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“Somebody is at the door, honey”, the lady told her husband.

“Yeah, if he continues knocking that way, he’ll break the door into pieces. God damn it!”, her husband answered back and walked towards the front door. “Can you hear it? This person will get to know me soon, you’ll see”, he added. He took a Glock 42, with his left hand, from the elegant console table. Then the husband opened the door angrily, with his right hand, while hiding the gun behind the front door.

“Good evening, sir! I’m so sorry to bother you but…”, the stranger greeted.

“You’re bleeding! What happened?” The husband interrogated and immediately hid his small weapon inside his pants and stepped forward to check if there was someone else around. Finally, he helped the visitor to come inside the house.

“Jesus Christ! A young man in trouble! Poor fellow!”, the wife exclaimed.

The stranger fainted.

 *  *  *

“Where am I at? I recall now…”

The stranger got out of the guest room and went downstairs. He heard some noise in the kitchen.

“Good morning!”, he said timidly.

“Hello there! Good morning!”, the lady said in a friendly way.

“I hope you feel better this morning. You passed out last night. You were kind of weak, I guess. I cleaned you up and dressed your wounds”, the husband explained. He was a strong man, he looked tough, like a Marlboro man on TV.

“Thank you, sir. I thank you both. By the way, my name is Vince Edwards.”

“I am Marvin, and she is my wife, Amber.”

“It’s a real pleasure to meet both of you. I was lucky to find your house in the mountains last night, the only light around. It’s an isolated place!”, Vince added.

“Would you like to join us for breakfast? I have everything ready and set. You must be hungry! Moreover, you need some protein to recover yourself”, Amber offered and explained.

“Of course, thank you, ma’am. Thank both of you for your hospitality.”

They took breakfast without talking much. Amber and Marvin looked at each other occasionally.

“Ma’am, you’re an excellent cook! You are a lucky man, sir. A nice and beautiful wife and a nice and beautiful house!”

“Thank you, young man”, Amber smiled.

“Thanks. However, this is our refuge in the mountains”, Marvin explained.

“Our love nest” his wife interrupted to cover Marvin’s last words.

 “She’s right. We live in the city. Any time we need a break, we come here.”

“I see. That’s wonderful.”

“Listen, Vince, I know it’s hard to tell things to strangers but…”

“I am a stranger, and I can be a dangerous fellow. I understand, sir. You, I mean, both of you, are wondering why or how I ended up here, right?”

“That’s correct.”

Marvin and Amber looked at each other and then looked at Vince.

“It’s a long story!”

“I LOVE long stories!”, Amber said childishly.

Both men smiled.

Vince concluded he needed to trust his host and hostess, maybe they could help him fix things before calling 911.

“Where should I begin? Let me see… I know! It all started when I was in high school.”

Marvin was surprised, he didn’t expect it was that long ago. Amber was happy because she realized it was going to be a long story, indeed.

“My high school was not controlled by the school authorities, you know, it was ruled by a senior student who was a drug dealer. His father was a mafia godfather, at least, I was told. His father controlled all illegal businesses in town”, Vince commenced his story.

As soon as Amber listened to Vince’s words, she looked her husband straight in the eye.

“And it was a problem but, sincerely, NOT my problem. I’m not the Police, you know. I was a senior, too. The thing was that I asked a girl to be my girlfriend, and that kid, Samuel, had been in love with her all along. I didn’t know that. Suddenly, I became Sam’s enemy.”

Marvin saw Amber this time.

“It was our last year at school, I thought it was not going to be a big deal to date...”

“Mary”, the lady interrupted.

“Wow! How did you know her name?”

Marvin tapped the kitchen table softly with his fist, and then he was the one who looked his wife straight in the eye.

Amber blushed and added: “I guessed it. It’s a very common name.”

“You’re right, ma’am, I think it’s a common name. Anyway, this guy, Samuel, tried to make my life a living hell; well, he had his friends, and I had nobody to protect me since everybody was afraid of his father’s powerful hand.”

“But last night, you were hurt!”, Marvin indirectly asked.

“Oh, yes, sir, you are right. Back to the point. Samuel has ALWAYS hated me since that year on. My parents moved me to another school and asked me to stop seeing Mary. So, I didn’t see Sam for a long time.”

“Until last night, I guess”, Marvin said.

“Nope… 2 days ago, on Wednesday. I was grocery shopping when Samuel and his friends came for some cigarettes and a beer six-pack. Fortunately, they didn’t see me.”

