I Need a Second Chance

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They say the right time to plant a tree is Now!

They say, opportunity comes but once

They say, delay is dangerous

They say, no condition is permanent

They say, time heals the wounds of hard time.

They say, mistakes is inevitable

Is it true, everyone deserves a second chance?

This I thought was a rhetorical question. I never saw it coming, I never believed we will ever have a reason to go our separate ways. The feeling was natural, the love was pure, the words were true and good thoughts were all that poured out of our innocent minds. We have always wanted to be a story to be told by young lovers. Yes, Patrick and I started this romantic journey after my second semester in two hundred level as an undergraduate in one of the prestigious state universities in the country. I wanted to grow old with him I wanted to be that women in his life and no one else. We bonded so fast and the ship sailed so well until he left for South Africa. Then, I was in my final year. I tried not to welcome any form of distraction because already, his presence then was a kind of , I couldn't stay a day without wanting to be with him, see him,talk with him and share my day to day life experience with him. Patrick knew he was my weakness I don't know if he took advantage of that and made me seem empty without him. I tried to cope with the fact he was out of sight for a better life ahead. I thought too, that was for the both of us. So,I waited and waited but I was waiting for nothing.

It was my second semester already my last section in school as an undergraduate and I wanted him around to encourage me and also to help coach me in some courses. But I got a shock of my life.

All the time I tried reaching him, I never got to talk with him on phone or neither did we chat. I was hurt and I wrote my exams too with a broken heart which really affected my grades and of a truth, my results were poor at the end. And with all that happened, I still didn't get a consolation from Patrick. A year after my graduation, I went for my NYSC National Youth Service Corps. I tried to move on so I don't get entangled with my past with Patrick and let go the hurt I feel. It was two years after my service year, I met a friend named Happiness, Happiness and I established a good friendship and that lasted so well and though it became a distant friendship when I had to relocate back to the Eastern part of Nigeria. Thank God for technology. The communication never ended and I will always say, " Distance is never a barrier''. Our friendship grew like a seed planted by the rivers of water that grow in and out of it's season.

Yes, the ship sailed very well.

Two years later, good news came knocking at Happiness' door. It was... wedding bell!

Happiness found love in the sight of an old school friend of hers and like the wind, it blew so strong and the feeling was so strong and they decided to take it to eternity.

It was September 2013, Happiness called to tell me about her wedding preparation against October 29th that same year. I was happy for her and to tell you the truth, I felt and wished I could be in her shoes too.

But, where is Patrick?

He left without a word.

Did I do anything wrong? Did I deserve such treatment? Where did I go wrong? All these and more were the thoughts in my head.

I was happy for my girlfriend turned sister for finding love and finally in a month, will be married. Few days to the wedding date, I traveled down to the South South region, Delta State to be precise. It was a fun experience with my friend and her friends too that came from far and near. I was to be her maid of honor. You know how it feels right? At that point it will be like you are the bride herself.

As all these were going on, I never told Happiness much about Patrick, his identity or much about my relationship with him because he was a story I wouldn't want to tell much. Though, she knew his name. Patrick " And on one of our conversation,she told me what a Coincidence that her hubby's friend is also by name Patrick. You know how these things work, I tried not to over think as I have not really spent time with her and hubby to be to know his friends and family.

Wow! It was 28th October, the bachelor's Eve night.

The arrangements were awesome and I couldn't wait for the D-DAY!

I was even feeling it was my day.

Out of the blue, I saw him, yes Patrick he was standing right at the entrance gate and waiting for his friend the groom to be. I didn't want to look twice to know it was him. I turned and ran into the room to look at the mirror and get hold of myself because at that point, I felt I was going nuts. I didn't want to believe what I saw was real so I tried not to force it. I decided not to come out of the room until it was late at night when probably, I won't be recognized by him and no scene will be created. I was pained inside I tried so hard to bottle it up and make my friend's evening a memorable one. I am good at helping others and I hate to be a reason to make people I care about sad. The truth is, none is perfect and so, I err too sometimes but I wouldn't want to be a reason why someone dear to me complains or cry.

Happiness like her name, was very happy and I could see it well written on her oval face. She is also a good definition of beauty and an industrious fellow. I could say that drew my attention to her. I like to be in the mist of people that will change me positively and make me a better person. Meeting Happiness was one of a kind so I made good use of the opportunity while it lasted. The least I could do was to be by her side all through this. It was getting dark as the sun began to travel far. The Hall was beautifully decorated. Friends began to trip in numbers. "A golden fish has no hiding place'' this I failed to remember. I wouldn't stay all by myself in the room when my friend will need me around her and how is it possible that I won't be seen? A light skin tall and beautiful girl like me? It's not possible right?

All these never crossed my mind because I wanted to stay away from him.

What a world! It's a small world you know, the friend she told me about was her husband's friend by name Patrick is the same Patrick my old Patrick yes, old because I was hoping to find a new Patrick. It was time for the party to start, I dressed in a lovely long red dress which also complimented my complexion and my hairstyle, was superb! I tried not to let my pain or worries affect my appearance before the guests and of course, Patrick.

As we, the bride's friends walked out of the room heading to the hall, I felt a grip on my right wrist. Wait!

Was the word that accompanied the grip. I turned and saw him looking at me.

Should I say sheepishly,

Should I say surprisingly or what word will be suitable to describe the looks on his face.

Let go off me I said in a fury voice don't cause a scene! I won't go that lane with you and please, act like you don't know me for as far as I'm concerned, you are no story to be told about. These and wore were my words.

Would he listen, no he wouldn't. He really did caused a scene. Instead of us going for the party in the hall, the guests all turned to our direction and my friend too was surprised and short of words.

What a small world indeed.

Patrick, where did I wrong you?

Why did you pay me with such a roast coin? Tears fell down my chins.

All he could say was...

My love, to err is human to forgive is divine. We all need a second chance.

Please, I need a second chance to rewrite my wrongs.

At that point, I, Erica had no words left to say as everyone watching have only but....

#give him a chance#

Please, give him a second chance.

That were their words.

Patrick knelt down and his eyes straight into mine, his lips moved simultaneously, please, please I want to amend my mistakes*

August 10, 2020 08:48

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Keerththan 😀
05:33 Aug 19, 2020

Wow! Wonderful story. Amazing conveying of emotions. Great job. Well written. Keep writing. Would you mind reading my new story "Secrets don't remain buried?"


Abigail Slimzy
21:49 Aug 19, 2020

Thanks. Alright I will


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Abigail Slimzy
09:23 Aug 10, 2020

Does everyone really deserve a second chance?


Bookmark Here
04:47 Aug 11, 2020

Not necessarily. lol, I would have and have felt the same way as Erica. Great story!


Abigail Slimzy
09:30 Aug 12, 2020

Thanks dear.


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