Creative Nonfiction Drama Suspense

"Felix you idiot! Dont you know that I drink almond milk!?" shouted Mr. Ransome.

"Sir I am really sorry but I bought your almond milk yesterday and I think Rachel drank it last night" apologized Felix.

"How dare you blame my daughter you dolt!" and then there was a harsh sound of a smack.

"Oh honey what did this halfwit do now? He ruins my mornings by showing his face". came in Mrs. Ransome yawning.

"He dare live in this house and find my daughter at fault.Make sure he cleans the barn today" replied Mr. Ransome glaring at Felix.

This was an everyday drama and Felix had gotten used to it, no matter how much he tried they always shouted at him over trivial matters. Felix was born in a rich family his mother wanted a boy and a girl but it turned out that she had two boys and a girl. Robert was their first child and then came Felix who was expected to be a girl so when Felix turned 6 and god gifted their family with Rachel. From that day Felix was turned into a family personal servant.His family never included him in any event or gathering , he was a forgotten realative.Robert and Rachel were never nice with him. Even though Felix was good in studies he wasn't allowed to go to school.

"Hey you moron, mom's saying that Rachel is sick so you need to pick her up from the nursery". said Robert and tripped Felix with his foot.

"Yes sir" this was all Felix could say.

"Hello you are?" as Felix entered the school he met a teacher

"Oh my name is Felix and I am here to pick up Rachel Ransome from the nursery"

"Please wait here till I call for her " the teacher replied

"Yes sir" answered Felix.

"She will be here in a moment " informed the teacher as he entered the waiting room.

"Are you her guradian because if you are, you are too young to be a guardian at this age " he raised his eyebrow.

"Well not exactly, actually she is my sister" smiled Felix.

"What is that?" Felix asked pointing at a poster hanging in the corridor.

"That is a international English writing contest if you are interested you can enter it without any fee also the winner gets a cash reward" the teacher explained.

"Well I can give it a try but can you enter me because I love Engish but my family issues doesnt allows me to study."

"Sure why not and by the way my name is Dean if you are around here tomorrow pay a visit here ad we can enroll yo in the contest" smiled Dean.

The whole day Felix was as excited as ever he made sure not to express it infront of his family.He kept studying English by using Rachel's computer when she was not around.

That week he visited Dean when he went to pick up Rachel, Dean enrolled him in the contest and they both waited for the final day.

When the final day came Felix asked help from the cook to tell the family that he went to work on farms with the farmer.The cook agreed to it and he went for the contest there were people of every country and thousands thousands of them Felix thought that he didnt stood a chance against them.

The results were to be announced on the news the winner was invited to the main hall.

The Ransomes were sitting in the family room waiting for the results to be announced Felix sat behind the couch holding his breath.

"The winner of the international English competition is MR. FELIX RANSOME from CANADA and I request that MR. FELIX you are invited to the main hall for the prize money of 10 MILLON DOLLARS" as soon as the reporter announced the winner there was a state of shock in the Ransomes.

"Felix you....I.....is that you am.......I..how is this possible" Mr Ransome stammered staring at Felix.

Felix told his family all about it that how he managed to make it to the contest and everything else.

"Felix honey what are you saying you should have told me about this and I woud've helped " cried Mrs. Ransome tears running down her cheeks.

Felix stared at her with surprise.

"Come on Felix give your mom a hug" Mr Ransome nudged him

"Oh Felix my baby what were you going through please forgive me for my attitude I know I am a bad mom but honey people change " Mrs. Ransome hicupped as she hugged a flabergasted Felix.

"And honey remember you are our family and WE LOVE YOU"

"Getting support from those who care about and love you is an important step in recovering emotionally after a betrayal. ... Once you've talked through the betrayal with someoneyou'll feel better, and be more willing to forgive."

"Too often, people who have been betrayed in relationships appear to forgive, when they are simply giving in. They can't be bothered suffering anymore, and they'd rather go back to the way things were before. So they accept the apology offered by their lover, and agree to move on."

The moral of this story is that only dumb people turn back for the ones that have betrayed them.One person who has betrayed you and is apologetic wont come back to trick you.

9 Ways Of Dealing With Betrayal And Healing From The Hurt

  • Name Your Feelings. Betrayal is an act. ...
  • Resist Retaliating. ...
  • Take Time Away. ...
  • Examine The Betrayal. ...
  • Examine The Relationship. ...
  • Talk To A Third Party. ...
  • Reflect On Things. ...
  • Speak To The Person Who Betrayed You.

Betrayal Sayings and Quotes

  • It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. ...
  • Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. ...
  • Every betrayal contains a perfect moment, a coin stamped heads or tails with salvation on the other side. ...
  • All a man can betray is his conscience.

It was fun writing this story the site wont allow me to sumbit the story under 1000 words so I added quotes and etc to fill up the words :)

November 23, 2020 14:19

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Really liked the entire story aesthetic, great job!


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Aww, my pleasure!


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07:17 Nov 26, 2020

SOOFIA!!!!!! I literally laughed out loud at the last line. Nice story, btw!


Soofia Asad
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thanks for the support ;)


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Wirda Bibi
12:51 Dec 08, 2020

good job!:)


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