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Gay LGBTQ+ Romance

Capella Goodwin

“Capella, what are you doing?” Tabitha’s voice rang through the auditorium.

“Practicing.” I said plainly. 

“Pells, you’re gonna get hurt if you practice that much. Take a break.”

I paused mid-plié. “I can’t stop. I have songs to choreograph for.”

Tabitha sighed. “Fine. at least do your math homework before you get to class.” As I felt my face burn with blush, she turned and walked away. She always knew I never did my math homework.

As I sat down to do my math, the door to the auditorium swung open and in came Thea. She walked swiftly over to me and stared me in the eye.

“I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. That was… not kind of me.”

I looked over, surprised. “I...apology accepted.”

Thea nodded, and turned to leave.

“Wait, Thea?”

She spun back around. “Yeah?”

“Do you… wanna come to my house today? My brother plays piano; I bet he’ll let you use it. It was our…”

“Your what?”

“Our dad’s. He had cancer and passed away 2 years ago.”

“Oh, I’m sor-” she cuts herself off."Apologizing never works"

I smile sadly and nod. "Anyway, would you?"

"Yeah I'd love to. Same time if you could get ready before I arrive"

I laugh slightly before responding "ok. Will do, see you then"

Thea nod's "see you then" 

Once she was far from the auditorium I let out a sigh.

"She scares you doesn't she?" Asked Tabitha. I had forgotten that she was there.

“Sometimes, to be honest.” I said. “She can be stern, but she’s nice on the inside.”

Tabitha smirked. “I gotta go. See ya in class.” She left the auditorium. The bell rang.

“Shoot.” I said to myself, gathering my unfinished homework and running off to class.

                                                   .  .  .

Maybe...a glissade and then...a balance in...sous sous? I scribbled down the dance moves in my sketchbook. 

“Miss Goodwin, please put your writing away. This is instruction time.” Mr. Barrett said. I nodded.

“Now, open your books to page 104 and read chapters 5 and 6.”

I flipped open my textbook. ‘Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad’ read the heading. I skimmed the pages. My phone rang with a text.

“Miss Goodwin, please see me after class.”


After class, I went up to Mr. Barrett’s desk.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked.

“Yes, Capella.” He said, pulling out a folder labeled, ‘Goodwin’. He pulled out a few papers. B-? C? D+?!

“Capella, your grades have gotten lower by the month. Is everything ok at home?”

I felt a lump in my throat. Mom was a pest about good grades; what would she say now?

“I didn’t know…” I said quietly.

“I’m going to send an email to your mom about getting a history tutor.” Mr. Barrett said. “You are free to go.”

                                                        .  .  .

After school, I headed home slowly, not wanting the thrashing that my mom might give me. But when I got home she was as normal as ever.

“Hey, sweetie! How was school?” She asked as I threw away the leftover PB&J from lunch.

“Fine. My friend Thea is coming over to help me with the theatre production.”

“Sounds great.”

I headed up to my room and shut the door. I sighed. I slipped on my jazz outfit (black tights, a black leotard, and my jazz shoes) and turned on my favorites playlist. It was mostly songs from musicals, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Rent, Les Miserables, the like. Soon enough, Mom was calling from downstairs,

“Pella, Thea is here!”

I raced down the stairs.

“Hey, Thea!” I said excitedly. Thea gave me a folder with a few music ideas in it.

“We can put your choreographing ideas in here as well as music and script ones.”

“Cool, come into the living room.” I led her into the room. Rigel was playing Minecraft BedWars on the Xbox.

“Rigel, go away!” I said, pushing him off the couch.

“But i’m about to win! Just gotta kill this dude….YESSS!” Rigel pumped his fist in the air and me and Thea laughed.

“Now SCOOT!” I said playfully. Rigel left the room laughing and Thea settled herself at the piano.

“Ok, so I had some ideas for the song you showed me.” I said. Thea watched as she played and I danced.

