“Hey Toni can you keep a secret…”  Kelly Davis asked, coming up beside me in the school’s hallway .  “Of course.” I said. Kelly is the school's gossip since 8th grade and my best friend since birth and she always checks facts first.  “So Tommy Johnson told me that Karen addison saw Jace kissing Cindy lawson at the party last night.”  I stopped in my tracks. “Jace Taylor?” I asked, pain exploding in my chest.  Jace and I have been keeping our relationship hidden for three months because I'm not allowed to date yet.  “Yea, what's wrong?” she asked, looking confused. I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I tell my bestfriend about my secret boyfriend, well Kelly is just as much a gossip as her sources. “N-nothing.” I say as I start walking again feeling the knot in my chest grow tighter. I can't believe he'd do this to me. I turn the corner and see Jace at Cindy’s locker.  Cindy is the type of girl in a movie beautifully made body with the shape of an hourglass with the longest and most flawless ringlets of blonde hair ever seen, her eyes look like they were carved from emeralds with ocean blue flecks. My eyes start to burn as I think about his lips on hers. Jace is the type of boy that could have anyone he wanted and seeing him smiling and laughing with her made my heart break. Jace sees me and moves my way with a concerned look on his face moving quickly while saying a bye too Cindy. “T what's wrong.” he asks, concern in his voice.  “Where were you last night.” I asked with tears in my eyes and a burning in my throat. “I went to the party with Chance and the boys.” he said looking around. “Did you have fun?” I asked as the tears came flowing down my face. “T that doesn't matter right now tell me whats wrong.” he said pulling me closer to him by my hand.  The bell rings which means it's time for 4th period which is art for me. I step aside and head for the art room that is two rooms away. Jace comes after me and spins me around by my arm.  When I turn to him I slap him. He stands there, shock on his face holding his now red cheek with his hand. “Toni...Wh-what..” he's stunned beyond words. I turn and bolt to the school parking lot where I find my truck and jump in. My mind is racing. I turn the engine over and it roars to life. I pull out and drive to the only place I know to go... the cliffs. 

I was sitting there for hours looking out over the whole town. The sun had gone down and the night air was cool. I begin to draft asleep. 

“T, BabyGirl wakeup.” I wake up to Jace knelt beside me. Everything from today comes rushing back. I jerk away from him and start to tear up. “Toni please tell me what's wrong.” he said. “ Jace, did you makeout with Cindy Lawson last night.” I say with an edge. 

In that moment I felt scared like I was about to lose the only boy I've ever loved. “Toni, I love you...so I wont lie about it, yes I did kiss Cindy Lawson but it's not what you think.” he said running his hand through his thick sandy brown hair. “O really! It's not what I think huh?” I said in anger “Then tell me how it is then!”  “ Toni...Prom is two weeks away and you haven't talked to your parents. You know just like I do that your mom is gonna be there and we can't go together.” he said it without emotion at all.  “Really you cheated on me because we can't dance at prom! That's shallow Jace!” I yelled. “ Toni, I'm sorry but me and Cindy are going to prom together..and i'm breaking up with you.” he said standing up and walking towards his car.  I sat there all night crying and screaming I couldn't believe he lied to me. He cheated and then dumped me. I see a truck pull up. I know this truck but don't quite remember where from though. “Toni, is that you?” chance says turning his truck off. Chance is Jace’s younger brother. “What are you doing here Chance?” I ask, trying to keep my voice from cracking. “Um, looking for Jace, Kelly said he came to talk to you but judging by what I'm seeing I missed him.” he says walking over to me.  “Maybe you should try Cindy Lawson’s mouth!” I snapped. “So I take it Kelly was right, about Jace and Cindy Lawson but why are you so mad?” he asked me confused.  “He never told you we were dating did he?” I asked.  He stood there with a blank face that turned to anger. “How long have you been…” he trailed off. “Four months, why?” I asked confused.  “Do you remember the Night of the first football game of freshmen year..” he asked sitting beside me.  I gasp remembering what he meant. Chance’s dad yelled at him in front of the whole school for dropping a pass that would have won the game. His dad told him to go somewhere else for the night. I felt bad and invited him with me  to the field party later that night.  We all had fun that night and I tried to keep Chance smiling while I was around. Then one of the sophomore guys suggested spin the bottle, at first it was weird but then the upperclassmen went first and it wasn't so bad. Then it was my turn and I spun the bottle as hard as I could, after what felt like forever before the bottle landed on none other than Chance Taylor. I turned red remembering that Chace Taylor, a boy I've known since birth, was my first kiss.  “I can't believe you remember that.” I say shyly “How could I forget.   I've never had anyone do for me what you did for me, not even Jace..” he said playing with his hands.  The words that I said after that were not thought through all the way.  “Im I the reason you've never had a girlfriend....” I ask not sure what I wanted him to say next.  He looked in my eyes with a slight blush on his face.  “You are the only girl I've ever found to be worth the wait.” he said turning his eyes back out to the sky.  “Chance, I don't know what to say.” I said shocked.  “Go to prom with me. Toni, I know i'm not my brother but maybe I could do for you what you did for me.” he said calmly.  My mind roared with thoughts as he said that.  “Yes, I would love to go to prom with you.” I said not thinking of what my answer would mean for me.  