“So?”, Amber asked.

“The cashier asked them for the money because they were about to leave the place. Sam told the cashier if he knew who he was. The guy told Samuel he didn’t care. I am Salvatore Romano, that’s what Samuel said and shot the cashier to death.”

“I recall it now. It was on the TV news.”

“You are right, ma’am. It was breaking news.”

Both spouses were genuinely interested in Vince’s story.

“Go on”, Marvin ordered.

Vince thought it was kind of rude, but he continued his story. “Samuel, well, Salvatore, I didn’t know that was his real name, left the store after taking all the money from the cash register.”

“And what does it have to do with you, young man?”, the lady asked.

“The police came and interrogated all clients separately. I was the only MORON who identified Sam and his accomplices, the others told the police officers they didn’t remember shit! Pardon my language.”

Marvin excused himself to go to another room. Vince thought he needed the restroom.

“So, Vince, you are the guy missing, the one the police are looking for, I also watched it on TV news.”

“You’re right, ma’am. I’ve been running away from him and his father’s men all this time because they don’t want a living witness, of course.”

“I understand”, the lady said.

 “Sam, Salvatore, found my apartment, he and his 4 partners in crime tried to kill me yesterday when I was starting my car to go to work. I got shot for the first time, only once. Nonetheless, I was able to escape. I ran over a couple of his men… I’m not sure if I killed them or not. I just drove my car out of the city.”

“You did, both of them died, it was on TV, too”, the lady explained.

 “OH… MY… GOD! That’s too bad! The rest of them followed me and shot me again. My car died. I had to walk into the woods. They were shooting like crazy in the forest. I hid behind a tree, and I knocked out another man by hitting him with a thick branch in his face. I kept running till I saw a train station; I got on an Amtrak train that was leaving. I jumped off the train the first chance I had because Samuel’s last man was also able to get on the train. He jumped off, too… he didn’t make it. He broke his neck. I ran a lot more. I saw a light on this mountain and here I am.”

Marvin came back to the kitchen. Vince turned his head to the left and felt the butt of a shotgun, a blackout for a couple of hours.

 *  *  *

“Samuel, I mean, Salvatore! What are you doing here? What is this?”

Vince was tied to a chair, in the backyard.

“Somebody HELP ME.”

“You can shout, go ahead, nobody will hear you; remember, we are in the mountains”, Marvin observed.

Marvin continued his speech. “Allow me to introduce ourselves properly. My full name is Marvino Romano, as you already know, Amber Romano is my wife… and this is Salvatore Romano, our treasure and sole surviving son. In our line of business, the death rate is extremely high, and we do whatever it takes to keep the family traditions... I'm sorry to tell.”

"Oh darling, you seem to be a kind person but...", Amber added.

“Therefore, this is a farewell, Vince. God, I hate this guy!” Salvatore said at the end. 

Then he pointed the shotgun at Vince’s head and shot.

June 02, 2021 19:36

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Kelly Dennison
21:09 Jun 03, 2021

That is NOT what I was expecting! Goodness!!!! Nicely done :)


23:31 Jun 03, 2021

Hi Kelly! It's good to know you liked my story. Thanks.


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Amanda Lieser
19:01 Oct 05, 2021

Oh wow, Henry! The twist! Thank you so much for recommending I read this piece. I love how you added the detail about Mary’s name. It gave me a clue to this ending, but didn’t spell it out too much. My heart went out to Vincent in this piece and I have so many follow up questions about this piece that I don’t want to list in case I spoil details for other readers . It’s certainly a thinker. Thank you for writing this piece!


23:18 Oct 05, 2021

Hi Amanda! As always, you're so kind! I'll keep giving my best, I just hope it'll be enough to attract my readers' attention. So, you noticed the detail (Mary), great! Thank you for your kindness and feedback, as always, well-balanced and respectful.


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Leah Hoffman
12:24 Jun 17, 2021

I really enjoyed your story! I liked the ending, it was a shock! If I had to critique, try to add more descriptive, behind the scenes text, and get rid of some of the dialogue. Otherwise amazing job!


19:40 Jun 17, 2021

Hello Leah! Thanks for your nice comment. Sure, go ahead, critique is more than welcome! I do not consider myself a finished product, there's always room for improvement. I'll take your tips into account. I'm very glad you liked my story. Thanks. Take care. Blessings.


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