Don't go away

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A young little boy stood on the sidewalk and stared at the wall noticing the tiniest details of the graffiti with deep interest in his eyes. There was a spark in his eyes, that could make anybody fall for the young one but he was the only one from his group who was not being adopted from his orphanage. He had deep solace in his heart every time he walked past this lane. The word REJOICE written on the wall in graffiti gave him hope. He believed the good days were just about to begin. 

He was lost in his own thoughts when a voice called him from behind. "Harry, what are you doing here? Come let's go back. '' It was Mr. Peter the caretaker of the orphanage that Harry lived in. Harry nodded and walked towards Mr. Peter. He was not like other 11 year olds. He had a sense of maturity and a lot of grief inside his heart. Harry walked back to the Peter Palace ; the place he had been ever since he could remember. Mr. Peter informed him about a couple who was coming tomorrow to see the kids and adopt one of them. Harry knew it wasn't him. It never had been. How much he wanted to be a part of the family! 

A new day a new couple and again another kid was adopted. Harry was dejected again. He decided to find himself a family. But to do that he decided to go somewhere far far away, where nobody could know him. He packed his belongings in his little backpack gifted to him on the previous new year by Mr. Peter. It was time to bid goodbye but he knew Mr. Peter would never allow him to do this. He waited till night and ran away from the Peter Palace. He didn't feel sad, he felt rather nervous because he had no clue what the future had in store for him. He walked down the street and saw the word REJOICE on the wall, one last time. And then he left.

For no reason London appeared different to him today. The streets seemed full of life and the air had some magic. It was near the Christmas time. The lights and decorations around the trees had begun to get out up. The air had fragrance of rose and pancakes made the ambience even better. Harry looked around. There was a bus stop. He took the bus from Mayfair to Newington. As the bus crossed the river Thames, Harry prayed to God to give him the courage to be successful in pursuit of what he left Peter Palace. 

After he got off at Newington, he started wandering around. After a couple of hours, reality struck him hard. He had nowhere to go except back to the Peter Palace and he was already dead tired to even make a move. The cupcakes of happiness that were bursting while leaving the palace now seemed to be a nightmare. He couldn't go back. If he went, he wouldn't be able to find a family for himself. He had to move on. He assured himself things would fall in place and be alright. That night he fell asleep on the footpath. In the winters of London, the poor soul shivered in the cold. Waking up in the morning, he started looking out for people, the people he could go with to far far away and find a family for himself. 

Harry ran into a group of musicians. They were Ramkays one of the newest bands in town. 

After Harry told his story to them, they made Harry an offer. The band was going on a tour to the countryside of some parts of Europe and asked him if he wanted to join them. He could be a part of the band and even that could become his family. Harry didn't know what to say. But he knew he would be far far away from London and now was the chance his destiny gave him. He said yes to them and went along. The band members Alex, Karl, Mike and Ben had been warm and welcoming towards him. They were all college kids who dropped off to pursue their passion in music. 

The band performed for the next whole couple of months in Asturias and Cantabria in Spain, Schist villages in Portugal and La Lunigiana in the Northern Tuscany. They had a great time. People came in good numbers and appreciated them. Life seemed to fall in place for Harry as well. He felt this was the calling. From being a violinist, he also stated becoming a part time vocalist for the band. The grief inside his heart and the spark in his eyes was enough to liven up any person's mood. He missed Mr. Peter. He was the only one who cared for him after all. 

 Years passed by. Harry now was living in Greece, one of the most beautiful places. He lead a peaceful life, went to do shows with Ramkays and did farming and fishing in the remaining time. He had good neighbours, Mr & Mrs Demetriou. They were lovely people and had a beautiful daughter Calissa Demetriou. She was as beautiful as her name was, the one with the most heavenly smile on earth. Calissa was one of the most kindest people. She listened to Harry with utmost attention and gave her advice on it. She was wise and composed. Harry was extremely grateful to Calissa, she was the one who had been his rock. 