We sat there for hours talking and laughing, not thinking of the time, and before we knew it, it was sunrise.  “Do you want to come over later?” Chance asked suddenly.  I stopped and thought for a moment what happens if Jace sees us hanging out, I'm not ready to

see him.  “Toni, if you're worried about Jace he has practice today.” he said gently.  “I would like that a lot.” I said. 

I had been gone for more than eight hours with chance that night. He went home to get cleaned up and let his momma know he was going to have company over. I got into my car and checked my phone. I had texts from Jace, Kelly, and my parents. I checked Kellys first ‘hey where are you’ ‘Toni your parents called where are you’ ‘Toni!’.  I write back “Hey K im fine I'll tell you later.”.  I check my mom's texts ‘Toni come home now the principle called’ ‘Toni Beth Shelton!’ ‘Get home this minute!’.  I sigh and turn the keys in my truck forgetting Jace texted me.  I send a quick text letting my mom know I'm fine and then I pull out and head home.  When I get home and go up the stairs because my parents are already at work. I get a pair of jean shorts and a light pink crop top and head towards my bathroom for a long hot shower.

As I sat down on the couch in the living room my phone buzzed.  It's Jace I have 6 missed calls and 4 messages ‘Toni im sorry’ ‘I love you’ ‘please call me’ ‘whatever maybe Cindy is my best shot at prom king.’.  My eyes sting when I see the words on my screen.  Just then there's a knock on my door, I get up and check its Kelly. I open the door and let her in.  “Where have you been at Toni!” she said with concern in her voice.  “I have something to tell you and it has to stay between us.” I said. She sat on the couch and waited for me to start.  “Me and Jace Taylor have been dating for four months, and he cheated on me so he could go to prom with Cindy Lawson.  However Chance and I talked last night and he offered to take me to prom and I said yes.” I said. I sat waiting for a response and it never came.  I looked up to find her just Staring at me.  “Kelly i'm sorry I didn't tell you I just couldn't.”.  “Toni, it's okay but you should know you were nominated for prom queen” she said joyfully. “But Jace is the only male candidate.” she said with her smile fading.  “What that can't be.” I said, starting to panic.  “What about Chance there has to be someone that can nominate him.” I said my voice breaking. I'm not that popular but if there's even the slightest chance that I win prom queen prom king can not be Jace. 

“I will at school Monday morning.” she said, taking my hand. “Do you want to go do something today and get your head clear?” she asked.  “I'll text Chance and tell him me and you are going prom dress shopping before I go over to his house.” I said excited to get time with Kelly.  I send Chance a text ‘Hey, Kelly and I are going prom dress shopping and I'll let you know when we're done:)’.  I grab my keys and head up stairs to grab my wallet and a sweater. I come down the stairs just as my dad comes in from work.  “Hey sweetheart where were you last night?” he asked. “I went to the cliffs and fell asleep by accident, but I wasn't alone all night Chance came by looking for Jace and we ended up talking for a while.” I said with my cheeks turning red.  “O really and what did you guys talk about?” he asked calmly.  “Well we talked about prom for a minute and he may have asked me to be his date and I may have said yes.” I said waiting for the dad lecture, but it never came.  “Have you told your mother yet? Because you know how she is.” he said looking at me.  “Not yet but I will, besides me and Chance grew up together also Kelly and I are going to pick out prom dresses.” I said hope in my voice.  “Okay don't stay out too late and be careful.” he said. 

