The beach is your haven. It is your escape. An escape from everything. Life. Problems. People. You. And most importantly—reality. Reality of this boring and monotonous world. The same routine, the same stuff, the same friends, the same family, the same house and the same boring old life devoid of any adventures.

The beach is everything that you have always wanted. To live on the beach is like living a dream. It’s the ultimate paradise. When you have walked through every inch of the beach, is when you have lived your life. You have found a secret place on the beach that only you know of. A place which is free from the local crowd and the tourists. A place free of your problems and your worries and your fears. A place nobody knows about. It’s your secret hideaway. Your escape.

It’s a place behind the rocks that line the shore. You sit in the gap between two big rocks that have eroded over time to allow a single person to sit comfortably between them. The rocks are high and there are other rocks that are piled up in front of it that prevent anyone walking by from seeing you. You sit down low, lying down on your back with your head on the cold rocks.

You look up and see the clear, cloudless blue expanse of sky stretching as far as your eyes can see and even beyond. You wonder how big the sky is. And then you notice a cloud floating in the sky. You deeply study the exact shape of the cloud, with its various bends and curves and realize that it looks oddly familiar to a butterfly. You tilt your head a little to the right and see a white patch in the sky. You realize it’s another cloud. You focus on the sky and begin to see faint outlines of smaller clouds that are too far away to be properly visible. The sky is a mix of blue and white; her innocence and purity still intact as she invites you to be friends with her.

Your toes are sinking in the sand which is yellow and golden coloured with specks of brown every here and there. Your toes sink deeper as you push them further into the sand. You feel a ticklish sensation in your toes but you love this and so you push your toes further into the sand. You think about your childhood and the many sandcastles that you had attempted to make but had failed miserably at doing so. You laugh thinking of this memory.

You hear the ocean roar behind you. You hear the waves rushing and splashing into the shore and then you hear them go back into the ocean where they belong. Even the mighty ocean can't stay in a place where it does not belong for much time. But you humans move from your homes and go to live at other places forgetting that you can never change your roots. You will always belong where your roots are located. You hear the constant hum of waves splashing which feels like music to your ears. You close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

While you were lost listening to the sweet melody of the ocean, the sky had changed from the clear blue to the warm shades of yellow and orange. You turn your head to look at the horizon and see the sun descending and making its way down slowly. It is hidden behind the clouds and you can see the sunlight escaping from the spaces between the clouds. Even the ball of fire is shy and hides his face every time he is about to leave us. You see the rays of the sun coming out from the sides of the clouds. The sun turns the whole sky in its colours when it is about to go. It goes off in a fiery blaze of light leaving behind its remains even after its gone.

The clouds have changed from white to shades of yellow. But you can still see small patches of white in them. The sun goes down below the horizon. The warm, fuzzy shades of the sky are replaced by the cool colours of eventide. The sky turns from yellow and orange to dark blue. Soon, black mixes with the dark blue and the sky has changed its colour again. Its starting to get dark out there. But you are not scared because you can slowly start to see the stars coming out to protect you.

You try to recognize the constellations that are formed by the stars. You turn your head to the left and see the moon shedding its bright white light over all. It is shining in the dark night sky and brightening the world around it. You have always admired the beauty of the moon and have spent hours looking at its selfless face. You look at the stars again and try to count them. You hear the sound of the ocean and its waves splashing against the shore. The calm music of the waves and the richness of the moonlight relaxes your body and makes your mind feel peaceful. You feel your eyes drooping when you were counting stars. Your eyelids are shutting and you close your eyes to drift off to sleep.

 . . . 

I know that this story does not quite satisfy the given prompt but I figured that this prompt is the most suitable as it is about the weather and my passage describes the weather of the beach and hence, I put this story under the above prompt. I had written this a long time ago and it was my first attempt at writing something in the second person. This is not exactly a story but is rather a kind of descriptive passage that gives you the experience of being at the beach. I hope that you like this passage and do comment your views and opinions!

June 26, 2020 19:11

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Nicole Leah
18:36 Jul 04, 2020

Hello, I'm from the critic circle. What a pretty description! Wonderful and beautiful images you have created of the beach and the sunset - especially the part of burying your toes into the sand. However, your sentence structure and openings are in general very similar, have a play around with the openings and you might find your structure change too. Try speaking it out loud. Thank you for sharing your wonderful little story, keep on writing!


Neomi Shah
13:03 Jul 05, 2020

Hello Nicole, thank you for your praise! I will try to keep in mind your suggestions while trying further stories.


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