Friendship Urban Fantasy

Bissent Forty-one-year-old, married, mother of four, works for an insurance company in Oregon and today she is at a terrible loss, between leaving her job or continuing with it, having faced many problems due to the bullying of a female employee and the husband of the employee.

Heading to his parents ' room, Shiatsu began to finally wake his sleeping mother after a white night spent flipping and not being able to sleep, because thinking is overloaded.

"Mom, Mom, it's late, I want to drink milk, she is my mom I'm late for school."Shisto. 

"Oh, my god, what time is it now."Basnet.

"Come on mom, hurry up please, we'll be late for school."Shisto.

"Wake up your brothers and get ready to go."Basnet .

Shisto did what his mother ordered him to do, awakened his brothers, prepared himself and directed everyone all to his destination, Shisto and his brothers to school and besent to work.

Besant was confused between leaving work and starting over or staying in it and enduring all those bad things that were going on with her, all those intrigues and machinations were making her feel lost, she tried to forget things, ignore them, find a new way for her, but to no avail.

They sat down at the staff lunch break and took the two girlfriends talking about it.

"It is better to think carefully, before submitting your resignation, you can have a vacation, a sick vacation."Jenny is Besant's girlfriend.

"But it's not temporary , you can count the times they abused , it's unbearable ."Basnet .

"I know that , I see all those harassment and conspiracies, and your smallness in front of others."Jenny.

"How am I, how am I going to endure their absurdity and arrogance for the rest of my life, I'm really upset."Basnet.

"But there's an important point I've forgotten about, Will you find a new job, how will you take care of the children ."Jenny.

"You think I didn't think about it, especially after Stefan married Of another woman, I could no longer sleep from the intensity of thinking ."Basnet.

"Well, well, bissent as long as you are determined, in form ."Jenny.

"It's not about design, it's about my ability to continue to work, in an electrified atmosphere filled with hatred, treachery, cunning and deception, booby-trapped with all the mines of conservation."Basnet.

Besant was determined to get out of that job, she saw it as a bad experience, made her pay a high price, felt sad rather than happy .

"Why don't you find yourself a new hobby, then turned it for permanent ."Jenny.

"Maybe it's a good idea and innovative ."He sang optimistically.

"Now tell me what things you would like to do, instead of working for an insurance company."Jenny.

" sports, cooking, writing and reading."Basnet.

Sports don't think it's a good idea, cooking you have to do cycles for several months, don't it won't work."Jenny.

"There was only writing left ."Basnet.

"Yes to writing , in whatever field you like to write, essays, stories, books."Jenny.

"I think that writing stories and articles, it would be very good ."Besant.

"There are many free courses on the internet that enable you to master writing well."Jenny.

Bessent and Jenny enrolled in free online writing courses, and Bessent's progress was rather slow, which made her puzzlement in leaving her work does not disappear , but became bigger than it was, but then she tried a course in writing children's stories, which made her passion become bigger and little by little her writing skills improved and she entered several collections and seminars to write stories.

She began to enter local competitions, then international, she decided to print her first book, so she printed two books, as an initial experiment .

Why didn't you tell me you're writing, you should have to take care of it more than ever before."Jenny.

"In the past I would write some fiction with little and little poetry, but I never thought about writing stories and novels."Basnet.

"You know, you needed a little support to get going."Jenny.

"Who could have imagined it , I write novels, short stories, myself really surprised me, more than ever."Besant.

"It's just that you didn't give yourself the opportunity, not a challenge of encouraging you, I wouldn't be able to show your talent, you're a natural."Jenny.

"I don't really believe it, I think if you follow at this pace, you will become a famous writer."Jenny.

"Thank you my friend and muse Jenny, really please, I am now waiting for the release of two books I have asked to publish ."Basnet .

"Good, I wrote two articles, with great difficulty, I couldn't embody my ideas in the paper, that was frustrating."Jenny with a bright smile dressed up.

"Thanks for your support and attention Jenny, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have actually managed to get all these things done."Basnet.

"Don't worry, you'll find me in any time near you, you can always count on me."Jenny.

Besant was able to write and write and succeeded in a short time of writing stories and participating in competitions, from raising her name in the sky of local literature, and here she is today doing the first signing session of her first book after the success of her first novel, her happiness was indescribable, finally found her path fraught with repeated successes away from the hell.

She did not offer her resignation, but an indefinite open sick leave, as Jenny advised her.

"How happy I am for you my girlfriend, your success was amazing, unparalleled, congratulations on signing the first book."Jenny happily.

"In fact, I did not imagine that I would succeed, after all those sorrows, I finally felt free, that I could overcome all those sorrows, now I will publish my collection of stories."Years, with courage and confidence.

"What do you think now, if you could help me for someone who's my own, too."Jenny.

"With pleasure, dear, what area have you been donating or would you like to work in."Besant.

"I loved medicine, engineering, commerce."Jenny.

"Medicine is not possible, engineering is now not possible, trade is possible, how about we open publishers ."Besant.

"What a great idea, of course approval ."Jenny.

 Jenny and bissent opened book publishers and succeeded in their quest, freed from those illusory constraints .

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