It was a Saturday afternoon. The first week in June. I walked out to get a popsicle. It's the first full weekend of Saturday. I got to the store in twenty minutes from my apartment. I got 🍒. I couldn't wait to open it. Almost before I paid. I waited for a whole minute. The second I stepped out of the store I opened the popsicle.bIt dropped all over me. I can't go back in looking like this. There all going to laugh at me. Yippee there's one little piece. Great I have it on my fingers too.

This is my dress shirt for Tuesdays morning interview. I'll walk back home and change my top. Once I change I'll go to the cleaners across the street.

It was in the smaller plaza closer to home. It took me ten minutes to change my top and go back out.

I can't believe this I said to myself I always do this before something important.

I got to the cleaners and there was ten people in line. There still keeping Covid-19 restrictions. I went to the back of the line and asked the last person. They didn't even get a chance to answer and a man comes and says,

"No I am, can't you see me?" I was clearly next but whatever. I didn't feel like fighting too hot.

After standing for about five minutes there were about five more people behind me.

Must be place. I don't usually use cleaners because I don't usually drop popsicles on my shirts.

Twenty minutes later I was next in line. The lady behind the counter asked me

"What is the stain?"


I said to the lady.

"We have to know. Different stains different ways of cleaning."

She went back to ask the manager said

"Tuesdays afternoon or Wednesday morning."

"I can try but we're very busy!"

"Yes please."

"Please try I have an a

Important appointment Tuesday morning."

"Appointment she said."

Yes on zoom.

"I've been working on this for over a year. It's really important for me."

The lady asked me to leave my phone number down. She told me she would call to let me know. She also mentioned pay is when you pick up.

I walked back home. I can't believe it. I had to get a stain on my dress shirt. This weekend is taking forever to pass.

I can't sleep. I'm for sure not eating another popsicle.

Ill make myself a hot cup of tea. I'm just going to put on my night clothes first.

This day is slowly ending. I think I'll go to bed early and go to the mall to get a a shirt. I'll get out for alittle. It's only fifteen minutes away. Not to far if there's no traffic.

Ok the time has come I'm at the mall. So many choices. Too many stores to many tops. I just need one dress shirt.

I haven't been here for months. I don't know what store to pick. I'll look in a couple over there. Too young not for me.

Oh look over there The Bay. I walked in and looked to the left and then to the right. Oh the women's are over there. No theese are casual clothes.

I walked around a little more. Oh wait here's what I need. Business clothes perf for my appointment. I went through the rack. About fifteen minutes. Please let there be something. Just one too that looks good and priced right.

Oh this one it's like an off white. Looks so pretty and professional. Great price and size. I walked towards the cashier to pay.

I gave her the top.

"She said what a pretty color!"

"Yeah, it's for an appointment online Tuesday." I responded.

"Do you have a points card?"

"No just MasterCard!"

Okay and I paid. I couldn't believe how good the price was. Probably because it's off season.

As I walked out to go back home I passed a Baskin Robbins. Oh I just love ice cream. No I'll come back at the end of the week. It will fall and distroy my new top.

I took a taxi back home. I went upstairs to my apartment to try on the top. I wasn't able to try on because of covid-19 rules.

Great everything is perfect. Then the phone rang. It's the cleaners.

" I'm very sorry we can't seem to get out the stain."

I told them not to worry about it. They informed me that I had to come and pay a government surcharge. Also sign for them to through out the shirt.


"I'll be in Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. "

We both hang up the phone.

Look at that it's almost four time to make dinner. Times moving a little faster now.

Great almost time to sleep until the morning. The next morning was here. I woke up and wondered what am I going to do. I have no idea. I'll prepare for my appointment a bit.

A couple hours passed it was almost noon. The phone rang again. It was the lady from the appointment for Tuesday. She was asking if I want to reschedule for Monday morning. So I took her up in it

A few more hours passed another day almost over. Once the morning arrived it will be my big day. So I went to bed earlier than usual.

The morning finally arrived. I'm so happy it's just on the computer. More time less traffic. I'll take my shower and get dressed. Then I'll put on my makeup. I need alot of make up near my eyes. They look horrible.

Ok I'm ready. Just remember to breathe and answer perfect. This is my only chance at a good future.

The time is going by so fast. I'll just grab some orange juice. I'll eat after the appointment.

Oh look at that my computer is ringing. Wish me luck. Got to run.

Inspired by prompt contest.

August 2020

August 04, 2020 17:37

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Doubra Akika
13:10 Aug 09, 2020

Wonderful job! There were a few grammatical errors but not too many and none that can’t be fixed. Loved the way the story progressed. The dialogue too also made the story more interesting. If you’re not too busy, would you mind checking out one of my stories? Have a nice day!


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Terrific job, Suzanne! This story was awesome. I loved how you used an emoji! (Although you might not want to in upcoming stories) My bit of advice: there were a couple places where a comma should’ve been added, so maybe do another proofread for submitting to touch up on punctuation. All in all, nice work! 😁😁😆 ~Aerin (P. S. Would you mind checking out one or two of my stories? Thanks!)


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