Daniel Porter

It’s fun talking with you🎊.’

Same here... for me✨,’ he replies hosting genuine felicity. How is he in love this fast? He can’t believe it as well. He met her on a dating site and its been a year, the conversation was and is still going well. She can make him talk a lot, even about issues he never imagined telling himself about. That should be the reason for loving her this much, the addictive conversations.

‘So, we are doing it finally, right?’

‘No doubt at all.’ He replied to her. He is expecting to see her tomorrow and though it is not going to be as he wishes it would be, the excitement is killing him. ‘You know... it’s hard for me to do this... I mean the rules you placed are too much.’

‘It also is hard for me. But the rules are mandatory,’ it took her a while but she replied and it’s a relief for him. ‘I can’t wait.’

‘I can’t wait till I’m able to touch you.’ He waits for a long while but no reply.

“Where did you go?” he whispers thinking as he bites his lower lip. He is sitting on bed with his laptop on his lap👨‍💻, feeling agitated; looking to the 🚪 and then back to the laptop. “Say something, anything.”

‘Me too, but the rules are important,’ she replies.

‘Be honest, is it bad if we can be free for once?’

‘We’re both married.’

‘I know, but we need one another.’

‘Well, I need my husband and I need you too.’

“I need you,” he whispers as he brushes his hair back with his left-hand fingers. He didn’t want to forgo on this conversation and miss his chance on 🤝 her.

‘Your wish is my command,’ he press the send button and press a smile. ‘Can you use a mask that won’t cover your 👄?’ he sends what he typed and wait.

‘I’m sorry, but I can only revel my 👀.’

‘Okay,’ he sends as he thinks biting on his lower lip. ‘What type of 🎭 should I use?’ he smiles as he presses send.

‘I’m only protecting what’s mine...’ he frowns reading her reply. ‘You don’t have to use as long as you’re fine with mine.’

“Oh, I would love to do that😊,” he smiles delighted, whispering. He looks up to the🚪 once again and then gets back to the 💻. If there is something that would give him confidence, it’s his look. He knows he is handsome; tall, broad shoulders, well-structured body muscles 💪and tan skin. He is a real 🤴charming every girl bite their lips for, his smile is a great weapon😁. Of course, he needs her to see him if he can’t see her. ‘Nothing can make me happier than allowing you to see me.’ He replies to her.

‘If I ask...’ he frown reading her message. She can be hesitant texting 🙄. ‘If I ask you to...’

‘Please ask, don’t hold back.’ He sent her and bites his lower lip as he frowns waiting for her question in excitement.

‘Would you leave her for me?’ he have been waiting for this type of question, for so long.

‘Would my answer mean anything?’ he is hoping for more. ‘Would it change anything?’

‘It would mean a lot for me... it would change everything.’

‘Then I’ll tell you my answer looking into your eyes.’ He replies to her and presses a smile. He waited but no answer.

“Hey,” his wife walks into the room, making him close his laptop quickly. “Working?” she asks him, feeling a bit weird to the way he is acting😏. It’s been more than a year since he is changed and she is not understanding what exactly is going on.

“Hum,” he nods as he lays down. “Are you done packing?” he asks her. she has been preparing to be at her father’s place in Kentucky for the whole week 📝🧳🛫.

“Yes,” she answers as she changes into her pajama. He looks at her thinking for a while. She is changed, quite unlike herself; her hair messed up, her eyes look a little swollen, her lips drier and poor choice of dressing. “Why, you want us to stay?” she asks him and he sits up.

“Come here,” he says and she takes a moment thinking as she looks at him. “Come,” he kneels up and pulls her to get on bed. “Are you okay?” he asks her, imprisoning her cheeks between his palms. He looks worried about her, concerned she might be sick.

“Hum,” she closes her eyes as if nodding ‘yes.’ “I am really okay,” she answers pressing a smile🙂. “but I... I sometimes feel like I'm losing you,” she whispers as tear fills her eyes🥺 and he deepen his furrow lines.

“No, no,” he hugs her and enjoy the moment in silence, for a while. “Look,” he holds her by her shoulders looking into her eyes. “I know I have been a bit out of touch, lately,” she frowns. “You know how busy I'm these days, with all the crazy cases,” he bites his lower lip thinking. “Why don’t you take this visit to your parent’s as a time off...”

