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“Sam, what's written at the back of this photograph?" asked Regan. Sam came hesitantly. He took the photograph from Regan's hand and ogled at it. It was a picture of him hugging a bar girl tightly. He looked at the back of it and turned pale. 

"How about we have dinner and continue cleaning up?" he suggested, smiling nervously. She brought the food from the kitchen and they ate it together. She saw Sam was very pale and he was in great fear.

"Sam, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing. Continue eating," he smiled faintly. She finished eating and washed the dishes. She continued cleaning. She looked at the picture again. She was wondering who the woman was with her husband. Her husband stood at her side.

“Regan, I have an emergency to attend to the studio. I will be back late,” he told her. 

“Before you leave, I want to know who this is?” she asked sternly. 

"Oh, this is my cousin. She enjoys taking weird posts with people," he laughed nervously

"Then what's this written at the back?" she asked herself. She said,

"--The love of my life Samuel. We will always be together through thick and thin times. I love you more than anything and I am waiting to be yours forever,"

"Why is this thing written?" she asked fearfully.

"My cousin is sick in the head. Can we continue cleaning tomorrow? I really have to go now," . Regan stopped cleaning and went upstairs. She was using her phone to see her Instagram. Just then, she saw Sam’s Instagram was a picture of his watch and a woman’s watch together. She looked in dismay and was afraid of what it was. She knew what she had to do. She wanted to call her husband and tell him a lie.

“Sam, my stomach is hurting terribly,” she told him. 

“Just put some medicine. Bye,” he told her. She knew what she had to do. She drove to their old apartment. She had the keys so she managed to enter inside. She saw Sam’s shoes so she needed to know more. She crept up the wooden stairs and entered a room. There was Sam and the woman in the picture hugging together. She yelled and Sam got up.

“Regan!” he said.

"So this cheap woman is your cousin?" she yelled.

"Love, you didn't tell me you were married," exclaimed the bar girl getting up. Regan ran down the stairs crying bitterly. She didn’t know what to do anymore. She ran towards the bus stop and took the bus and she was crying her heart out. She walked towards her parents house. She entered in. Her skin as white as milk. Her mother was inside the house. She opened the door and her mother saw her crying bitterly.

“Regan,” Her mother brought her inside the house.

“What happened to you, Regan?” She told everything that had happened to her. 

“Stop crying. That woman and Sam will pay for this!” 

“How about you shower and have some nice warm porridge? Let your sister help you upstairs," suggested her mother Soon, she came down with her gloomy pain full of pain and regrets.

“Come and sit at the dinner table! I’ve made pork porridge for you,” told her mother. She sat at the table looking blankly at the bowl of rice with pork meat floating in it. She ate it slowly. After dinner, she began to cry.

"Mum, why must he cheat on me?"

"It's okay, stop thinking about him. You're making your beautiful face look old," exclaimed her mother hugging her.

“It will be fine, alright. Sam would come back to you,”

“No, it won’t be alright. I don’t want to return to him. I want to divorce him. I want to marry someone else and lead a better life,” she answered her mother.

“Why do you want to marry someone else, dear?” asked her mother.

“I make my own life decisions. Mum, you’re the reason why I’m in this fix. If only you didn’t break me up with Edward! He was my love but just because of his richness you were worried that he would cheat me.

“I didn’t know that this would be the outcome. I’m sorry. You could meet him and be with him,” her mother answered, feeling guilty.

“I don’t even know if he is with someone. I knew he was heartbroken,” she said crying.

“I’m sorry, Regan. I never knew that this would happen to you. I just wanted the best for you. Go and try to settle things with him!” she sobbed. 

“I need to go there and dispose of my things," she said, getting up from the dining table. She drove to her old house heartbroken. She entered and there was Sam sitting with the bar girl. He wiped his tears at once when he was his wife.

“Regan, I’m so sorry. I’m glad that you’re back,” he smiled.

“I am divorcing you. I’m here to take my belongings. Here is the ring you gave me. I don’t need it again in my life. Give it to your new wife,” she took out the ring and threw it on the floor. 

“No, you can’t leave me!” She ignored him and went upstairs to their master bedroom. She took all of her clothes and angrily dumped it in a trash bag. Sam held her hand.

"Don't touch me, you filthy peasant!" she yelled.

“You married me only for my money and not for love. You cheated me all this while! I hate you and will never ever forgive you. I’ll make sure you suffer!” she yelled. She walked downstairs and saw that the walls had pictures of Sam and her. She took them off one by one and smashed them on the floor.

"Who is going to clean up this mess?" asked the bar girl.