Kelly and I headed out the door and to my truck.  We pull up at the mall and hop out.  “Hey wanna hit up the food court?” Kelly asked.  “Yea i could go for some food.” I say.  After we finish our lunch we head over to a couple dress shops.  Kelly found a beautiful red dress with one shoulder and stunning silver jewels all the way down the side with a pair of silver stilettos. I, on the other hand, could not find a dress I liked.  “TONI THIS DRESS IS PERFECT FOR YOU!” she said dramatically.  I turned around and she was right. Itw was amazing. It was a pink rose color with a slit up the side.  I pick the dress up and hold it up to me. I love it.  I don't buy heels with my dress I buy a pair of pointed toe cowboy boots with treaded roses on the sides.  After I drop Kelly off at my house so she could get her car I text Chance and ask if he's ready to hang out.  ‘Hey! Me and Kelly are done dress shopping.’ I waited for a few minutes and got a text back. ‘Hey ok but we can't meet at my house. Jace came home early and has company.’ ‘Thats cool, we can meet up somewhere in town.’ ‘Cool, but where?’ ‘Maybe the arcade?’ ‘Toni shelton are you asking me out on a date?’ ‘Maybe;)’ ‘Okay then see you soon’.  I pull out and head to the arcade.  I get out of my truck and find Chance standing by the door.  Standing here I start to notice his gorgeous face and nice body structure, how have I never noticed him in this way before.  We have a great time playing all the different games. 

The week flew by with me and Chance hanging out people already seemed to be talking about us. When the night before prom came I was a wreck. I didn't know what was going to happen when I got a text from chance ‘Hey I want you to know that if you don't want to go to prom it's ok.’ ‘What no I want to go with you!’ ‘You do?’ ‘Yes I do’.  My heart buzzes as I think about Chance pressed against me for a slow dance.  I fall asleep with that thought in my mind. 

That morning Kelly drove to my house and woke me up, we hung out for most of the day until it was time for our nail appointment.  We go in and tell the lady what time our appointment is and she sits us down. Kelly is going over the prom plan when Cindy Lawson and her sister Karri- Ann Lawson walk through the door.  “Hey Toni I heard you and Chance are going to prom together.  That's totally crazy considering he's never dated anyone before.” she says with a confused look.  I want to say well you wait for the right one, the faithful one but could bring myself to say anything at all.  “She's a special girl.” says Kelly.  “Well if special is a nobody that's true.” says Karrie-Ann.  Cindy smacks her on the arm and rolls her eyes.  Karrie-Ann looks confused and says but I thought you didn't like her because she was dating Jace.” Karrie-Ann says.  I stop checking out  my nails and look up at Cindy waiting for a response.  When Cindy looks at me she scoffs “Not that she’d ever be able to keep a guy like him anyway.”  as she walks off.  When we got to the truck we headed back to my place, while all the way Kelly was telling me how she was wrong and not a good person in some not okay language.  We do our hair and make up and before we know it it's time to leave.  We get to the school and head in to find our dates. I can't find Chance anywhere so I call him straight to voicemail. I turn to see Jace heading my way, I don't move because I need to find Chance.  “Hey Toni, sucks to be dateless right?” he says with a wicked smile.  “What makes you think I don't have a date.” I say.  “Because my brother isn't coming.” he laughs as he walks away.  My eyes begin to sting and my mind races. I can't find Kelly s I go to my truck and head the only place I know too….the cliffs.  I pull up to my spot and realize I'm not alone. Chance is sitting on the ground and looks like he's been crying. I get out of my truck and run over to him.  “Chance whats wrong.” I ask worried.  “Was it just a game for you?” he asks hurt.  “What are you talking about Chance?” I asked confused.  “Me, this, us was it just a way to go running back to Jace.” he said with a hurt look on his face.  “Chance what are you talking about. Me and your brother aren't together, I'm with you arent I?” I said gently.  “Jace told me you came to see him. You never had to lie to me about it.”  “Chance I'm not lying to you, I would never do that to you your brother is the one lying.” I try to explain.  “My whole life I had a crush on you and that night at the field party I knew I loved you” he said with a voice crack.  “My brother always knew and he got you anyway.”.  “Chance, I love you too, and your brother could never have me the way you have me.”  what I did next was crazy, i leaned in and smashed my lips to his and we didn't disconnect till a car pulled up and it was Jace.  “How cute! You got the girl.” Jace said with fake happiness.  “Jace you lied to me you hurt toni and all you can think about is yourself.” Chance said as Jace came closer.  “Listen little bro I came to tell you and toni sorry because I'm moving to Alabama with Aunt Jamie, this is bye for now.” he said getting back in the car.  

After Jace left Chance and I continued our relationship happy as can be. 

August 22, 2020 03:58

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