I hate it when Darrel was right. Darrel was looking out the window when I was looking at the clock. Then he shook me and told me to look off the window, slightly panicky. There was a man with the officers wearing a expensive suit with a nicely trim mustache and green eyes.

He was obviously rich. I looked at Darrel. He was tearing up and held my arm tightly. "Please don't let me go back to him." He whimpered. So Darrel was right. We can't trust officers. "What should we do now? The plane is suppose to be our way home."

"Get me a car, then I'll tell you my crazy and most likely deadly, but we are away from them plan." Darrel said. As frighten I was about what Darrel thought up, it was better than getting captured again. And since there was no way we could sneak out, I grab Darrel hand and we ran out the door.

The police shouted behind us as we ran through the people leaving the airport. I held on tight as people got in my way. We have to gain distance and hide somewhere so we can go the other way. But how?

Darrel solved that problem by shouting in latin. People got fearful and ran, causing a stampede, which was bad. A group ran between us and I lost grip of Darrel. I panicked and stop running. "Darrel!" I yelled. People was too busy screaming for me to hear him. "Darrel, Where are you?"

I went toward a direction, feeling lost now. "Darrel!" I yelled. Then a cop came from behind me and choked me. I grasped for air and elbow his side. The cop cried out in pain and felt myself losing air.

I reach between his leg and squeeze his groin hard and pull. The cop let go and cried out in pain. I quickly ran from him, mostly because I didn't want to kill anyone today. Fighting for all those months and killing someone every night made me want to avoid fight at all cause.

The cop chase me, but I blended in with the crowd and went their direction. Then shots echoed out and people shouted. I ran into a shop and looked out in the crowd to see if i could find Darrel. "Darrel!" I shouted.

I felt scared. What if he was captured again? What if his begging for me to save him? Where is he? "Allen!" It was faint, but I heard it. "Allen!" I tried my best to listen over the crowd as I enter the crowd again. "Allen, Where are you?" I ran towards it. It was louder.

Then another gunshot rang through and I couldn't hear him no more. "Darrel!" I yelled. Another gunshot and a person near me fell. I looked at the bullet wound and followed it direction it came from until I found Darrel wrestling with a guy with a knife.

I looked on floor and heard something metal rolling on the floor. I got on my hands and knees and crawled, suffering from a few people who hit me on the head or trip on me. Something black caught my eye and I crawl to it fast. A 9mm pistol. "Allen!" I got up and pointed it at anyone who got in my way until I spotted Darrel with the knife buried in his shoulder.

I aim and I shoot. The guy on top of Darrel slump down and Darrel crawl from under him. I ran to him and almost hug him, but stopped and looked at the knife still buried in his shoulder. "Darrel." I said. He shook his head and grab my hand. I nodded and we ran till we reach the car lot.

I went up to the rentals and pointed the gun. "Give me a key to a car! And don't play with me!" I shouted to a women. She was frighten, but listened. I felt bad, but Darrel was hurt and this was necessary. "And your money! I'm sorry, but this is an emergency."

I didn't know if she understood me or not, but she gave me cash and a few keys to choose from. I took the cash and a key before running away from her. I clicked the lock button until I reach the vehicle.

I unlocked it and place Darrel in the passenger side gently. He groan in pain and nodded once he was comfortable. I close his door and got in the driver seat. I started the car and after driving for a bit, drove away from the airport. Some much for that plan.

August 09, 2019 14:45

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