“Yeah🙄,” she rolls her eyes at his suggestion. “It is indeed a vacation, with naughty Junior Dan,” she points to their restless son who desires attention at all times.

“True,” he adds smiling. “You got a point there,” they both breaths a laughter. “But I want you to take time there until I come take you for a real private time. We’ll ask your parents to look after Junior for us.”

“Are you really coming?”

“Yes, there’s something I should work on,” he arches his forehead at her and she looks at him quizzically😕. “At work,” he adds to clear himself.

“🤷‍♀️Okay, you will come and take me out,” she says and bites her lower lip slightly.

“We should sleep, now,” he says. As she aims a kiss for his lips, he stretches his neck up and plants a soft kiss on her forehead. “Good night,” he whispers to her and tuck himself back in bed and turn his back to her.

He is fine, then he is not; he seems like the Daniel Porter she once knew, but then he is a complete stranger; he wants to talk, but he want’s silence; she just can’t understand what exactly he needs in life. She looks down to herself and then tuck herself in bed as she sleeps looking at him from behind him.

The Meeting

The Motel they booked is not that extra ordinary. She made sure to make this feel quite secretive indeed; it’s out of town, they’re meeting at night, she will be here with face mask on, dressed in red. She said she wanted to protect her husband’s identity by keeping hers hidden.

He despised the day he mentioned he is a prosecutor; she said her husband is also a prosecutor; if he never has mentioned that, he is thinking this day would be happening differently; he would have gotten the chance to see her face. He can’t understand the need for all this drama, since their last conversation feels like they can be together any time after this night, after she hear his response to her question.

🤵He looks younger, groomed well and all in black. Despite the fact that the motel isn’t of high standard he wanted to show her the value he has for her, in his heart. He wanted her to understand what she means for him.

The knock on the door makes his heart jumpy. he looks at the ⌚ on his wrist and presses a smile; she is late but she is here. He wants to be understanding.

“Hello love,” she simply utters in a Londoner accent. She is standing her back to the door.

“Hello,” he is breathing heavy in excitement. “Get in,” he steps aside opening the way for her. She turns around and giving him full view to her face mask covering her well, but reveling her green eyes under it. She simply walks past him and into the room. “Um,” he licks his lower lip wet. “So, would you like me to get something to drink?”

“No need,” she answers. Her muffled voice behind the mask is giving up her nervousness; it’s too obvious she’s shaking. “Shall we?” she points to the two single seats sofas placed under the window and facing one another with a wooden table between them.

“Sure,” he answered as he takes a sit after she takes the chair near to the door. “I can’t believe this is ha...”

“Your answer?” she asks. She is precise and extra careful to say more than what’s needed.

“So, that’s what you want to here?” he asks her and she nods slowly.

“It means a lot,” everything falls under somber silence after her blunt reply. “Everything will change,” she adds and he looks up to her direction.

“Yes,” he closes his eyes answering😌. “I have told you everything. My life... I... my answer is yes. I would leave her for you,” he thinks for a while. “You know me more than her, you hear me, understand me and I...” he swallows hard. “I love you.” She closes her eyes and take a moment. She looks like someone who needs time to analyze the information she just heard.

“My husband...” she utters and take a moment. She clears her throat roughly, “I told my husband to meet me for lunch tomorrow. He thinks I'm out of town,” he frowns looking at her. “Text your wife now, to meet with you tomorrow. I choose you too,” she concludes her thought, but places her phone on the table as she crosses her arms on her chest.

“Will you get rid of the 🎭?” he asks her and she shakes her head.

“We’ll meet again, tomorrow at night,” she says and he nods pressing a smile. "This should be proper. "

“Like the first time, we will indeed meet for a fresh start,” he adds as he texts his wife to meet him at home. “Wait, what about today?” he asks her and she walks to the bed and lay down leaving a space for him.

“Laydown for now,” she adds, patting to the empty space beside her. He takes his coat off and leave it on the 🛋 sofa’s banister. He slowly takes extended steps to the bed and lay down beside her.

“Why the tears?” he asks her and she shakes her head slowly.

“It’s a hello new life and goodbye to my past.” She whispers and gets closer to him and cuddles. They both stay still together, welcoming each other with open hurts. “I’m glad you respect my wishes,” she whispers burying her neck between his shoulder and head.

“I’m glad I meet you,” he tightens his embracing, holding her closer to himself.

Hello Love

“Of course not,” Merry his wife is already home before him. She waited for him, sitting in the living room with 📑 papers in her hand. She is reading it loud.

