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Movies always have away of captivating you. Whether you like Science fiction, Action, Comedy, Horror or Romance. movies have this magical spell that weaves its self around you.

What movies tells us is a story about life that you can instantly connect too. Movies has a way of making their stories become real, away to connect to yourself and with part of your life that you never knew existed.

For me a girl who comes from a good family, who enjoys spending time with one's family, movies is away when we can all be together.

There's been a lot of movies that have affected my life. Some in good ways, other's in bad ways.

I like all different types of movies. My all time favorite is Romance. Romance movies are beautiful and magical. They tell a great story, often times Romance movies are tragic.

The one movie I can relate to and has great impacted my relationship is the Notebook. The Notebook is about two people from different backgrounds who fall in love. Allie comes from a wealthy family. While Noah comes from a working class family.

While Allie and Noah are complete opposites, they fall madly in love. Allie's parents don't approve of their relationship, they still want to be together.

I can relate to both Allie and Noah and the trails they went through as a couple, there is difference between us. I come from a hardworking middle class family and the person I fall in love with is from the same background as me, but the problem is my guy is in the Navy.

My father doesn't believe a military guy can provide a good home for his daughter. I watch and re-watch the Notebook so many times that it breaks my heart that Allie and Noah are not together and I don't wish that for myself.

Then I go in search for other inspirations of a great love story like Allie and Noah and I find something amazing. My grandparents had a similar love story.

Like Allie and Noah my grandparents Sandy and James love story began in the 1940's, they were separated by war and by parents, but in the end my grandparents ended up together.

My grandmother Sandy came from a wealthy family. My grandfather James came from a modest background where money wasn't an issue.

My grandparents met during the annual Independence Day celebration. They were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame.

They would spend the entire summer together and when they met each other's families my grandmother impressed my grandfather's family. My grandmother's family liked my grandfather, but not as a boyfriend only as a friend.

But that didn't stop my grandmother nor did it stop my grandfather. Once the summer was over my grandmother went back to New York and my grandfather stayed in Lake Charles

Like in the movie where Noah writes to Allie everyday for the next year my grandfather writes to my grandmother everyday and she receives each one of his letters and writes back.

There are a lot of similarities between Allie and Noah's story and my grandparent's story and there are also difference, but the one contrast is that they are both in love and they have the same type of love I have with my guy.

So, what is a girl to do? How can I convince my father Mason is the right guys for me? My father doesn't believe in fairy tale stories. How he got my mom to marry him boggles my mind.

My father tells me over and over again "Vanessa, movies are not real. They are only acting."

I'm grown woman. I can believe in whatever I want and I believe movies show us how life can be and can have a real impact on our lives.

I just want my father to believe I can make the right choices in life and Mason is the right choice.

Mason and I have the type of love girls dream of and Romance movies like the Notebook can inspire and leave a lasting impact on anyone including me.

Look at my grandparents they share a love just like in the Notebook and other Romance movies.

The only time my grandparents weren't together was during the war. Like Noah, my grandfather enlisted in the military. He went to Europe.

But there is a big difference Allie volunteered as a nurse's aide in a hospital for wounded soldiers where she meets a wounded soldier. They end up getting engaged. My grandmother on the other hand stayed true to my grandfather and did her part.

You see movies can tell you a lot about yourself. Not all of it is going to be the same. Parts of the story we all can relate to.

The story of Allie and Noah of course is not real, but the story surrounding the movie I can relate too.

I'm looking through my grandparent's belongings and I found the letters my grandparents wrote to each other. I read one of the letters. This one is during the war. My grandfather wrote the letter. It's very heartbreaking reading my grandfather's words and all her went through.

Every time I read one of Mason's letters my heartbreaks hearing about the loss friends and how much Mason misses me.

Rewatching the Notebook as many times as I have always has me wondering why parents don't want their kids to be happy?

Allie and Noah were happy together, but her mother wasn't happy. My grandparents were happy together, but my grandmother's family wasn't happy. I'm happy with Mason, but my father is not happy.

Do you see the connection between movies and real life?

I go back to the letters. I dig through them and find a letter written by my grandmother. This letter is dated the summer they met.

As I read the letter, I think back to the time I first met Mason. The first time I looked at him and he looked at me. It was magical like a scene from a movie.

Looking back at the stories of these incredible couples shows me true love never dies. True love is here to stay even when fate steps in and tears a couple apart, but love always wins.

In the end despite many roadblocks Allie and Noah ended up together. They lived a happy life and died in each other's arms.

My grandparents are still alive and as much in love since the day they first met. True love for those two is still in the air.

The lasting impacting of the Notebook shows me no matter what happens always believe that you are meant to be with the one who has capture your heart.

My true love is Mason. I know that deep in my heart, in my soul that we are meant to be together no matter what anyone says.

True love never dies.

Thank you to the Notebook and to my grandparents for showing me that.

May 25, 2022 21:54

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Chris Morris
10:07 Jun 03, 2022

Well done Melinda, some sweet points in here, full of heart. I found it a little difficult to follow at some points as I think you maybe had a lot of different ideas for this that didn't quite gel. I would try and focus in on one thing you're trying to say (eg, retelling the story of the grandparents or focusing on the story of your main character's relationship with Mason). I also noticed you tended to sway between past and present tense, try to stick to one of them. If you have a think about those points and keep writing with that same h...


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