Brave Robin

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Brave Robin

Robin was just ten  year old boy who  had moved from village to a small town along with his uncle to study in a public school. His uncle used to sell fruits and vegetables in the main market and his earning was not much . Robin’s mother wanted Robin to do further studies to get proper education in town so he send him with his brother, Robin’s uncle . Robin found  the school education in town a bit difficult but still he tried hard sometimes he used to accompany his uncle to the market to help him in selling the fruits and vegetables. Robin’s uncle used to give home delivery to his customers by taking order on phone one day when Robin was with his uncle he was ordered by his uncle to deliver fruits to a customer in the opposite lane .Robin took the address and went to deliver the fruits for home delivery. On his way he had to cross some apartments there he saw an old couple were playing with their grand-child in the balcony with a ball ,he stopped there to watch them playing suddenly ball fell off the balcony Robin picked the ball and went to give it the couple . On reaching there house the old lady offered him something to eat Robin played with the child and came to know that the son and daughter-in-law of the old couple had gone to the office and they were taking care of their grand-child who was just infant after sometime Robin realized that he had to give delivery of the fruits to the person in next lane .

After giving the home delivery Robin was returning to his uncle’s shop on his way of return he had to cross the same apartments while passing by he heard some loud cries from the house of the old couple at first he ignored but then he felt why not see what is happening?

To his surprise he saw the old couple were lying unconscious, on the ground the cash and jewelry of the couple was missing and their grandchild was crying in his cradle as there was no one to attend him. This was a new situation for him .

Robin was confused now what to do , he was new in the town he went to the neighbors to ask for the help but no one was ready to come to his help, he then returned back hurriedly and looked for the telephone directory and dialed the number of a doctor and told him the situation , the doctor at first asked him to come to his clinic but Robin said that he cannot move the couple and there is no help and he is new in the town , realizing the situation doctor agreed to come to the apartment in his car and then he saw couple lying on the floor he moved them to the bed and gave them some injections and some medicines and asked who was Robin to them ? He said they are new to him just passer by nothing else

By the time the son and daughter-in- law of the couple had returned and on knowing the great deed performed by Robin he thanked and asked about him.

Robin told them about himself and then returned to his uncle’s shop , his uncle was worried where was he, on seeing him he felt relaxed and they closed the shop for the day and went back home.

Next day morning his uncle was surprised to see a gentleman standing on his door asking about Robin , he thought the boy must have done some mischievous act or some offensive act to annoy the gentleman , but when gentleman told him about the great deed done by Robin towards his family and as thanks he wanted to sponsor his education till he wants to study .The uncle was glad to know about this and admired Robin for his act .

September 25, 2019 11:54

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