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Its 11:12p.m. and the emergency room as been pretty quiet when they got a call from the local fire department that they are on their way in with a man in his 40s that was on his bicycle and was hit by a car, they state that the man in unconscious but does not seem to have any life threatening injuries. The nurses and doctors rush in and take care of the man.  He miraculously has no injuries, just a few scraps and bumps.  He wakes up in the hospital bed the next morning fully aware of what happened.  The doctor asked, ``Sir, do you know where you are?  Jerry says yes I am at the hospital, What is your name? Jerry Micheals, Do you remember what happened last night? Jerry says yes I was riding my bike home from work and a car swerved and hit me, a young woman cried, I am so sorry  and said help was on the way and then  I was sitting on a park bench talking to another woman,and then I woke up here. The doctor says well it's a miracle but you have no injuries, we are going to keep you for 24hours for observation and then you will be fine to go home.  Jerry agreed.  He laid his head back trying to figure out who the lady was that he was talking to on the park bench.  All she said was, Jerry don't be afraid, everything is going to be alright. I am here for you, your life is going to change in a way that you never would  expect.”  and she was gone. He just couldn't figure out who she was.  He had never met or seen her before.  That's when everything changed for Jerry Micheals.  

Hello my name is Jerry Micheals and this is my story of how my life was changed forever with a  simple gift.  So I live in a small town of about 1000 people.  I write for an advice column for the local newspaper.  I  made a living for myself here after I was offered the job at the newspaper.  It was my dream job for me.  I have wanted to be a writer for a long time, but I was never able to get a job writing.  I had several jobs as an assistant writer, but never as a head writer.  So one day I saw a writing contest for a small newspaper.    I entered the contest.  This was something I did often to become a better writer and get my writing noticed that would hopefully land me my dream job someday.  Well they liked my story so much, they offered me a job as a advice columnist.  So I packed up and headed to this little small town that I have come to love. I don't have any family as I grew up in a group home so picking up and moving was not an issue for me.  Now I never have learned to drive and in a small town we don't have a bus system so I ride my bike everywhere that I need to go.  I mainly just go from work to home and the city park.  The park is my place that I love to go to to get my inspiration for my writings. I love to watch people, you can learn so much about a person by just watching them through their interactions.   Things were pretty normal for me until one day when I was on my way home for work on my bicycle and I was stuck by a car.   I hear a voice screaming at me saying, “ Oh my gosh I am so so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, I am so sorry.  I called 911 and help was on the way. “   The next thing that I remember; is sitting on a bench in the park with an older woman, probably about in her sixties, long white hair, she has a glow to her thou.  The only thing that I remember about our conversation was her saying to me, “ Jerry don't be afraid, everything is going to be alright. I am here for you, your life is going to change in a way that you would never expect.”  I still am trying to wrap my head around what this was supposed to mean, and who the woman was.  After that I woke up in the hospital , the doctor was standing there and told me that it was a miracle that I only had a few bumps and scrapes, that he wanted me to stay for 24 hours because I took a pretty big hit to the head.  I got back on my feet pretty quick and got back into my normal routine, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew who that woman on the park bench was.  

Like I said, I grew up in a group home. I was brought there at a young age, I’m going to guess I was 3 or 4.  I don't remember my mother or my father, I have never tried to find either one of them but I had so amazing people in my life that have guided me and made me who I am today.  I never felt the need to look.  Although every once in a while I would have a wandering thought that would make me wonder if they were out there.  I have made a great life for myself, I went to college and obtained a degree in creative writing.  I have a wonderful little house in town that is just big enough for me.  I have never needed much, big fancy things were never a desire of mine, so it doesn't take much to please me.  My biggest accomplishment in my life has been landing this wonderful job at the newspaper.  I can say that I am very happy with where I am in life right now.  

So it's about 9:00 am in the morning and I head to the office I usually head in for about an hour to check messages and emails.  I then head over to the park where I watch people.  Today there are several mothers and their little ones playing at the park.  There is one mother that really catches my attention today.  She is there with a little boy who is happily playing on the swings. She is staring off into space smiling at her son.  I just watch, next thing I know I am seeing through her eyes like I can see her every movement and everything she is looking at. I can see her thoughts, I see here taking a little boy by the hand telling him how much she loves him and that one day they will see each other again.  I see the tears flowing down her face and the little boy is just staring back at the mother in confusion.  She knocks on the door of a great big older building with a big metal door.  A lady comes out and nods and takes the little boy by the hand and the mother walks again crying histactilly.  Then all of a sudden I am back in my eyes sitting on the bench where I was and the mother and boy are gone, they must have left and I didnt even notice it.  My mind is spinning. I can not figure out what just happened.  All I can think of is that it must just be exhaustion. I have been working really long hours trying to catch up at work after having time off from the accident. 

So I decided to take the rest of the day off and go home and get some rest. As I am laying in my bed and slowly drift off to sleep I start to have a dream.  I dream that I am sitting on a park bench again, but I am not in a park. I'm nowhere.  There is nothing around me.  It's completely dark.  There is a light coming towards me again.  It's the woman, the one that I talked to in the park when I had my accident.  I start asking her a million questions like; Who she is, where she came from, what she wants, and why she keeps bothering me.  She just smiles and says, “ Jerry, I'm here to help you.  I have given you a gift.  Learn how to use your gift and you will learn things that you have always longed for. “  I woke up with a jolt. I don't understand, Things seem to just be spinning out of control ever since my accident.  She seems so familiar but I can figure out why. So I lay back down for a bit and fell fast asleep.  