"My grandmother from Africa! You! Do it yourself!" she shouted. She left the house. She needed to distress her mind. She wanted to go to Edward's house. She went to his house nervously. She walked around and saw him in the swimming pool. She knew what she had to do. She dived in to surprise him as they were both swimming champions in high school. He saw her and swam to her.

“Regan, why are you here?” he asked.

“I’m here to talk to you,” she said nervously. He looked angry.

“There was no need to dive in with your clothes, Imbecile. Let’s come out. Why on earth do you look so down?” he asked. 

“My husband cheated on me! He loved another woman. I am getting divorced so I was thinking if you could be with me again,”

“I don’t know. I need to think about it first. I am having a long list of girls who are coming to me,”

“Okay, but I promise I’m a changed person,” she smiled.

“Regan, what your mother did to me is so equivocal . She literally told me to get out infront of Sam,” he told her. 

“I know but I did try to stop her! I was forced to marry Sam. It was the most miserable wedding in the world! I never ever smiled during the whole ceremony! I had to stay with him until I started loving him. We became so close that he just kicked me! He married me for my money only! Just because he is just a middle-class person and my whole family is high-class! My mother forced me to marry him! Why do I have to face this in my life?” she sobbed loudly.

“Stop crying, Regan! Let me get a glass of water for you,” He went to the kitchen and went to the poolside Regan had fainted. 

“Regan!” he yelled. He dropped the glass of water and ran to her.

“Regan, please wake up!” he said. She lay there like a dead corpse. He carried her and put her inside her house. She lay down unconscious. 

 He was reluctant to call her mother but when he saw her laying on the bed his heart felt the pinch. Regan’s mother apologized to him and they settled things. That made her awake and she jumped and hugged him tightly. They ate their dinner chatting together. 

“Don’t worry about Sam. I’ll teach him a lesson. I think we should focus on your divorce first then other thing,”

She hugged him and left. She drove home and there was a huge storm at home. Sam was there fighting with her mother and father. 

“Regan, I want to be with you. We got married forcefully and then we started loving each other. I accidentally fell in love with her,” he sobbed.

“Sam, please go out! I don’t want to argue,” she said. 

“Get out of here!” yelled her father.

“Not until, I get my wife to come home with me,” 

“I’m not your wife,” she screamed. 

“You really hurt me, Sam! I just can’t forgive you!” she cried. He refused to go out. Just then, Edward came in his black Porsche. 

“Could you please go?” asked Edward. 

“Who are you?”

“I’m Dr. Edward. Plastic Surgeon at Oxford Hospital. Also, Regan’s soon to be husband,” he smiled. He got up and punched Edward. Regan shouted. Edward punched his back. 

“Sam, leave!” He eventually left and Edward was bleeding. She got a first Aid- kit and cleaned the wound. 

“I’m sorry he did that to you,” she said crying. She got divorced the next day. She went to Edward’s clinic after the divorce. He was doing some reports. He was out of his room and she wanted to ask the nurse where he was. 

“Dr. Edward, is in operation theatre. May I know who you are?” she asked. 

“I’m actually Dr. Edward’s wife,” she said.

“Alright, so I guess you can wait in the room for him to come. He wouldn’t mind you,” The nurse opened the door and she sat inside. She waited for Edward. She began to delete her images with Sam. After ten minutes, Edward came. 

“Hi Regan, sorry to keep you waiting. I had surgery to attend to. How did it go at the court?” he said entering. She began to cry. 

“He told me the truth of life that he had placed that image there on purpose to leave me and now that woman is staying with him. He told me that because I have this birthmark on my eye he told me that I should go for a plastic surgery from you,” she sobbed.

“No, this birthmark is awesome. Just leave him alone because you’re no longer together. Now, I’m free so should we go to your favorite place for lunch?” he asked. He drove her to her favorite place to have lunch.

“Enjoying your meal?” he asked her. She smiled. In the restaurant, he genefleged on the ground and proposed to her. 

“Will you marry me, Regan Anne Creed?” 

“Yes,” she smiled. He slid the ring on her finger. They had a grand wedding and banquet. After six years, they had a child named Rose and one day the school called Regan to speak with her. She went to the school that her daughter attended. The teacher was holding a sheet of paper.

“Mrs. Smith, you must be knowing me,” She knew that it was Sam.

“What a surprise that you are teaching in year four. I didn’t expect that my ex- husband was going to be the teacher of my child with my second husband,” she said sternly. His face turned red.

“Your daughter Rosaline is a brilliant girl! She scores full scores in almost every test and her lowest mark is in the ninety range. I was thinking maybe I could move her to grade six,” he said.

