’t normal. Not normal at all. Her mother was still asleep and she had had a long day at work today, so Molly vowed not to wake her up unless absolutely necessary. This could be considered absolutely necessary for some people, but Molly on the other hand, didn’t even think about doing that for a single second. Instead she approached the figure hoping to see something she couldn't see before. She did and right on the figure’s stomach read a largely writing sentence, woven into the robe with pretty white stitching. 

    “Who are you!?” Molly shouted angrily at the tall figure, without even bothering to read the words that shined so brightly in her eyes.. “And why are you in my house!?”

    The figure said nothing. It only pointed a small pointy finger at the words written on its stomach. Molly actually looked at the words this time. “I am a symbol of you and your mother’s future relationship if you continue this lie. I know it would hurt to tell her, but this dark shadowy object that blocks the light from you is all I can see in your future. Unless you want a future that is as blak as night, you must tell her at once.” she read.

    “But she is asleep,” Molly replied to her own words. “I can’t wake her up except when it is an emergency.”

    “This is an emergency,” the figure yelled loudly. “You must tell her now or else your future will look like me. Dark, cold, and scary. Is that what you want!”

    “No, I don’t. I love my mother. And nothing can stop that.”

    “Nothing except this secret.” it yelled again. He was so loud yet her mother was still fast asleep. Molly appeared to be the only one hearing and seeing this. Maybe she was the only one that needed to. 

    “Ok fine.” she finally agreed. Molly walked into her mother’s room and sat on her bed. Her mother awoke immediately after she sat down, also aware of Molly’s promises. This must be something important to wake her mother up. 

    “What is it Molly?” she asked in a tired voice.

    “I have something to tell you.” Molly said. “Please don’t be mad, but I’m not really your kid. I was created in a lab to look and be similar to you to make you believe I was yours. I’m not and that is why I have unique abilities. It is not because I’m special or gifted, or any kind of genius. I am not real, that is the truth.”

    “Oh Molly.” her mother laughed. “I know that.”

    “You do? How?”

    “They told me that my baby was stillborn and that I would get a new child to replace them. It was you Molly.” she explained. “I just wouldn’t tell you I knew until you had the power within you to tell me yourself. Thank you for telling me sweety. I’m sure that took a lot of courage.”

    “It did,” Molly confirmed with a small chuckle. “But, it makes me feel better to know that you know the real me. The perfect me.”

May 16, 2020 14:58

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