I got up the next morning not even thinking about the dream I had the previous night. I go on with my day as usual, head to work, then to the park and then back to the office to finish my daily column writing.  It's about 9p.m. when I finally leave the office and head home.  It's starting to get dark so I take a path that has well lit streets on my way home I see a man walking down the street, I drop my notebook out of the basket on my bike and I stop to pick it up and when I stand back up it happens again, I am seeing threw the the man’s eyes, I can see where he is walking and heading, I can see what he is thinking, He is looking at the buildings in search of something he has become frantic, he is urgently looking for something he lost.  He pauses and takes a picture out of his pocket and I can see the picture as if I had it right in front of my face.  It is a picture of a young boy that in a way looks alot like me.  I am stunned, I shake my head and then I am back in my body, my mind and my eyes.  I  am so confused that I have to sit on the curb to get my bearings back before I can continue home.  I don't understand why this keeps happening.  It's almost like I can see through other people's eyes.  My only thought before I head home is?; Is this what the lady that keeps coming to me is trying to tell me? Is this the gift that she has given me?  Can I really see through other people's eyes, and why is it just certain people?  What is it supposed to mean? 

So things had settled down for me in the last few days, no more encounters of seeing through other people's eyes and no encounters from the women.  Until one morning when I got up and the woman was sitting at my table.  I just stop dead in my tracks.  She says, “ Jerry come here sit.  Now that you know of your gift you need to go to Kansas City.  He will be waiting for you.”  I say; who, who will be waiting. No answer, she is gone!  

So I run this over in my mind over and over trying to figure out why she wants me to go to Kansas City, what could be in Kansas City? I decided to shake it off, but I kept getting signs saying things like an email with no recipient just saying; Go to Kansas City.  Another thing was a business card was left on my desk that said one simple word. KANSAS CITY.  Then I knew I needed to go when I got a letter in the mail, all it said was to go to Kansas City. He is waiting for you.  Just like the woman said.   So here I am waiting at the train station waiting for my train to go to Kansas City.  

So here I am. I made it to Kansas City, still not sure why I'm here.  All of of a sudden my mind flashes, I am seeing through the eyes of a older man looking in confusion, He keeps asking himself why am I here, why did I come, all because of a dream I had, my mother’s angel came to me and said that I needed to go to the train station at this exact time, and  look for a man wearing a red polo shirt and ask for him by the name of Jerry. I then flash back and I am back in my own mind.  I look down and yes I am wearing my red polo today.  It is still weird for me that this keeps happening but I am starting to understand it.  So I walk off the train and sure enough an older man walks up to me and says, “Jerry ?”  I say yes.  He says, “ This may sound weird but I had a dream where my mother came to me and said I needed to come to the train station and look for you.  I have not clue why but I did.”  I said believe me my whole last few months have been weird in the same way.  We both laugh and I say coffee? Maybe we can both make some sense of all this.  He says, “ Yes please “ 

We sit down for coffee at a little local coffee shop, we tell each other about our dream that we both have.  Still unable to make any connection why we were both brought together.  Then one  thing clicks in the older man.  He says what did  you say the other women in your dream look like?  Something clicks in the older man.  He says, “ What you describe the woman as sounds like my first love. She was an amazing woman, but we wanted different things in life.  So we went our separate ways.  I did hear, that a few years back that she had died from cancer. “  I  just sat there in amazement.  I still could not make sense of any of this yet.  Then at the very next moment the woman was sitting at our table.  The weird thing was not only could I see her, but the older man could see her too.  Then she said, “Jerry, this is your father.”   and then she was gone.  Neither of us spoke for the next 5 minutes.  We were both just stunned.  Once we had time to process the information we both were just so excited.  I finally had some family.  He finally had a son.  These were things we both longed for, for so long.  So we spent the next few days getting to know each other. I found out that not only did I have a father, I had a stepmother, step sister, and a niece.  They were all shocked, but so welcoming when they had time to process the information.  None of us ever knew that each other existed.  My heart was so full, I no longer had that empty hole in my heart, or that thought in the back of my mind. As we said our goodbyes and made plans to get back together very soon my new found father handed me an envelope, he said he had found it on his desk a couple of days ago after his angel came to him.  He didn't know what it was until now and wanted to make sure I had it.  I thanked him and stuck it in my bag  and I got back on the train and headed home.  

I head into work the next day, I decide to make my column the story of amazing events that have happened to me in the last few months.  The reaction to the story was abundant, I had people writing to me from all over the world.  As for my gift, the ability to see through others eyes, it never left me. It would always come when there were people around me looking for lost loved ones or  family members.  So I started helping people all over the world.  I have had the opportunity to travel all over helping people and telling my story.  It gave me time to write and also I spend time with my new found family.  My father even taught me to drive, so at the age of  46 I finally have my driver’s license and my own car which makes  it a lot easier to go see my family.  

I sat at my desk that next day and I opened my briefcase and find that envelope that my father gave me, so I decided to open it.  It's a picture; it's a picture of me and the angel that gave me my gift and guided me to my family, but I'm in the picture with her.  The angel was my deceased mother.  My mother gave me the greatest gift ever, she gave the family i didn't know I had. 

The End. 

August 05, 2021 13:52

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