“Oh, you’re home already, I thought you...” she holds her hands in the air stopping him✋🏻. It’s a surprise for him that she is home before lunch. He was hoping to treat her well for the last time; cooking for her.

“This hurts the most,” she says still looking on the paper. “Okay, ‘I did marry her because I love her, but you know marriage is not easy’...” she swallows hard. “It’s you, ‘I was young and I thought we were meant to be, but I grow up and it was too late, her plan to imprison me already was on work.’

‘Oh, how so?’

‘Her key for her prison was a child,’

'You have a child?’

‘Oh yes, and one big happy 👪, 🙄, you can say.’

‘You don’t seem happy,’

‘I didn’t plan on it’

‘I understand, that’s what my husband needs as well, to imprison me with children. It’s a 'hell no,' so I am still half free’

‘lucky you’... how dare you😠?” she looks up to him and he swallows hard.

“Where did you get that?” he asks her, he doesn’t give a dame about what she is saying right now. He just doesn’t like it when his privacy is invaded, but he also knows that it is not his place to be disappointed.

“Hello love,” she answers with her accent altered into a Londoner.

“You lied to me,” he is shocked enough that his skin is altered ashy and he looks like someone who can’t breathe😱.

“Really🤨?” she stands up. “How funny you sound,” she adds walking closer to him. “You said I don’t even look good, but it’s because I am too busy looking after our child, our life, us; you said you never planned on having Dan, but you never even drive him to school let alone play father... well, unless it’s on his birthday. You're just a show off and if he is the 🔑 to a prison, he is my prison🔑; you said I don’t care about you, but I gave you this life, all the comfort, all thanks to my father's wealth, who, by the way, I have to convince you are a good men every day for.”

“You don’t understand,” he says shaking his head, his cheeks changing color.

“What? What exactly did I not understand?” she asks shaking her head in disbelief. “I thought I can protect our marriage life by talking to you...”

“Like someone else?” he barks at her.

“😮Yes. But with every passing day you start revealing who you really are and I realized what I thought was going to save our life is ending it.”

“Why didn’t you talk to me the way you talked with me, like...” he just doesn’t know what to say. That person was indeed someone else for him and he prefers it that way.

“Like her? See, it wasn’t me for you, it was someone else and you loved her.”

“I was with her last night,”

“Yes, cuddling in love💏. I’m disappointed you couldn’t recognize my 👀, or the way I smell.”

“It can’t be, it can’t be...” he is feeling sick🤢. How could this be?

“Of course, you’re in love with her,” she utters as she walks back to the sofa to sink back in her seat🥺😢. “Do you even care that I am her?” she asks whisperingly.

“Oh, no,” he utters through his teeth turning to her. “We know we both did wrong, so much wrong and I started it, I admit. I don’t believe you😣... I mean, I can’t believe what you did.” he shakes his head and take a sit before her. “I knew it was you,” she frowns 😠. “What we did, to each other... it was wrong. I made you believe you are testing me and I let everything come this far, ☝🏻for I want to give you what you want.”

“What the hell?” she whispers shaking her head.

“I'm in love with you, with my wife🤷‍♂‍. That’s not bad, right? It can’t be.”

“I’m not stupi...”

“Hush🤫,” Like I said, I'm ready to give you that private you and me time.”

“Listen, I know what I did is bad, but what you are doing now is crazy🤪,”

“You claim that you’re a good mother...”

“I am a good mother,” she whispers.

“Then for Junior’s sake🙏, believe me when I say I knew it was you all along🙂.” She is scared, of his reaction. As much as she knows the truth, she feels like accepting his new lie. “Look,” he runs up the stairs and speeds back with his laptop in his hand. He throws it to the floor and smash it to the ground. 🤭She yelps in shock 😳. "No more game 🎮between us.”

“I’ll give you a second chance if you say you’re sorry,” she whispers. "Just be truthful, " she is hoping he would stop this new lie and he is not willing to lose.

“I’m sorry I was absent,” he kneels beneath her🛐. Still lying and yet being technical about his apologie. “I’m sorry,” he hugs her and she take her time thinking, in worry😟🥺.

Should she forgive him or accept his lying for a technical apology, or should she simply leave him and never come back?

Either ways, while stuck between deep thoughts, and feeling lost, she slowly hugs him back.

November 28, 2020 06:17

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