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- Well, considering this gorgeous lake we are looking at , and also the fact that we are renting a hut in this resort belonging to the lake, , we have to go fishing . You see, due to our age, It may be our last fishing in our lives, so, in order to take a big advantage of it, we are going to the lake harbour before sunrise – I told my dear old friend, taking his dentures in and out of his mouth, making such an awful noise that I started to take my hat in the same rythm of the noise of the denture : in-and-out, in-and-out , in-and-out, hat on, hat off, hat on, hat off. - We do ¿ - he asked me, a bit distracted with his hat protecting him from the sun. - Yes. We normally catch the bigger fishes at that time of the day – talking serious enough, so he could have more respect for the decision. - Right – he answered, still distracted. We had some tea together, with some bread and an old cheese we had in the fridge. We watched television that night , waiting to see the weather forecast. - Is the weather going to be fine tomorrow? – I asked, still being serious about the respect thing. - I guess. It was sunny today – getting on my nerves with that never ending distraction. The news finished. At bed time, my brother could not fall asleep. - What is going on, bro? - I think it was the cheese. - the cheese ¿ - showing a wrinkled smile of the unacceptable reality of a possible stomach problem. - Yes – a bit clumsy on using his hand, flying all over his tummy. - Fine. You stay at home, but I ho anyway. - What did you say? - That you stay home if you are feeling ill. - Well, to tell you the truth, brother, I think it would be fine for me. I do not know how to fish anyway, so I think that if I go to fish, I am going to.be burdensome - That is Wright. I do agrede with you – and i put the alarm clock for four o’clock. And went to bed. I took a heavy sleep and had no idea about the stomach of my brother. But, when the alarm clock rang at four, I immediately stood up. For my surprise, I saw my brother preparing coffee and sandwiches in the kitchen. - Is for us to take to the fishing, cause I do not want to starve. - So, are you ok? - I am fine. I think I was just a bit impressed with that cheese. It looked greasy and old..well, I do not know, but that is how I felt – pondering about the ham: put or not to put in the sandwich ¿ I better put just a bit. - We need some beverages too. - Soft drinks? Soda? Juice? Which one do you prefer? I have all of them in the fridge… - You do? Take all of them - And we also need the fishing rod. I will take it. It is in the attic. - Fine. And, I went to the attic, as fast as I could, by using the ladder , but it is a little dark in here – I said to.my brother in the kitchen .- I think the attic is a bit old, dusty, and hot in there . Silence. The older brother, a serious but really gorgeous man that used to literally eat his nails, was totally silent and quiet. - Do you need any help ¿ - I asked him, thinking that the attic might not have light enough or it was too full of old stuff, things like that. - But, as time was going by , I saw that he was still very quiet and very dark, as I was standing , now, under the ladder - Bro ¿ where are you? Did you find the fishing rod ¿ Bro? Bro? – and I asked , shouted?, yelled, screamed so many times and had no answer that I decided to go upladder, to the attic. When I hot there, it was do dark that I had to lit a match that I had in my pocket. And I saw. I saw a very big anaconda curling around the feet of my old brother, standing still in front of the monster. - Oh my God! – I exclaimed, trying to distract the beast so he could escape from it. The viper heard me. And went for me – oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness – I repeated three times so I could jump the ladder. - Are you crazy ¿ - my brother asked me as he saw me jumping . - I prefer to die near the fridge instead of inside its mouth – I said, having already jumped. - The monster went back, to get some impulse – I think. - And I jumped over it as I was behind it , reaching the ladder, to finally lock the door behind me, while the beast stayed there, fooled. I was so terribly scared that I had not even seen that I was standing over my young brother. - Fine. - What? - Fine , I said, that I do not think I can stand up now. I think my leg is broken. - What? Your leg? – desperate. - It is hurting a lot. - I am going to take to the doctor. - You have to go fishing. Just let me rest for a while . I will catch very soon. - No. It can’t be. - Why not. Look, my leg is not hurting anymore. I think I just twisted a bit, during the fall. - Did the beast hurt you ¿ - No. It was not a huge one. I think it was a baby - Which is worst, cause if it is a baby, it must have a mother… - And, where is the mother ¿ - Around. The mother will look for its baby, for sure. - So, we have two possibilities , or we give the baby back to its mother, or we get rid of the baby. - In a boat ¿ - You mean… - Yes. And we looked for help from the boat man, a young and brave man that would only charge us an extra round trip. - Cheap enough - my young brother started to move his denture, in and out his mouth again – is he going to kill the beast ¿ - C’mon! He is going to put it into a bag, and throw it to the lake - O.k. so, dear fella, let’s do it. We went to the harbour in a cab. It was almost five in the morning, and we had to hurry up, if we wanted to fish. We saw a man like the one we were looking for, in a boat. - Fifty box, but if the anaconda runs away, it is not my fault So, we went back to the attic, one step at a time. We turned on the lights. And, surprise! There was no anaconda at all. There was only a thick rope, twisted. - Is this the anaconda you were talking about? - asked the young, brave and angry man – nodding his head in real disbelief. - Well, you see, we only turned a match on, we could not see very well… - You owe me an extra round trip . It is time to leave. So, we left, taking our soda, coffee, sandwiches and all the stuff we needed to spend a delightful fishing day. - As a matter of fact, I fished ten pounds fish, during the whole sunny day. - And my younger brother, the same. - But I am hungry – I said to my younger brother. - Ok. I will bring some charcoal, salt and bread, so we can cook the fish. - So he did. - And I stayed waiting there, seeing the moon reflecting off that blessed lake. - - - - - .  

November 16, 2020 23:41

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Beth Connor
22:15 Nov 25, 2020

Critique circle here! I enjoyed your story, but the formatting made it a bit confusing. I see in your profile that you are from Brazil, did you use translating software? I liked the imagery of the dentures, and I laughed when the anaconda was just a rope :-)


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