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The music was loud, you could feel it in your chest the moment you walked in. The loud bass had everyone moving; even those by the bar just casually having a conversation. Or trying to get the bartender's attention were swaying their bodies. She let out a breath as she looked around; the lights had a neon effect on them as she was pulled by her friend; Nicole, to the bar. “What are you drinking?!” She looks over at her, letting out a breath. “Uh…A tequila sunrise!” Nicole had yelled to the bartender hers and Sadie’s drinks as Sadie looked around again. 

 “He’s the best around!” “Who?!” “the DJ; Mike J, the best. We are so lucky to see him tonight!” Sadie nodded as she wasn’t even aware of that. Coming out to Echo hadn’t been her first choice but it's Friday night and she's only in town for a few days before having to travel back to Utah so; she had her friend of 10+ years drag her to her favorite club in Silver Heights.. Nicole handed her her drink as she took a sip. The tequila was strong, the orange juice doing very little to help but still.. Good drink. 

 Sadie could feel her hips swaying to the music as she let out a breath, taking another sip of her drink as Nicole smiled at her. “Shots!” Before Sadie could protest, Nicole was ordering shots as Sadie shakes her head, looking back onto the dancefloor. She could see people grinding against each other as bodies fell into natural rhythm; almost like it was just natural for them to fall and move against each other. 

 “Here!” Sadie lets out a breath as she grabs it; “to us!” “to us!” both click their glasses and take the shots quick and easy, Sadie gasps as she places her glass on the bar as Nicole does the same. “God.. fucking tequila.” Nicole nods as she takes a sip of her water, “yeah..” coughs as she shivers as Sadie finishes the rest of her drink just as the beat drops and everyone starts going crazy, Nicole orders two more drinks. 

On the other side of the bar, Nico sips on his beer. Silver Heights Echo wasn’t always his move but..tonight it felt and seemed different; no douchebag frat guys trying to impress some sorority girl or just douchebags trying to pick a fight to look tough. No, the crowd was here for one thing and one thing only; to have fun and live a little. Something Nico could get behind as he lets out a breath. 

 “Hey, gonna dance; coming?” Nico looked at Link who he came with, shaking his head. “You go.” Link nods as he walks to the dancefloor with some girl he was chatting with as Nico finishes his beer he looks around the club; deciding to get on the floor he sets his empty bottle on the bar as he walks into the crowd, he started moving as he walked to the bar; letting the music sweep over him starting from his feet to his hips and his chest; god he could feel the bassline in his chest as he started moving. 

 “Let's go!” Sadie finished her drink and her third shot as she let Nicole take her to the floor; Sadie let’s out a breath as Nicole started jumping and swaying her hips as Sadie started to as well. Not one for being a dancer; Sadie started just moving her hips as she spinned around and bumped into someone. “Shit!, Sorry!” gripping their shirt they grabbed her arms to keep her from falling. “You okay?” She looks at his eyes; as the neon yellow shined. “Whoa.” Sadie blinked as

she felt her cheeks heat up. ‘Thank god for the lights.’ She thought as she nodded. “Y-yeah..” letting go of his shirt as he let go of her arms. “I’m Nico.” Sadie lets out a breath, “S-Sadie.” 

 Nico had looked at her eyes; the room was blurring as he stared at her. Her full lips had black lipstick that was a bit smudged as he let out a breath. Her eyes were green and the greenest he’d ever seen. ‘How is that possible?’ He thought as she bit her bottom lip; causing his lips to drop to her lips. ‘Shit.’ “Uh.. um.. You wanna dance?” 

 Sadie had nodded; she thinks she did anyway. Nico had taken her hand and wow.. His hand was soft and big.. Bigger than hers as he pulled her closer, her chest knocking against his. “This okay?” he whispers as Sadie nodded, Nico then spinned her around as he gasped; her back to his chest as he moved her dirty blond hair to the right side he whispered in her ear. “Move.” 

 Nico had felt Sadie start to grind against him; her ass in his crotch as his hands moved down the sides of her body. Sadie had moved her head back as he lifted up her hands over their hands, as she smiled a bit. Her body had felt on fire as she slid down his body; Nico watches her and spins her as she looks up at him biting her lip as she sways her way up to eye level with him as both of them are panting as they stare at each other. “Wow..” “Fuck Sadie.” Sadie giggles as Nico groans before pulling her closer to him, chest to chest as his hands let go of hers as they travel down her back as her hands wrap around his neck,as he cups her a handful of her ass in his hand causing Sadie to gasp as he smiles. 

 He lifts up her leg as he spins them; Sadie giggles as he lets go over gently as she spins on feet; ‘how the hell didn’t I fall?’ she thinks as she smiles at him; Nico panting as he stared at the her; this women who he’d only just met as her hips roll in her black dress that stops mid thigh as she spinned around, Nico bites her lip as he watched her ass jiggle and roll as she rolled her hips, Nico could see a few catching glimpses as he walked over to her; eyeing them in a way that had them quickly looking away as he reaches up her back as he grabs her hair in his fist; causing Sadie to moan but with the music the sound it is; no one heard it. ‘Thank god’ she thought as he pulled her to his chest as she smiled, as they both started moving in sync with each other, his hand stayed in her hair as his left hand had stayed on her hip as hers wrapped around his middle. 

 As the music changed to the energetic dance-pop; Sadie and Nico had stayed close. Sadie had realized Nico was wearing a black jumper tucked into his pants. Sadie had also noticed his high bones, with his nice and full lips; how she had become so close to a complete stranger she had no idea, it seemed so crazy as she had never had a night like this in her small town but Silver Heights had become something else. As Nico had stared at Sadie, her hair he guessed was half up but it had become loose and some strands were framing the sides of her face as her red eyeshadow could only be seen in the blue neon lights as he also noticed the gold on her cheekbones. 

 “Hey!” he pulls her closer; chest to chest as she wraps her arms around his neck, he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as he cups her cheek. “What?!” both are panting as she shakes his head slowly; “who the fuck are you?!” Sadie laughs as she shrugs, “i’m just visiting!” he nods, swallowing the lump in hiss throat as they stare at each other before Nico leans in and his lips touch Sadie’s

who moans as she deepens the kiss; both groaning as Nico slips his tongue inside Sadie’s mouth. Both so lost in the way they taste and feel against each other.

May 20, 2023 13:21

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Russell Mickler
15:08 May 28, 2023

Hey Jordyn! The abundance of semi-colons really keeps the narrator moving, where each thought trends off to a subsequent thought. For me, as a technique, that constant movement, a string of ideas, was perfect for relaying the experience of a nightclub. The dialogue was great. The rising tension and sexuality of Nico and Sadie’s dance was great. I think you captured that moment wonderfully. All the best - R


Jordyn Vigil
06:39 May 29, 2023

Thank you so much!


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Delbert Griffith
10:24 May 27, 2023

You really created an immersive atmosphere in this tale. Impressive. One note: "spinned" is not a proper word. You might want to consider using "spun" instead. Cheers!


Jordyn Vigil
06:38 May 29, 2023

Hi! Thank you so much :) and I will keep that in mind.


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