“So we’d start like this…” I kneeled down. “Then rise up, and glissade, then balance in sous sous and combre in a circle, maybe-”

“Wait, hold up. Slowly.” Thea said, holding up her hand. I started over as she played slower.

Kneel, rise, glissade, sous sous, combre, box-step, and so on. We would pause every once in a while to write things down, but about an hour later, we were finished and happy.

I sighed happily as me and Thea high-fived.

“Again tomorrow?” Thea asked as she gathered her things and slid on her black jacket.



     Today was amazing. I had a great time at Capellas house. We now have a dance to go along with the song. I have a few notes and lyrics for the next song or two as well. My mom smiled when I came home on time and she made tacos my favorite dinner. I can’t wait to see Capella, would it be ok to call her Pella? I heard her mom call her that though it might be a family only nickname. I wish I hadn’t invited her over to my house last time, that was a mess and well… she thought I was mean and I don’t normally act like that school had me stressed out and mom had a very  strict time period when we could practice.

  I roll over and fall asleep dreaming of the coming play.


I wake up and grab the notepad and pencil on my nightstand next to me to write down an idea I had in my dream. This seems to be happening every morning since I was elected the composer for the play. I pull off the sheets, strip off my pajamas, and pull out a black t-shirt with red lettering stating, just do it the nike slogan and a pair of gray leggings. I hop in the shower.

  Once I’m out my hair wants nothing to do with me so I brush out as many knots as I can and throw it up in a messy bun. I glance at myself in the mirror and wonder if Capella would like my outfit before shaking my head and decide it doesn't matter.

  I walk out to the bus stop hoping to see Capella there before remembering she only took the bus to talk to me. I sit alone in my usual spot thinking that Capella might just be the friend I was looking for. Though isn’t Tabitha her best friend? Maybe not then though I can still be her friend.

    The bus stops and I hop out to see Capella waiting for me. “Hi Thea, my mom dropped me off early so I had time to work on the dance for the song I saw you writing on the corner of your page in math”

  Normally I would be embarrassed or insulted by this comment but this is Capella. Besides, she looks so friggin adorable with a pastel pink shirt with a dancer on it and acid washed jeans with little astral buns in her hair. “Ok, cool would you want to show me before class starts?” I ask

    She smiles and nodds eagerly “come on, before Miss Jefferson gets to the auditorium” she grabs me by the wrist and sprints to the school building.

  Once I’m on the piano and singing softly she starts dancing. This was mostly tap and hip-hop, and it’s kinda odd seeing her doing a different dance other than graceful ballet. Watching her makes me want to rethink this music. Once I reach the end of the song I grab my math work off the stand and start rethinking the notes. 

“I liked it, I think you play better than my brother,” she says.

I look at her weirdly before I realize “Oh so that's why you had your phone out in class”

“Yeah” she says sheepishly. It’s pretty clear how embarrassed about that she is

“It’s fine” I say “We all do it sometimes”

I hear the warning bell for classes. “We’ve got five minutes till class so I’ll see you at lunch and then of course math”

“Oh shoot, math” I hear her mutter, she must not have done her homework again.

“Here, quick, copy mine.” I say. She scribbles down my notes and hands it back.


“No prob. See you in class.”

                                                            .  .  .

    Language Arts is probably my favorite class, besides music, of course. I sit down in my assigned seat next to freckles. I have never bothered to learn his name because we do partner work in columns not rows so while he sits next to me i don’t know his name.

   Mister Gavin is probably the nicest teacher you will ever meet at least in middle and high school. I pay little to no attention in classes where all they do is lecturer you but in L.A. we get to review his teaching and their a 30 individual notebooks but you switch whichever one you use so that we have to make our notes the best they can be or else the kid who gets it for the assignment is going to be so mad at you. 

   Class goes by quickly as 'time flies when you're having fun'. I see Capella hanging out with Tabitha on my way to science and give her a quick wave. Both Capella and Tabitha wave back. Well that's good I think at least Tabitha doesn't hate me, I've seen some girls around school who care who their best friend befriends. 

