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Drama Friendship Suspense

We often meet lots of people in our lives. Both good and bad people. We learn lessons from both kinds of people. Prakash and Jinesh both were childhood friends. But they part their ways after passing their 10 Th class. Where Prakash becomes a surgeon. Jignesh handles his family business and for that, he shifts to Gujarat. They were also roommates during school times as both share the same dorm. After 10 years passed living separate lives away from each other, Prakash missed Jignesh a lot and reunited with him. He searches for Jinesh on Facebook and both become friends again. Soon they become close again. One day, Jignesh call Prakash to Gujarat as his families ask Prakash to come there for a few days to stay with them. Fortunately, find an opportunity to go to Gujarat as he has a seminar there. Soon the seminar day arrive, Prakash packed his back the night before. He was excited as he has to ‌spend a few days with his childhood best friend. He reached Gujarat and called Jignesh and Jignesh soon pick up Prakash and both headed to Jignesh’s house. Jinesh all family members were eagerly waiting for them outside the house as soon as they reach everyone escorted Prakash lovingly inside.  Seeing this much love from Jignesh’s family members and seeing their strong bond with each others Prakash, become emotional. After. Chit, chatting a few minutes with Jignesh and his family, Prakash, went to the seminar. The whole day went to the seminar, in the evening he returns and stayed in the hotel instead of Jignesh's house. Initially, all the family members, including Jignesh, deny it but at the end allowed, but in one condition ‌he should look for a nearby hotel and should have both lunch and dinner in their house only. After having dinner, Prakash shifts to his hotel with the help of Jignesh nearby. Soon the day arrive when Prakash had to be back home. On the last night in Gujarat, Jignesh come to meet him and he saw Prakash in lost so he asked him about the same. 

Jignesh: What happens buddy, why you are looking sad? What’s the matter?

Prakash: I am very pleased to see so much love from your family and all of you living together despite conflicts.

Jignesh feel sad as he knew that Prakash’s lifestyle was far different from theirs. 

Jignesh: Can you share the things with me? You will feel better after that. We are best friends.

Prakash was silent for a movement than started. Harshvardhan Chopra has five children. Pawan Chopra is my father and Riya Dixit and Sima Malhotra are my aunties, Samar and, Abhijeet Chopra are my uncles. 

Jignesh: You never told me about all this before that you have such a wonderful family. Why?

Prakash: I would never if I didn’t come here, by seeing so much from your family I could no longer control my emotions.

Jignesh: Why what happens is everything alright with them? Please tell me in detail what I want to know.

Prakash: Promise, me you will keep all this secret from your family.

Jignesh: I promise it will be a secret between you and me.

Prakash continued his story. Everything seems perfect when they were young. My father married my mom at an early age because of their financial condition. My mother belongs to a high-class society and ‌my parents are in love. Slowly, my uncles and aunties were growing into adults. One by one, everyone chooses their life partners. But, it all started at the time of my youngest uncle’s wedding comes. Then, Prakash becomes silent again.

Jignesh: What happens why do you become silent again?

Prakash: It's late, I think we should be calling it a night. 

Jignesh: No, today you have to complete your story. 

Prakash: Ok and continues.

Prakash: Himakshi Oberoi finishes my entire family, who is being my youngest aunty-in-law.

Jignesh: What! but why and what she did do?

Flashback. Himakshi marries Abhijeet, the starting days were great slowly she started to poison Mrs. Chopra against her elder son and his family, and ultimately with remaining no option Prakash and his parents leave their paternal home and settle in Mumbai. After which she sold Seema but fortunately the family member was able to find her and get her married to a guy who live as their neighbor a little far. She asks to divide the properties and gave nothing to Prakash’s father. She also killed their maid who used to work since Prakash’s father was a little boy because she knew everything that is happening inside the house. After listening to Prakash, Jignesh becomes very emotional. He asks.

Jignesh: Why did she di like that? What was her motive?

Prakash: I don’t know.

Soon Prakash's phone rang, and it says that someone has killed Prakash's parents. Prakash is devasted. On another side, Himakshi is standing near the dead bodies and laughing out loud. Finally, her revenge becomes fulfilled. She remembers that awful moment that made her a killer today. Himakshi’s actual name was Purbi Jha, whose mother was born out of love, but her grandfather left her as his father wanted him to marry another girl. Purbi’s dad was heartbroken, and he poisoned Purbi’s brain towards the Chopra family from her childhood to hate all the members of the Chopra family. Because her grandfather was Harshvardhan’s brother Abhay Chopra, who died but left all the members with this curse. He never speaks about Purbi and her mother to anyone, so out of revenge, Purbi converts herself into Himakshi and killed everyone. Only Prakash is left because she forgets ‌she has a further relative which is fortunate for him. After her success, she returned to her mother’s graveyard for the last time and happily married to some other guy. Today Prakash lives alone in the home and he is the only son of Pawan Chopra. He marries one of his friends and lives happily free of fear from his aunty-in-law. After a few days, a piece of news come on the TV that a car crushed and Purbi and her husband were dead on the spot. But, Prakash reminds unaware of his aunt-in-law's real name so. First, he didn’t mind the news but soon realizes it when she sees the face on the TV news and after a few days, he is stunned to dig out the truth of Purbi’s so much hatred towards their family.

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