Happy Gay Friendship

(This story includes fantasy elements, do not be alarmed)

The sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls and strawberry donuts circled the bakery air. I sat promptly behind the counter, waiting for a customer to enter the bakery. I yawned from the lack of sleep I had received last night. I spent the majority of time up until 3am writing new recipes, maybe I’ll add a lemon meringue pie? I thought to myself. Ding! I heard the door bell ting and I shot up quickly, my eyes meeting pretty blue berry colored ones.

“Hi, welcome to Rosemary’s Magic Bakery™! Can i get you a savory drink or one of our delightfully sweet treats-”

“A coffee.” the girl said. Her eyes slanted and brows furrowed as she looked me up and down as if judging me profusely. I gulped as she studied me.

“W-what kind?” I spoke sweetly, trying to positively break the silence between us. Awkwardly shifting around and grabbing a coffee mug for her.

“Just a black coffee.” I heard her say it coldly. An aura surrounded her of negativity and spitefulness, a sort of black licorice feeling to her vibe. She had a sad feeling following her but annoyance and anger were drowning every good emotion she had. Suddenly she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

“Uh Hello? Can I please just have my coffee?” she gripped at me, crossing her arms sternly.

“R-right away! Sorry for the inconvenience!” I turned quickly to the coffee machine and put the right filter in for it. I clicked a few buttons and the machine started whirring, quickly working at it and making the perfect blend of black coffee. It dispensed it into the mug quickly and I grabbed it immediately, still piping hot but I managed to place it on the counter. I hesitated calling out the order. I looked over to my customer sitting at a table now, clicking on her computer with her headphones on. I looked at the magic sweets shelf, sweat beads forming on my forehead from the idea. NO! I can't, she asked specifically for black coffee, I thought for a moment. A smirk grew on my face discreetly, I don't remember her saying I couldn't add anything.

 I searched the shelf looking for one VERY important type of foam to go on top of it. No, no, no, nope, nah, definitely not, no- WAIT PERFECT, I said to myself as I reached for the one that had the label ‘Happiness’ on it. I poured it over the coffee and made it into a smiley face for her, if she even looked at it. I brought it over to her table and sat it next to her. I walked away and glanced back at her, without even taking a peek at the drink she sipped it in her hands. I saw her stern face relax and calm down as if she took a moment to think about her life. I felt her aura disappear quite a bit as a small smile grew on her face. I watched her type and work all day, even partially as I served other customers and made the orders, almost tripping at one point too.  

It had reached about 4pm when she packed up to leave, I turned away a bit to make it less obvious I was watching her. I felt her stare at me, I turned at just the right time to see her with a small smile on her face before she walked out the door. I smiled brighter, I love to make people smile, pretty sure it's my one life mission. The week went by quickly and each day we interacted a bit more positively. One day we had a whole conversation that lasted hours, when it ended i realized it was TWO HOURS past closing time. Today I was scribbling on a notepad and sketching cute ideas for the lemon meringue pie’s little extra ingredients and toppings. It was only when I looked up that I realized she had been staring the whole time, watching me work this time. I awkwardly laughed and she did too. 

“Sorry I've been working on adding something to the cafe,” I smiled, scratching my neck nervously. “What would you like this morning?” I asked her.

“A coffee with your special touches, and to be the first person to try the new addition.” she asked politely. I made her coffee for her quickly, sprinkling in some cinnamon and sugar, adding a little whipped cream and sprinkles to the top. 

“I think I can do that, but just because it's you. Also because I'll have it here tomorrow.” I placed her drink on the counter and scooted it towards her. She paid me cash and I placed it into the register. She curtsied as a thank you, making me laugh as always. She had really warmed up to me super quickly throughout the week, we had actually had a lot in common and that was so brilliant to me. I loved talking to her, she was very creative and artistic, she had big dreams in her future and we often went walking through the week. She was different from when I had first met her and that was crazy. I guess coffee really can change a person, it worked out well. Owning my own magic bakery was so nice to have, it almost brings a tear to my eyes. 

Out of all the customers I've had, they never were regulars, just people passing through. But she had stayed, she enjoyed my work, we enjoyed each other's company too. I'm pretty sure that out of my whole life, she was the only person that I considered a friend. She and I were like coffee and donuts, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly. I shook my head and started to focus for a moment. I took today's orders and handed customers what they had asked for. Kind smiles all around but none of them like hers. None of them mean any ounce of contentment to her soul. I handed the last order out and she started to pack up. 

“Bye Liv” I said cheerily as I waved to her, a smile as big as it was able to fit on my gleeful face.

“By Rose” she replied to me as she walked out the door and waved at me. I cracked my knuckles before turning the open sign to close. 

I worked the night away baking and making ingredients to make the delicious treat I had spent a week thinking about. When i had finished it i set it on a tray and slid it into the glass display case. I yawned and went up and off to bed, laying in bed. I slowly fell asleep as I licked the powdered sugar of my fingers. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I woke up to my alarm on this special day and got up and changed and headed downstairs to the bakery. I stretched and unlocked the door, turned on all the lights and flipped the sign. I walked behind the counter and a smile crept across my face as I heard it ding. I cut up a slice and placed it on the counter for her. 

“Good Morning Livvy” I sang as she came up to the counter, happy face gleaming at me like always. 

“The usual please and, I'll take that slice on the counter too. Looks mighty tasty, this your new work?” she asked.

“Yup, and you're the first to taste it, I didn't even take a bite out of it,” I handed it to her extra carefully,”Tell me if it's good.” 

She took a bite and chewed carefully, suddenly her face lit up and she took more bites and bigger ones. She practically devoured the entire thing before me as if she hadn't eaten anything in months. She licked her lips and her fingers just to get every last bit. I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Tasty” she laughed upon seeing my expression that I shot at her for her behavior. I smiled.

Today was a slow day so we both sat at a table and talked about whatever we wanted to talk about like life and philosophical questions too.

“So Livvy, Would you rather have no legs or no arms…”

June 12, 2023 17:05

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