Christmas Adventure Kids

That's the thing with this city, we're crazy. 

By the way, hi, my name is Pencil-Highlighter by the way. 

Think that I'm crazy? 

I am! 

Me and my family, we all live in a city called Londoon, in the KU (the KU is right next to the U.A.S and Brazeel) 

It's a crazy city, CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! 

For first, It's Christmas all year round. 


Well, it isn't. 

Even though you get presents every day, after 5 or so years, all your gifts are crappy, because you've got everything in the world. 

Secondly, if you have the same Christmas dinner every single day, you get sick tired of it. 

Lastly, the Christmas music. Just like the Christmas dinner, after listening to the same music for your entire life, you get so bored of it that you just scream your head off every time you hear 'Santa's coming to town' on the radio. 


Because it is Christmas all year long, we have the school break all year long. That means we never EVER go to school, and the whole city is dumb. 

Me, for example, me don't know what me age is. 

I could be 1. 

Or I could be 11. 

Or even 111! 

Only the smartest people in the city know how to write- I know how to: B-) 

So, let's start the story then: 

I woke up for the sound of my favourite music on my alarm clock (no school, no rush): 

"Jingle bells, Batman smells 

Robin laid an egg. 

Batmobile lost a wheel. 

And Joker got away. 

Jingle bells, Batman smells..." 

I got dressed (from my Christmas pudding PJs to my Santa 'HO! HO! HO!' jumper) and went downstairs to some gingerbread cookies and milk (from reindeer, it's the only animal this city knows about). 

After that, I went inside and lay on the weirdy-coloury sticky-uppy short green plants that grow ALL OVER the ground (HINT: grass). 

This was the first time I have ever saw this before! Normally the ground is full of fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky and is extremely cold, but today was different... Today the ground was wet and there was something weird shining over my head and whenever I looked at it, my eyes hurt. I had a weird feeling. A feeling I never had before. I wasn’t cold, I was something different.... my whole body wasn’t trembling and my teeth chattering, no, today was different. Today was warm... 

I walked down the hard ground, and people were still excited with the new discovery. 

It seems that someone had gone into a completely different land and had found a big-weird looking blue big thingy which had Roundy thingies at the bottom, and when you pressed a certain button inside, the weird thing had started to move all by itself!!! (HINT: learn what a car is) 


I just ducked away in time, as the big blue things crashed into our house made of wood, and it crashed. CRASH! 

I have to admit, before I had gone into America (HINT: the end of this story!), I was pretty happy with my life as it was, but after I went into America, I realized that we were living like Cavemen (I learned History in a school in America too). 

My mother and Father came rushing out of the house, all in alarm. 

“Awww! This is the fwith time I awready fixed up the whouse!” Grunted Father. 

BoomBoom got out of the car, and looked around. 

“Hi everybody!” , He smiled and then slid away on his bottom. 

In here, if you want to get away (fast) you slide on your bottom and away! This is because it’s always so freezing cold and the ground is bacially ice, which you can slide around. But, since today was warmer than any other day, the ice had now melted and turned into water, and BoomBoom’s trousers were all wet. 

“AWW!” With that, he went away. 

Far, far away. 

A couple minutes later, another person had gone and got the mysterious object and went inside, pressed a button and ran away. 


If there’s one thing that the KU is the same to the rest of the world, it’s that we have a country leader, and that’s the almighty king Ballon IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, King Ballon is the best name in the Royal family tree for decades, and each King just steals the same name idea, and it will pass on for however long it will. 

King Ballon IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII has more power than all of the people in the KU. 

Put together! 

Today, there was a meeting that some people from the U.A.S were going to come and visit the KU, which was very exciting, especially as they have hot weather all year round, maybe they would even tell us all about it!  

The next day, all of the city was rushing around the place, all wondering who the visitor might be. 

When I say ‘all of the city was rushing around the place’, then I mean they were all running around the city. 

Backwards and forwards. 

Left and right. 

Even forwards and right! 

The weird object parked again (HINT: it’s the car again!), it was long and black, and nearly as big as our house! 

