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Destined to win

As my mom and I strolled through our favorite park, I slowly closed my eyes and breathed in the aroma of the blossoming flowers. Then, after a few minutes, I gradually opened my eyes to view the stunning scenery in front of me.  

Out of the blue, I heard a person gasping for breath not far. I turned around, startling my mother. 

' What is the matter now, Belle? ' , my mother questioned with impatient eyes. 

' M . . .mom, there they are, I've always told you they trained here. Oh mother, let me join. Please. ' I begged with the cutest puppy eyes I could muster. 

' Well, I suppose we could go closer and take a look' , my mother said with a defeated sigh. 

' Yes, I know you would say yes! ' , I exclaimed with joy. ' Puppy eyes never get old, ' I added silently with a cheeky grin. 

It had always been my dream to compete in the Youth Olympic Games. I wanted to become an olympian athlete one day. I wanted to earn recognition from everyone. I wanted everyone to be proud of me. As the thoughts in my head whirled around, I didn't know I had an anxious face on. 

Suddenly, I felt . . . peculiar. It was as if my body was attempting to tell me something, something urgent, something crucial. But, even though I pushed, I still couldn't quite place my finger on it. 

At last, we finally reached there. I watched as several boys and girls did drills from one end into the other. They looked so . . . . . . professional. I mean, I know I'm only eight, but I know talent when I see it. And this was absolutely extraordinary. 

'Hi there,' my mom said reluctantly after a lot of persuasion and pleading from me. 

A thirty-year-old-ish man spun around and searched for the source of sound that interrupted his peace and quiet. 

My mother greeted him cordially as if they'd been friends for years and years. 

' Hi, there,' my mother repeated. ' Do you think I can enroll my eight-year-old to this. . . uhh, actually what is this ? ' , my mother came to a halt and looked at the man, eager for answers to her questions. 

Anyway, long story short, I came home with new hopes and inspiration. As I got tucked into my bed by my dad, I told him all about my day. He listened attentively, and after I was done, he kissed me on my forehead and wished me a good night. As I was too tired to wish him back, I merely nodded my head in response. 

The next day, I made sure I looked presentable and smart for my first day of practice. I tucked in my raven-black hair behind my ears. I wore my best running shoes. And last but not least, I put on my Nike shirt that said ' just do it' and, of course, my jogging pants.

My mom drove me to the park, and I took a deep breath. Then, unexpectedly, I got the same odd feeling that I felt yesterday. I slowly exhaled and opened my eyes. 

' You okay, kiddo? ' , my mom asked as she glanced at me with a worried expression. 

' Yeah, mom, I'm okay. ' , I said with a smile as I didn't want her to let me miss my first day of training and risk creating a bad first impression. 

' If you're sure, Belle. ' my mother spoke with a suspicious face. 

' Off you go' , my mother said as she nudged me on my shoulder.

I warmly smiled at her and ran all the way to my new training place. Of course, a few kids eyed me with distrust, but I gave it no second thought. But I felt a bit odd just standing there, so I mustered up all of my courage and walked up to them. As I went in their direction, I realized something. Seeing them this close-up made me realize how much taller and elder they looked than me. 

I took a deep breath and puffed my chest to look as if I wasn't intimidated by their superiority. 

' H . . . hi,' I stuttered with a weak smile. I waved for extra spirit. The group of five turned to me as they had heard me. 

What looked like to be the group leader stepped forward with unmeasurable confidence and a whiff of power. I tilted my head a bit up to capture a glimpse of her. She possessed fire red hair, with a pair of sapphire blue eyes accompanied with cute freckles. 

' So, you new here? ' she said with a country accent and a questioning nod. 

I nodded to confirm her question's answer; affirmative. 

' Okay, huddle up everybody' said who I assumed to be the Coach and also the person who my mom talked to about me enrolling. 

I remained away from the other kids because I felt as if I was the odd one out there. 

' Okay, students, today in class, we have a new student; please welcome Isabella Hope.' said the Coach with unnecessary enthusiasm. She, the coach, took me by the hand and into the center of the circle. I refused to look up as I was a bit embarrassed by the sudden gesture. 

'Okay, warm-up time. ' the Coach reminded the students. She then took me a bit away from the students. After a few minutes of walking away, she stopped, put her hands on my shoulders, and knelt down, looking me straight in the eyes.

' I know you might have felt a bit . . . intimidated by the other kids, the Coach started off, ' but I know how hard a first day can be, and you coped with it really well, and your punctuality was outstanding, young lady, ' she said giving me a high-five. 

I immediately felt welcomed and accepted. 

I started training that day and have never looked back or given up. Soon enough, I was on my flight to compete in the Youth Olympic Games. This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life. This is the day I win. I don't think, I know. 

After a week, I'm on the track doing warm-up with my Coach. She instructed and taught me techniques that gave me my motivation for today. I wasn't nervous as I knew I was going to win. 

After the warm-up, I got prepared for my race. Without further ado, the announcer enunciated, ' On your mark.' I did it. ' Set ' I raised up. Bang went the gun, and so did I. I stood up with confidence and morale. 

I came home with two gold medals that day. I also came home with something else. Something I didn't realize for eight years. The peculiar feeling I had at the park that day was my gut feeling. The gut feeling that told me I'd make my family and Coach proud of me. The gut feeling that told me I was destined to win. 

© 2022 Anuthmee Senevirathne

January 05, 2022 12:43

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