Turkey Disaster

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Turkey Disaster

"Kevin, what are you doing? The guests are about to arrive!" Mom shouted from the kitchen.

"I am going, Mom!" Kevin replied, turning off his Nintendo.

He got up and flung his coat on his shoulder as he headed towards the turkey shop while being mesmerized by the Thanksgiving-themed decorations of the town.

˜Time Skip˜

As Kevin got home, he saw his mother in a black gown running around the house.

"Kevin, honey your Dad and I have to attend a cremation urgently. The guests will be arriving soon so, I need you to prepare the turkey it's a simple task google the recipe and follows the steps, okay?" Mother instructed in one breath.

"But Mom I-" He opened his mouth to complain but was cut off by his mother's persuasive stare. 

"Alright, fine!" He gave in with a huff.

˜Time Skip˜

Kevin's parents went to attend the cremation, so he was now stuck in this house with a turkey that needed to be cooked before the guests arrived.

"Okay so first of it says I need to defrost the turkey for an hour before cooking, but the guests will be arriving in half an hour so, I am just gonna concoct it in the pot so it will defrost rather quickly. Oh wow, I am a genius!" He said as he honored himself feeling high and mighty.

He then arranged the frozen turkey in the pot adding lots of water and a bit of oil. The turkey turned white and oleaginous after 15 minutes.

He placed the turkey on the counter and googled the next step.

"Next we have to WASH THE TURKEY!?" He shrieked with repugnance.

"No way I am washing this headless bird, I will just skip this step there's no time left anyway," He spoke while actuating on to the next step.

"So, now I have to season the turkey with salt, pepper, garlic, Thyme sage, parsley, and a bit of rosemary, What? the turkey will be so vapid maybe I should add something of my own and what are these thyme sage and rosemary I have never heard of them" He stated and started to look for the required ingredients.

In the end, He was only able to find salt, pepper, ginger which "he" thought was garlic, and as for thyme sage and rosemary they were of course skipped.

Kevin took out a bowl and added the ingredients that were suitable for his "own" flavor like pizza sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar chili flakes, chicken flavoring, ketchup, mayonnaise, and a spoonful of powdered sugar to make the turkey sweet and spicy.

"What's the difference between a tablespoon and teaspoon I mean like both of these are just spoons why name them? what so ever I will just choose any of them," He declared drawing out the large spoon from the drawer.

"Okay, one teaspoon of the salt well who cares I will just add whatever I want because after all "I" am the one making it." He stated while adding spoonfuls of his "self-made" seasoning which he was proud of in the bowl. 

After the seasoning paste got mustered together the next step was to season the turkey.

"So I have to season the turkey by PUTTING MY HAND INTO THIS DEAD BIRD THERE IS NO WAY THAT'S HAPPENING!!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

"MOM!!!! YOU SAID THIS WAS A SIMPLE TASK" He cried out desperately.

He decided to take a spoonful of the dreadful-looking paste and just spread it on top of the turkey.

"Okay, Kevin everything is fine you can do it just throw a spoonful of this paste on it, it's not gonna eat you it's just a turkey okay?" He said to reassure himself.

He threw a spoonful of the seasoning on the turkey but it missed the shot and landed on the kitchen floor.

"Shoot it missed! Mom's gonna get so angry but after all, I am the one making it so mom shouldn't complain about the messy kitchen and she just told me to cook this creature, she never told me to clean the kitchen anyway" He explained himself in a matter-of-fact- tone.

After some tactless shots, Kevin apprehended that he had to spread the paste on the turkey with a spoon, so he added blobs of seasoning on the nasty turkey and smeared it while pinching his nose and closing his eyes.

Suddenly the bell rang announcing the arrival of the guests.

He left the turkey on the counter and welcomed the guests.

He led them to the dining room and went back to the kitchen.

"Mom I miss you" He cried despairingly.

"Alright, we have to do this Kevin when your mom can do it you can do it too okay!" He said while scanning for the next step.

"Okay, so stuff the turkey skip not important, next truss the turkey also skip not important, next brush butter on the turkey well this should be easy," He said while grabbing the butter.

It took him 10 minutes to melt the butter and graze it on the seasoning which had previously paved the turkey. 

"Finally the last step is here now I only have to pop it in the oven," He said as he sighed with relief.

He inaugurated the oven and "popped" the turkey inside and kept the temperature at 450° without looking.

Then he went to entertain the guests.

˜Time Skip˜

After the exchanging of thanksgiving gifts and lots of prattling Kevin's parents made it home.

"Honey where is the turkey?" Mom questioned Kevin as soon as she reached home.

"Mom it's fine your son did it all he is the hero of the day the turkey is safe and sound in the oven" He stated calmly.

"Really? You did it all by yourself?" Mom asked feeling unsure about the situation.

She headed straight to the kitchen and was welcomed by a huge mess as the seasoning was everywhere from the ceiling to the floor, a pot with dirty water in it was placed on the counter and lastly there was a small smoke coming out from the oven.

˜Time Skip˜

The table was laid and everyone was seated.

Kevin came into the dining room with a covered dish in his hand and gave an apologetic smile under the angry stares of the guests.

                      THE END

June 28, 2021 17:00

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Wirda Bibi
22:18 Jun 30, 2021

ok...so...heya soofia...after a long time..... well the story was well-penned(typed) and i like it as it is the truth😊😊 miss you ..❤❤


Soofia Asad
08:57 Jul 01, 2021

Miss you too!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Hope we meet someday and thnx for reading my story ❤


Wirda Bibi
12:02 Jul 01, 2021

HOPE..........SOOFIAAAAAAAA. I MISS THOSE DAYS IN VAN AND IN SCHOOL.......... i will always be there to read your story:)


Soofia Asad
20:37 Jul 02, 2021



Wirda Bibi
11:33 Jul 04, 2021



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