On alternate evenings, Harry and Calissa would sit in Calissa's open air courtyard talking music, writing songs and playing instruments. While Harry played violin and knew how to play guitar, Calissa played lyre beautifully. She was even teaching Harry how to play it. They sat there from early evenings to late nights, ate their sandwiches and yoghurt with fruit. Mr & Mrs Demetriou were extremely find of Harry. He was a young gentleman, doing exceptionally well for himself. They were happy to see the kids together. Harry respected the couple and loved spending time along Calissa. She was special to him. Everytime he would go to do a show, she longed for him to come back. She had fallen for him. 

The day arrived. Calissa was dressed in her favorite peach dress. She looked lovely. She filled up her courtyard with the most beautiful and exotic flowers of Greece. She cooked Barbouni and Taramasalata for Harry, those were his favorites and bought the best wine. She was all set to propose to him that evening. Harry came back. But, with a girl. She was Lucia Watson and they had been seeing each other since the last couple of months. Lucia was alluring. With her tall beautiful figure and her blonde hair, any guy would've fallen for her. Harry introduced Lucia to Calissa and her parents. He asked them to bless him and Lucia. Calissa's parents were shocked. They couldn't speak a word. 

Harry didn't quite notice it. Calissa stood there like a statue. She couldn't just come to terms with what had just happened. All the dreams that she had for her future just stood broke. Harry was telling Calissa about how he met her in Budapest in a coffee shop and how she connected with him so well. Lucia was a vocalist and hence she had been touring with the Ramkays for a while now. She had amazing vocal abilities and was unbelievable on stage. Harry kept talking about his show and Lucia while Calissa stood there not even uttering a word. None of the things said by Harry had registered to her head. 

Harry also told them about how he was planning to move back to London. The band was to set up their studio there in Marylebone. This was the only thing Calissa heard. Fighting her tears, she was trying to remain calm and maintain composure. All she could say was "I am happy for you." Harry and Lucia wished them and left for Harry's home. That night Calissa didn't sleep. She was still in disbelief. All of this seemed like a nightmare that she wanted to end. How could the love of her life just leave her like that. The next day, Harry and Lucia paid a visit again and informed about them having to leave Greece in 5 days forever. They were shifting to UK. 

Calissa asked Harry to meet her alone in the courtyard, one last time before he left. He obliged and came to her house 3 days later. They sat as they did, but this time, it was different. Harry held Calissa's hand and asked her if anything was wrong. She said it was just him going far far away from her. Harry promised to come see her when he could. She nodded. She kept her head on his shoulder and a drop of tear fell down from her eyes. Harry took her hand in his and told her that he was ever grateful to her and her family. They were his support and he really loved them. He gave her a kiss on her cheek and asked her to take care of herself. He left. 

As time passed, Harry began to miss Greece. Greece has a unique ambiance of its own. There's no other place like it. He missed Calissa even more, though they wrote each other a few letters. Harry had been writing songs, making music with the band and was keeping himself busy. He missed something; again; he didn't feel he was home everytime he stepped inside his house. Lucia started noticing these changes and was worried. She wondered if he missed Greece so much. Lucia kept her calm but when Harry didn't improve, they fought. 

They fought more than 5 times in the same week. Lucia left the band and worked at a piano bar now. She was much more comfortable there. The pianist James showed interest in her and soon she fell for him. Constant fights with Harry drove her crazy. James was the kind of guy she could live with while Harry was the guy she was interested in. She soon moved out and they parted ways. Harry was constantly motivated by Alex. He would tell him everything was gonna be ok. He just needed to be patient enough. Ben advised Harry to go to Greece and meet Calissa once. He believed Harry was missing her and she could bring back balance in Harry's life. Harry was reluctant. He couldn't disturb Calissa anymore. He had heard from her parents about how she loved him and was broken to pieces after he moved to London with Lucia. 

