Christian Coming of Age Friendship

"Isn't Tracy just the prettiest you ever seen?" my mother would ask me from time to time as Tracy and I have been friends since elementary school. I always replied to her with a yes just to have her not say anything else. Every morning when my mother took me to school, Tracy was always waiting for me there at the entrance stairs. Tracy didn't leave too far from school and always be there at least a half hour before school start. She was always punctual and never was trady. 

Tracy and I have been friends since kindergarten and we had a lot in common. We both like lacrosse, the state of West Virginia and snickerdoodle cookies especially from my neighbor Ms. Lu. She would often come over at the house as I would do the same. Ms. Lu absolutely loves Tracy. She would always give Tracy extra cookies for her to take home. Ms. Lu even said that me and her would make a cute couple. I would of course be polite about and say like: "Thanks but we're just friends" or "She is like a sister to me." She would of course reply with a "I see," and continue on her merry way. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I personally dont care too much about the holiday myself but I do find it being sickly sweet. Both my mother and Ms. Lu were always getting something for this time of year rather it being a heart box full of Reese's cups or my personal favorite cookies: snickerdoodle. I of course part take by returning the favor but I don't feel like it was necessary to gift people Valentine's unless someone gave me first and farmost. 

Not only is Valentine's day just around the corner, but so was the Sadies dance for the school. My mother, Ms. Lu and even my father have asked me if I was asked to the dance, but I said no for nobody has. They were even shocked that Tracy haven't even ask until one day when i was at my locker, the most unexpected thing happened.

When I opened my locker, i could see something on my top shelf. I reached my hand up and grabbed a red envelope that read my name. The next thing I did was open it and inside of envelope was a card with red hearts on it. Written on the card read the following:

"To Stuart, 

I know it's sort of short notice but I was wondering if you would be my date to Sadie's dance. Please tell me as soon as your early convenience. 

Love Tracy"

I was dumbfounded. Was this my friend Tracy or some other Tracy? I double check the writing and seeing it was my Tracy's, I now know it was legitimately her for sure. "Was she asking as a friend? Or was there more than she lead on?"

The next thing I did was close my locker and head straight to her locker where she was at grabbing her stuff. I came up to her and asked her politely: "Tracy, did you leave me this?"

She smiles and replied back: "Yes Stuart, I most certainly did. Did you like it? Do you accept my invitation?"

I then responded: "I thought so considering I know that writing anywhere. To be honest, I was kind of taken a step back from it. I am still deciding on what you meant."

She poilety says: "Oh, I'm sorry you were taken a back from it. I keep on forgetting you're not a big fan of surprises while I'm absolutely am myself. You said you're still deciding on I meant?"

"Yes Tracy, I am."

She replied shyly: "I mean I do want a date to the Sadie's dance, and there's no one I would rather go with than with you, Stuart."

"I understand that and that's very sweet of you to say Tracy. But did you meant it as friends or more than friends."

Suddenly her face got really red and after a few seconds, Tracy replied: "I was thinking of more than friends..." 

My heart skipped a beat. I didnt know what to do. Was this the same Tracy? Or was she just going through the emotions? I honestly didn't see this coming and I felt I was a deer in highlights. 

After a minute of not saying anything, Tracy asked: "Stuart, are you okay?"

I shaked my head and regain my focus to her. Once I was back to reality, I then go: "Tracy, I honestly don't feel the same way."

Suddenly her smile became a frown very quickly and Tracy next responded with a "ohh."

I quickly replied while reassuring her: "Don't get me wrong: I loved the gesture but I always thought of you as my friend, nothing more."

She then says with some disappointed in her voice: "I see...Im so sorry. I guess my feelings can get in the way."

I continue to reassure her "There's absolutely nothing you have to apologize Tracy. I'm not mad nor upset with what you did."

"I hope i didn't ruin our friendship," she said as she lowered her head.

"No, you didn't. It's good to always express yourself especially when it comes to your feelings."

"I guess I won't go to the Sadie's dance after all."

"Now wait, who said I didnt want to be your date?"

She softly goes: "But you said-"

I politely interrupted: "I don't see you as more than a friend but that doesn't mean I don't want to be your date to the Sadie's dance."

She was then taken a back and once she understood what was going on, Tracy smiled saying: "Thank you Stuart. That means a lot to me."

"Anytime for you Tracy."

The school bell then rang. It was the one minute warning before our first period of the school day. "I'll check you up later," she said as she quickly grabs her Algebra textbook and closed her locker.

I replied: "Yes, I will see you at lunch." 

We both then parted ways as she went to her Algebra class and I went to World History. As she walks, I couldn't help but turn myself around to see her as she proceed to her first period. She has always been so pretty since the day I met her when we were six. For the past ten years, I couldn't count all the times I thought about her and about us together. Maybe I could confess my feelings to her once we go to the dance. I just hope I not too late. 

February 15, 2022 00:23

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