Out came a man, all dressed in a smart black uniform with bodyguards all around him, the man smiled. But it didn’t look like he really meant it. Oh no, he didn’t. 

For the next few weeks, the man helped us all up, gave us weird and exotic foods, mended our streets until we all grew to like him. 

All except old man Huggins, who grew to LOVE him. 

“OH! YOU’RE LIKE A FATHER TO ME!” and as old man Hoggins tried to hug the man, the bodyguards grabbed old man Hoggins by the collar and flung him away onto the next street. 

“I STILL LOVE YOU!” came the shout from the other side of the street. 

We all grew to trust him.  

He was in our society. 

He was one of us. 

Only later I was going to be proven wrong. 

Very, very wrong... 

It was on that night, I was passing the brick-made house and his crew were making the KU people smarter by the minute, it was only then that I realized that all of the streets were empty. 

It was like I was the only living soul there. 

All of a sudden, I heard a voice. 

The voice was whispering! 

I looked being the cathedral and then saw the man in the suit. 

The one from the A.S.U. 

He was talking to some other people, no! He was whispering. 

I moved my ear closer to the wall so that I could hear what they were saying. 

I didn’t hear much, but this was what I heard: 

“.....Going.....To plan....Brilliant....Stage two....Blow up....KU....with bomb....” 

Just the minute I had heard that, I went running down the street and to the place where me and the gang (I had some new friends now) were hiding at, having a competition on who could fling the glass bottle the highest, there were only two injuries in this game, and they were already playing for over hours. 

“HUH! Guys! You won’t believe it!” I huffed and puffed, but somehow managed to make out the words for them “The man that arrived, I think I overheard that his name is Norris, he wants to blow up the whole of the KU!” 

“Another mission for the cool gang!” Shouted Numb-pencil “Let’s roll!” 

So, we rolled and rolled on our wooden skateboards until we finally reached the building the Norris was hiding behind, and slammed open the doors. 

Norris looked at us with shock, holding a giant TNT bomb. 

“Drop that bomb now!” I ordered. 

“With pleasure, if I do that, then the whole of the KU explodes!” Smiled Norris. 

“On second thought, don’t do that!” I said. 

I tried to grab the bomb from him, but he wouldn’t let go. 

Norris finally let go, but I trembled through the doors, and outside I found my back hitting a street light. 

“This is the perfect time for me to show the cannon I found before!” exclaimed Mike, as he showed us A cannon. 

“I found out this cannon can shoot for miles on end!” 


So we put the bomb into the cannon, and...BOOM! 

It flew through the sky, until it finally hit Atlantis. 


That’s the REAL story of what happed to Atlantis, if you want to know the truth. 

Oh, and the bit of going to America, that was after Norris kidnapped me and Brainwashed me and sent me to America, I nearly forgot about that last bit! 


March 19, 2021 19:17

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Izzie Q.
02:04 Mar 22, 2021

Hi!! Wow, congrats on getting a story out!! I really liked how you formatted most of this, like near the end when the dialogue went: “.....Going.....To plan....Brilliant....Stage two....Blow up....KU....with bomb....” Overall, it was a really fun concept and had great excecution! Interesting POV as well :)


Damian Nowacki
18:00 Mar 23, 2021

I read some of your storied, they're brilliant as well!


Izzie Q.
14:23 Mar 24, 2021

wow thanks so much!! how've you been? anything new going on? i just got a letter from my grandma in the mail and the cursive is SO thick, i literally can't read it. currently trying to dechiper it XD


Damian Nowacki
18:20 Mar 24, 2021

I've been busy writing, mostly the story for this week's contest prompt. How are you?


Izzie Q.
13:43 Mar 25, 2021

YAyyy i'm glad you're doing that!! I'm good, i have a math test to take tho and i'm NOT looking forward to that! Whats your fav subject in school?


Damian Nowacki
16:49 Mar 28, 2021

Have you seen last week's Prompt, 'Apple pie', which I did. Read some more of your prompts from earlier times. Hmm.... My fav subject in school is probably Science or English, and then comes Maths (leave maths to the worst!)


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