The sound of the door opening and closing made my body shake. Bits of sweat began to form on my forehead as tears start to trickle down my cheek. I don’t want to die.

Heavy and careful footsteps coming from the man who just entered my room were heard. A full moon is shown in the dark sky, and no trace of stars can be seen from where I’m seated. 

“Come out now, little kitten.” His footsteps became louder and fast, indicating the rummaging he’s doing inside my room. “When I lay my eyes on you, you’ll experience everything your mom, dad, and sister have gone through.” He laughed like an antagonist in movies. 

A shiver went down my spine when an image of my mom flashed through my mind. She was seated on the floor, bathing in her own blood. Beside her were the heads of my dad and my little sister. I can’t believe I lost my family in a span of three hours.

A tall silhouette stopped in front of the cabinet where I’m in. I tried squeezing myself to the far most corner inside the cabinet so he won’t see me. He just stood there, unmoving. My heart began to beat faster as seconds pass by. 

“THERE YOU ARE!” He shouted. I almost screamed from shock and fear. Thankfully, I was able to bit my lip and cover my mouth before any sound came out. The silhouette is now gone, but my brows furrowed from curiosity.

“Usually, people hid under the bed. Guess, she’s different.” His statement answered my question. I heaved a sigh of relief. Gosh, I thought he was able to locate where I was. 

The next couple of minutes were filled with silence. I started to calm down a bit, but I heard a creepy sound. The sound of metal hitting metal slowly. Every sound the impact makes my heart beat louder and faster. 

I garnered the courage to take a peek at the slightly opened cabinet door. There I saw a man seated on my bed with a long metal tube at hand. He is slowly hitting the headboard made of metal. Where did he get that? 

“I’ll give you 5 minutes to show yourself. If you do, I might spare your life, and if you don’t, I’ll burn this house to dust together with you and your family.” He was talking like he knows I’m in this room. 

A few hours ago, I was at my friend's house to bond with them when I received a call from Azia, who was crying non-stop and sobbing, which disabled her to speak and tell me what happened. I got worried, so I rushed back home.

The moment I opened the door, I was greeted with a woman seated on the floor bathing with her own blood. I almost puked at the sight then I slowly approached the body and to my shock. It was none other than my mom. Tears started to fall from my eyes, and my hands started to shake. 

I was about to hold her and hug her for the last time. I want to feel her warmth for the last time, but a scream coming from the kitchen made me stop. It was Azia, without hesitation, I hurriedly went to the kitchen. What I saw killed me. A man was holding Azia by the hair, and next to him was my father’s bloody body without a head.

“D-dad.” It came out as a whisper which didn’t catch the attention of the murderer, but I couldn’t hold back the sobs.

“Oh, hello there Agape. Welcome back.” He pulled Azia’s hair, which made her wince in pain. My eyes widened when I saw Azia’s blood dripping on the floor. She has a cut on her side.

“Y-you, y-y-you monster!” I was about to tackle him, but he slit Azia’s neck with a kitchen knife that made me stop. He even licked some blood left on the knife. My insides began to shake from anger and fear. “H-how could yo-”

“You’re next don’t worry.” He turned his back on me. At first, I didn’t know what to do. I looked at what he’s doing and saw him chopping Azia’s head off. 

I started to ran, and my feet led me to my room. I immediately went in and hid inside my cabinet. 

Now, I’m here inside my cabinet. Thinking whether to go out and run or stay here until he finds me. I don’t have anyone anymore. My whole family died, and I saw how my sister was killed.

If he kills me now, I’d be glad because I can be with them up there. If I stay alive, I might go insane. I feel so worthless. If only I stayed here in the house, maybe they’d still be here. 

If I knew that I’d loss them, I won’t even try to set foot outside. I’ll lock all the possible passages inside the house and avoid being massacred by him. 

If only I was here, I’d immediately call the police and ask for help. If I was here, I might be able to save Azia. If I came earlier, they might not experience the cruel death they suffered. If only I was here, but my ifs cannot change the situation.

They are all dead, and the most appalling part is they were killed cruelly. My dad and sister were beheaded while my mother was full of stabs all over her body.

The family I saw before I left the house earlier were now lifeless. I just want to kill myself right now. I hope I die. I want to be with them. I can’t live without them. 

“There you are. Your sobs gave away your location, little kitten.” My eyes widened when I saw his face a few inches from mine. I froze. I can’t move a muscle while he lifted his knife and traced it along my jawline and stopped on my neck.

The cold feeling of the knife gave me goosebumps. The image of Azia being slit on the throat using the same knife on my neck made me tremble in fear. I don’t want to die.

September 11, 2020 01:23

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Tessa Takzikab
21:56 Sep 16, 2020

Woah. This is really scary. You do a great job of capturing the reader and your description is very detailed. This is a bit too bloody for me, but I know a bunch of people, unfortunately not on reedsy, who would love to read this again and again. I do want to point out that you have a few random words that are the wrong tense for the part where they are. Also, at the end when Agape says/thinks 'I wish I was here' is a bit confusing, because Agape is there. I would probably change that to 'I wish I had been here'. Other than that, awes...


06:17 Sep 17, 2020

Thank you for the comment! I am flattered by your compliments it made my heart go thump HAHAHA. I really have serious problems with written English, I'm sorry about that. I'll try to lessen them next time. I intentionally left the murderer unknown. I don't know why but I just felt like doing it. Again, Thank you!


Tessa Takzikab
13:01 Sep 17, 2020

Well, leaving the murderer unknown gives you room for a prequel about his motives. Also, about written English, that's what editors are for, right? :) And the majority of the story flows well, so you'll get the tenses eventually.


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