She knew she didn’t want to speak with him anymore and left. Her mind was distracted by what he had done on her. She drove home to her own house and saw Rosaline reading a book. 

“Darling, we are going to switch school and maybe move out of the country,” 

“Mum, why? I love school, especially Mr. Sam’s classes,” 

“We are moving schools! We will migrate to another country!” 

“No! I want to stay here!” screamed Rose.

“Rose! Stop screaming! Do you want the neighbor's to hear you? Dad and I are deciding!” she scolded the girl. She left the room and opened Rose’s lunch box. To her dismay, the food wasn’t eaten. She got so angry

“Rosaline! Why is your food not eaten?” she yelled.

“Mum, Mr Sam bought us pizza ,” answered the girl.

“I woke at six am to cook for you. I could have slept and not cared about you! Do you know that Janet’s mother doesn’t bother cooking for her? She just buys some rubbish and sends it. I have to wake up and cook. I need to talk with Dad,” she yelled. Edward had just returned from work.

“What’s all this noise?” he asked. 

“She just wasted the pasta I prepared,” 

“It’s okay, I can have it. Rose, it’s okay but I want you to say sorry to Mum,” Rose came downstairs with her eyes full of tears.

‘I’m sorry I wasted food, Mum. I promise I won’t do it anymore. If you want, to shift my school it’s your wish. I can’t stop you,” said the little girl. 

“It’s okay, darling. I am so sorry that I burst at you,” she said, hugging her daughter tightly. 

“We need to go to another country!” she shrieked. He was surprised why his wife was behaving like this.

“Regan, relax!” he told her. She sat at the table with stress.

“Tell me what happened now,” 

“Today, I went to Rose’s school and Sam is her teacher. He told me that she is fit to go to grade six but he would still be teaching her. Edward, I want to move out as soon as possible. I don’t want Rose to have any contact with her. We can migrate somewhere. You can work in another hospital. Please, I want him out of our lives!” she said in a ton of stress.

“Which countries do you plan to migrate to?” he asked her.

“Canada maybe. Tell me how am I going to go to the school tomorrow and send that Rose is leaving,” 

“Regan, we can wait! We can plan to go to Canada. Moreover, I need to check if I can work there. I think we can migrate there in over a week if we start packing and applying forms. I think we should just stop Rose from school now. How about we both talk to her now and see what she says,” They called Rose and she came running. They explained to her and she agreed.

“Edward, could you start applying for things while I bring Rose to my parent’s house for a while? I need to speak with them too. She spoke with them and she went home. 

“Everything is applied for. I need to inform my workplace that I am resigning,” They started preparing everything. They wanted to move to Canada as soon as possible. Days and days passed, and they had packed everything and the next day they were going to go to Canada.

“I’m going to miss Britain a lot. Mum, will we still have our roast on Sunday?” asked Rose.

“Yes, I surely will. Rose, you need to go to bed. We have a flight to catch tomorrow,” Rose went upstairs without a fuss.

“It’s so difficult to leave Britain. Major things have happened here. I was born and brought up here, I meet you here, I got married to her, I worked here, I got Rose here,” he said pitifully.

“It’s equally difficult at my end too. I’m worried that Rose won’t be able to adapt. I’m going to bed now,” The next day, they moved to Canada. It took time for them to adjust but they managed. After, ten years Rosaline came home after a party. Her eyes were full of tears. 

“Rose, what’s wrong?” asked her mother worriedly.

“Mum, Jack broke off with me,” she sobbed. Immediately, Regan thought about herself when Sam was with her. 

“Come, let me tell you this story,” She told her daughter all about her first marriage with Sam.

“That picture ruined my life but luckily I met Dad and he rescued me. Rose, you don’t need to worry about Jack. I know it is a spasm but you must deal with it. It wasn’t easy for me to go to Dad and I jumped in his pool to ask me to marry me. He wasn’t ready since Granny has had a contention with him. It isn’t easy for me but I learned to move on. Dad and I have done the most drastic thing which was to migrate over here. Dad had to give up his clinic and the house where we were living,” Rose was starting to feel better. After a few minutes, Edward came home from the hospital.

“Sorry, I’m late. What’s wrong Rose?” he asked in a very protective manner.

“I broke up with Jack,” she answered solemnly.

“What! I’ll go teach him a lesson,” 

“No, I’m fine. Mum has told me her own life story about how she came to you. I’m really fine, Dad,” she said smiling. 

“That’s like my Rose. Are you ready for swimming tonight?” he asked laughing

“You bet,” laughed Rose.

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