Creative Nonfiction Friendship High School

Ruhi was a happy go lucky girl. She had few friends. One of them was Isabella. Things never used to be right between Ruhi and Isabella. They both used to fight a lot. One day, Isabella introduced her best friend, Advaita to Ruhi.

Ruhi and Advaita got to know each other and eventually became good friends.

Meanwhile, Isabella had new set of friends and started enjoying her life with them. Isabella's doings were disliked by Ruhi and Advaita. Ruhi and Advaita became best friends within a year. Isabella was also happy with her new friends.

Ruhi and. Advaita started to hang out with each other. They both used to visit each other's house frequently.

Two Years passed by,

Ruhi and Advaita were now known for being besties for the resties. Ruhi and Advaita hardly used to interact with Isabella. Isabella was completely changed . Ruhi and Advaita used to greet Isabella with a smile whenever they both bumped into her.

It was the final year of their high school.

Advaita made few new friends. Advaita's new friends were obsessed with other stuffs apart from studies. Ruhi was focused towards her studies. She was a career consious girl now. She wanted to study hard no matter how bad the situation was.

' You are so busy with your new friends nowadays. ', said Ruhi.

' No, Roo. It's not the case.' ,said Advaita.

' You know what, I have created an account on social medias. It's so interesting.' ,said Advaita in a excited voice.

' What? Are you on social media ? A year ago, You said you won't be distracting yourself by using social media. Social Media is a waste of time. Blah... Blah... Now what happened ?', questioned Ruhi.

' I said so. But, if you use social media for once, it would be really amazing. I have posted a photo of mine there. Iam so excited to know the number of likes I would be getting for the photo. ', said Advaita.

'Whatever. ' ,said Ruhi.

' Why don't you just open an account on social media, Roo ?', asked Advaita.

' I don't want to waste my time by doing all these useless things. Studying is my only goal.' ,said Ruhi.

Advaita signed at Ruhi and started taking pictures of herself to post on social media.

Months pass by,

Ruhi started to notice few changes in Advaita's behaviour. Advaita's grades dropped. She was not the same girl whom Ruhi met two years ago.

'What happened, Adi ?', questioned Ruhi.

'I don't know.' ,said Advaita in a sad voice.

'I know what happened. You wouldn't have studied for the exam properly instead you would have been busy wasting your time on social media. Am I right ?' ,said Ruhi.

Advaita was sitting silently.

When Ruhi was scolding Advaita, Advaita's new friends arrived at that place.

'Hey, Advaita. What happened, my friend ?' ,asked her friend.

'I have secured low marks in my exams.' ,said Advaita in a sad voice.

'Oh God. You are sad only because you didn't score good marks in exams. That's ok buddy. If not this exam, we shall get good marks in the next one. Chill, dood.' said her friend.

'Come let's go to the canteen. You'll feel better.' ,said her friend.

'Ok. I'll come with you guys. Bye, Ruhi. I have to go now. ', said Advaita and left the place.

Ruhi just nodded and sat there all alone.

Few days later,

Advaita and Ruhi used to spend less time with each other. They both were sitting in the canteen.

'Iam really happy today' ,said Advaita.

'Is that so? Why is my bestie so happy today ?' ,asked Ruhi.

'I am going out with my other friends. I will enjoy with them. I am so excited, Roo.' ,said Advaita.

'What? But, we have our exams after three days, Adi.' ,said Ruhi.

'I know. But still, I want to enjoy with my new friends.' ,said Advaita.

'Look, Adi. You scored low marks in model exam. This is the final examination. You have to study hard to get good grades, Adi.' , explained Ruhi.

' What ? I have two more days. I would study in those two days. Don't worry, Roo.' ,said Advaita.

' You have completely changed, Adi. Whatever you're doing is not right, that's what I can say.' ,said Ruhi.

' What happened, now?' ,asked Advaita in a rude voice.

' Nothing. You were good before meeting your new friends. I don't know what happened now ?' ,said Ruhi.

' So, You are trying to blame my friends for all these things, right ?' ,asked Advaita.

' No, I am just saying you have changed a lot.' ,said Ruhi.

' Ok. I can't explain everything to you right. I have to leave now. Bye. ', said Advaita as she hugged Ruhi and walked away from that place.

When Advaita was enjoying with her friends, Ruhi was sincerely studying for her exams at her home.

Ruhi distanced herself from Advaita and Advaita too distanced herself from Ruhi.

They both parted ways.

Whenever they used to bump into each other, they both used to greet each other with a smile. They were friends but not besties anymore.

Eventually, they both became strangers.


'Did you notice that the besties for resties Advaita and Ruhi are no more besties?' , said Isabella's friend to her.

' Yes. I too noticed that. They both are ignoring each other.' ,said Isabella.

'Whatever. It doesn't matters to me anymore.', laughed Isabella wickedly.

Ruhi scored good marks in her exams while Advaita scored average marks and passed in her exams.

Two years later,

In a Mall,

Advaita and Ruhi bumped into each other.

' Hey, Ruhi. How are you ?' ,enquired Advaita.

' Iam good, Advaita. It's been a long time since we both met. By the way, how are you ?' , asked Ruhi.

' Iam fine. So, what are you doing here ?' , enquired Advaita.

' I came here for shopping with my friends.' ,said Ruhi.

' Ok.', said Advaita.

' Ok. My friends are waiting for me. I have to go. Bye. ', said Ruhi and left.

'Who was she, Ruhi?' ,asked Ruhi's bestie.

Ruhi smiled and replied, 'My ex - best friend.'

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