Ben and Alex asked him to give it a second thought. Harry had a connection to Calissa. He didn't feel it then but now, she was possibly the only one who could bring back solace and balance to his life. Ben asked Harry to write to Calissa and invite her to London. They could meet each other and she would get to travel to the UK. Harry would get some time off work. Harry wrote to Calissa. She didn't respond. He waited for a month. He realised he should leave her alone. He respected her silence and went back to shows and other stuff. The band was getting popular and more popular. 

Calissa finally responded. She had been in Athens for the last 50 days and had just come back home. She had been a travelling theatre artist. She was keeping herself busy in that manner. She apologized for not responding earlier and assured him she would come to visit him soon. She felt sorry for his broken relationship and assured him she was there for him always. Harry's joy knew no bounds that day. He felt a strange strength in his heart. He felt good all of a sudden and the same week he recorded 37 songs for 6 different albums. The band was happy to see him back in full form. This had been missing in his life ever since he left Greece. 

After some days Calissa informed Harry of her coming to London. He awaited her visit. She came to London. She was happy to see him. The band was happy to meet her. Alex invited her to their studio. They made her hear their songs, took her out to shopping and sightseeing in London. Harry had never been happier before. Alex struck an idea. He asked her if she was interested in performing as a solo artist for their band. She didn't know what to say. She said she couldn't leave Greece. That was her life. She lived that way of life since the beginning. Harry asked her to consult her parents. London has great theatre companies and performing bands as well. She could perform anywhere she wanted and she could earn well. 

Harry didn't want her to leave him in London and go back. She was afraid to lose him again. But she couldn't say no to him. She stayed back. Mr. and Mrs. Demetriou said they trusted their daughter and asked her to take care. Life was again falling in place for Harry , Calissa and Ramkays. They went on tours together, performed together and had fun. They were all in sync when it came to their performance. Harry and Calissa performed a special act at the end of their every tour which became the highlight of the tour. Mike, Alex and Ben had also found their partners. They would go out for dinners together. Even Ben's girlfriend became a part of the group. She was an excellent vocalist and she along with Calissa would put up a splendid act together. 

After the act, Harry went on his knees and proposed to her. Calissa had been waiting for this. Her dream was finally coming true! She had tears in her eyes as she said yes to him. He couldn't believe it. He was so overjoyed. Right down the words REJOICE, he proposed and she had said YES. They went out for dinner and later the same week, Harry and Calissa announced their wedding. It was all going good. The band was in a happy space. Alex and Ari's engagement preparations began. The venue was fixed, rings were bought and outfits sorted. 

The engagement happened in the most glorious manner. Both Alex and Ari looked absolutely stunning. They complemented each other very well. Soon, Harry and Calissa also got engaged. Calissa's parents made preparations for the whole event that took place in Santorini. Right after engagement, Calissa took Harry out to the courtyard in her house. It was decorated in a wide variety of exotic flowers and had a table in the centre on which Barbouni and Taramasalata were served with the best wine in the country. They sang and danced for quite some time and then had their meal. It was quite the same surprise that Calissa had wanted to give Harry the day he came from tour with Lucia. "Don't go away " Harry whispered. " I won't " Calissa replied. 

But little did they know that destiny had other plans. A few weeks after they flew back to London, Calissa complained of heart pain. They went to the doctor and got the shock of their lives. Calissa had a rare heart disease and would die soon. Harry couldn't control his emotions. He came to Calissa and held her hand. She asked about what the doctor had said. Harry had tears in his eyes. He couldn't speak. Calissa knew something was wrong. She insisted on knowing about it. Alex told her. She didn't react. Just sat down quietly. Not a single drop of tear fall from her eyes. 

Few weeks later, Calissa was on her bed in the hospital. She didn't feel good. She knew something was going to happen. She called out Harry and held his hand. In a few moments, she took her last breath. Harry could just say Don't go away to her one last time. This time she had left forever to heaven. 

Life moves on. People come and go. Some are special. It's important to remember the good memories we have with those people. The sad ones don't matter anymore. We should have a smile on our face when we think of that special person. That is what the person would also like us to be from above. 

October 03, 2019 13:28

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