Halloween Trick or Treating

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“Mom” I heard a yell from the other room as Jenny walked up to me with her Fairy costume in hand. “Can we get ready to go trick or treating“. She asked as she started to strip out of her street clothes. I mentioned to get that we couldn’t do that until the night time and to keep her clothes on before it was time to get ready! ”In the meantime Jenny we will carve pumpkins and decorate for the other kids in the neighborhood when they come for trick or treating”. As I leaned in to kiss her forehead. I mentioned to her “We have to be patient little one.”

We walked to the kitchen and on the table there was a large pumpkin with carving utensils. “Jenny sit on the chair and I will get a bowl for the insides of the pumpkin“. “The insides?” she gleamed. “Yes pumpkin“ is what I normally call her as a nickname. “The insides seeds and other gooey stuff“ I explained. She sat up on the chair while I grabbed the carving knife from the holder. I mentioned that she can help by holding the knife with me and following along the pattern to cut a jack o lantern! She grabbed my hand and we stared to carve the pumpkin together. First cutting out the top so we could grab the insides. Jenny gleamed as the top was finally off and she was ready to reach inside to grab the seeds and inners of the pumpkin. “Now place them all in the bowl Jenny nice and neat so we don’t make a mess” I motioned to the bowel. She grabbed inside the pumpkin “ewwww mom it’s gooey“. She said as she made a sour face! “I know sweaty“. She smiled and continued to dig out all the gooey insides. Once that was completed we moved to carve the face. She grabbed my had and we carved a pumpkin face with eyes a mouth and nose! Once that was completed we placed a hat on it and placed it outside with a candle in it! ”Its perfect” Jenny smiled as she grabbed my hand to race back inside to do more Halloween activities.

“Its almost time Jenny to get ready for trick or treating.” She took my hand and we raced inside she smiled and laughed and was very excited to get ready to get candy from the neighbor. “Ok Jenny grab your fairy outfit and let’s get ready to go.” I mentioned she already had it in hand and ready to put on.

Now we are ready to go let’s go and walk and see how much candy you can get!

Jenny was so excited she was full of energy and running ahead of me to go to the next houses. ”Slow down Jenny I yelled I can barely keep up.” Sorry mommy she said as she raced back to me and grabbed my hand to go to the next house!

Mr and Mrs Rogers were waiting at the door with their black cat Jinks. “Hello Jenny“ they both said as we walked up the stairs to the door. They both knew us very well because I grew up in the neighborhood and trick or treated at their home when I was around Jennys age. “Hello Tatania it’s so good to see you and Jenny tonight we have a special treat for both of you.” Mrs Rogers said as she reached behind the door and pulled out 2 big bags full of thing. One of the bags consisted of bubbles, chalk and a teddy bear along with an assortment of candy. This one must be Jenny’s I said as I looked up at the Rogers and said “thank you“ to both of them while reaching in for a warm embrace.

When I opened the other bag tears started creeping down my cheek “ whats wrong mommy” Jenny asked as she saw the tear I wiped away! When I looked in the bag I saw old photos of my parents and some baking goods along with a blanket that Mrs. Rogers quilted herself. Thank you so much I said with a smile. I mentioned to Jenny I was just happy.

We gave hugs and walked to the next house. We walked up to the door and rang the door bell “TRICK OR TREAT” Jenny chimed while a skinny lady with a cat came to the door and handed Jenny a bag full of candy! “What do we say” I mentioned “Thank you” she said as we walked down the street and continued our adventure of trick or treating! While at the next home we saw her friend Jack “hi Jack“ said Jenny as we approached the door to his home. Jenny asked “Can he come with us” I said ”sure we have to ask his parents first though and maybe they would want to come along as well.” Jenny asked the Gilbert’s if they would like to come along. They grabbed their jackets and walked along with us. Jack was a goblin baby Jenny thought this was funny. He had makeup on his face and eyeliner under his eyes. We walked up to the next house Jenny and Jack both said Trick or Treat as the person came to the door. They both received a bag of candy along with mittens that were hand sewn! “Thank you” they both chimed as they walked down the steps and ran down the sidewalk to the next home! “Slow down” we said.

We only went to a few places because this was their first time trick or treating and it was quite a chilly evening. As we were walking back to our houses Jenny and Jack both looked into their bags and started reaching for candy to pop into their mouths. ”Not yet kids” we said “wait until we get home and go through the bags for safety then after dinner you can have a treat.”

The End

October 23, 2020 17:01

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Magdalene Lam
14:17 Nov 28, 2020

I think for the second paragraph, you spelled beamed as gleamed and sweetie as sweaty


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21:56 Nov 02, 2020

Thanks for sharing this story with us Tabetha! I enjoyed reading about the pumpkin carving before the actual trick or treating - so many of the entries for this prompt start right at the beginning of the actual trick or treating and don't talk about the lead up, so I think you did a great job with that. My general feedback and advice for you moving forward is to make sure you are using your punctuation to its maximum potential! Having commas, periods, and quotations in all the right places helps the reader to stay in the scene, and keeps...


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