    Science is uneventful though I think Jen might be crazy. She asked Miss Pulkit if we had homework over Thanks giving break! I think I might just hate her. 

Me and Capella have the same lunch period so instead of sitting alone I go sit next to her and Tabitha. Then I see him Arlo Baldwyn. He's mocking her and Tabitha I don't know what they did but it must have been something reasonable or Arlo wouldn't mock them for it. He laughs and teases them for being nerds which really confuses me because he is more likely to be the high school dropout but whatever. Then he does it. He makes the stupidest move in history, he punches Capella. Tabitha's quick to help her but there is nothing stopping him from punching Tabitha. So of course me being me I make the logical move and punch him. 

Capella Goodwin

My nose is bleeding. Oh crap. It hurts so bad. Tabitha is cradling her arm and Thea is punching Arlo in the face.

“Thea, no! He’s not worth it.”

Arlo smirks. “Well, well, well, little piano girl thinks she can win.”

“I can and I will.” Thea said. 

Arlo laughed. “Stop quoting and try something!”

I stood up. “Back away, Arlo.”

“Why should I?”

“Because she’s my friend and I can’t stand to see her hurt.”

“Should I care?”

I took a deep breath and walked in between Thea and Arlo.

“If you want to harm her, you have to get through me, first.” I said.

“Pella, don’t do this.” Tabitha said. I looked over at Tabitha, but I didn’t say anything.

“You do realize he doesn’t care about you at all and will gladly punch you, right?” Thea said. I nodded.

“It’s worth it-” Then a swift punch to my stomach knocked the wind out of me and I fell to the ground. Arlo walked away, smiling to himself.

“Capella!” Thea and Tabitha shouted at the same time. Thea cradled me in her arms, unaware of the people staring.

“Breathe. Just breathe.” She said. 

“I am so…” I coughed again. “Stupid.”

“Yeah, you are.” Thea said. I smiled as I stood up.

“We should get you to the nurse.” Tabitha said.

“No, I’m fine.”


“Yes. I’m fine. Just leave me alone.”

“Uh, no.” Thea said. “You just got punched in the stomach and your nose might be broken. Let’s go.”

She picked me up in bridal style and started walking towards the office. I look at her, shocked, but I don't fight back. I can hear other people laughing and whispering but do I care? No. it’s actually kinda nice. Thea walks into the nurses office.

“Oh my goodness, are you ok, dear?” The nurse said. Miss. Ryder is one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet.

“I’m fine-”

“She got punched in the face and then kicked in the stomach.” Thea said truthfully. She looked at me. “You are not ok. Yet.” 

I sighed as Thea set me down in the chair.

“Who did this?” Miss. Ryder said.

“Arlo Baldwyn. Like always.” Thea said, rolling her eyes. 

“But he’s a sweetheart! Why would he do this to someone as sweet as you?”

I looked at Thea. she seemed just as surprised as me.

“Wait, what? He’s bullied us for years on end!” I exclaimed.

Miss. Ryder looks confused. “More about this later. Capella, does it still hurt? Your nose, I mean.”

“Yeah, but not alot.”

“Good news: it is highly unlikely you broke your nose, so I wouldn't worry about that.”

Thea sighs in relief.

Miss. Ryder looks up at her. “You should go to class.”

“No, I’m staying with Capella.”


“No. She's more important than math grades.”

Miss. Ryder looks at her with a look that says two things. ‘Math grades are more important than you think,’ and ‘Do you have a crush?’

“Well, Capella, I’m sending you back to class with a ice pack, but you seem fine. Thea, keep and eye on her.”

“Hey, I’m not a baby!”

“You’re prone to getting hurt, though.” Thea contradicts. I sigh.

“Fine. Let’s go.”



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BTW, if you want to read the whole story (or what we have so far), go check out The Composer and The Choreographer on Wattpad. It should be under spy_on_the_inside, but I dunno if there's another story with that title anyway.


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