The Cruel Game

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High School Romance Teens & Young Adult

¨ ¨It's true love, don't throw it away", I pleaded to my close friend of five years. His name is Mason, he is considered very handsome and a well loved boy at my high school. The girls drooled as he walked by, guys wanted to fight him to show how they were better in every single way they could. He was tall with slightly tanned skin. He has dark freckles that decorate his body in a flavorful way and he has green eyes to highlight his deep, thick eyelashes. He also had big, dark brown curls that framed his face perfectly. He was almost like the real life Apollo. He was only in one sport, even though he could probably be the star player in every sport he touched. Back in middle school he did play almost every sport but over time he just seemed to get bored. The only sport he didn't drop was baseball and every girl that has laid their eyes on him would be rooting for him at the games. But no one actually knows his favorite game. The most harsh and cruelest game you can possibly play. He played the game of heartbreak. 

He would pick his prey and he would convince them that he is a harmless little lamb that has fallen deeply in love with them. The prey thinks they have the upper hand in the situation, thinking they are all that to get Mason to fall for them. The prey will flaunt and brag about the relationship and make sure the whole school knows that Mason was theirs. Mason will then start to weave his web and when he starts to do this is when he starts his fun. He will take the prey on fancy dates, fun adventures, and just makes sure the prey is comfortable and comfy with the innocent lamb. Soon after the 5th or 6th date, he will show his fangs and rip out the prey's heart without an instant of hesitation. He will then look in the dead eyes of the prey, grinning down on them with the bloodied heart squeezed in his mouth. What everyone doesn't know is that right after the last event happens with the wolf showing its true appearance, he will turn and start skipping like a little happy puppy and will find me and start yapping about how the prey reacted and how it was so much better than the past prey. These actions always confused me because I didn't really think I was important enough to have the cruel wolf come to my side and start talking to me about his success in his favorite game.

¨¨¨"¨It was never true love and you know that¨ ,he snapped at me. I was frustrated at this point. The prey this time around was a very pretty cheerleader. Her name was Amity and she was gorgeous. But the thing that differs her from everyone else was that she was beautiful inside and out. She had a sweet and gentle personality and she often gets picked on by the other girls for not being as strong as the other cheerleaders. She had naturally curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She had a small figure but during football games she could do so many flips in the air, just watching her was making me dizzy. As a girl, I never was able to be that flexible. I always referred to myself as being born stiff and laughing about it but watching Amity twist and flip in mid air almost made me want to see how flexible I can be without snapping my legs and back. ¨ Vixen you know what I'm going to do so why do you want to start nagging about it now?¨ He lowered himself so he was now face to face with me and his eyes were very stern and un-moving, Just like his commitment to play the darn game. He used my name like an agitated mother and I hated it when he did that. ¨ Amity did nothing wrong to deserve this, you need to leave her alone if you don't have feelings for her!¨, I whisper but just loud enough for him to hear. He gave me a pouting look and stood up back to his full height. 

Later that day, I was leaving the library with the 5th book of the series I was reading. The series was about a mermaid princess warrior and how she will win back her throne from her evil step brother. It's very childish but the fantasy helps me relax and enjoy things going around me more. Suddenly the back of my knees were kicked and I face planted on the floor with a loud ¨THUD¨. I then heard a familiar cackle from a person behind me. I turned on my butt on the ground and sat up straight to look Bray in the face. He is an ex of mine from when I dated him freshman year. I'm a junior now and he is too but for some reason he can't just leave me alone. ¨ Still as clumsy as ever, Vix!¨, He loudly puffed. God he is so annoying, why can't he just leave me alone? As thoughts scattered my brain I felt a slight burn in my throat and my eyes got teary. I covered my eyes praying that he didn't catch the look on my face. ¨ What's wrong? You get your feelings hurt~?¨, He giggled.  I put my arm over my eye completely to hide the fact that a few tears had wiggled out of their cage and right when they slid down my cheeks I heard a loud BOOM. I looked up quickly to see Bray was on the ground, flat on his back, with Mason's foot on his chest keeping him from moving. 

¨ Leave Vixen alone ¨, Mason hissed as he slowly lifted his foot and let Bray crawl away like a beaten dog. I realized my book was laying next to me and I grabbed it as soon as I saw Mason's eyes land on it. I didn't want to get embarrassed by what I read. His eyes shot up to look at my red face, he paused for a second but he let his face relax with a sigh. Mason opened his mouth to say something but before a word left his lips, a squeal ripped through the silence like a swift moving sword. ¨ MASON!!!!!¨, I turned to look behind me to see it was Amity running in our direction, her hair was waving in the wind as it was tied in a high ponytail. I jumped off the floor as fast as I could because sitting on the ground isn't really considered cool or charming. She ran up and tackled Mason in a tight hug and as I stood back, I realized how they were such a beautiful couple. I hope one day I can find someone like Amity. She loves Mason even though his reputation guarantees heartbreak. I looked away and started heading to lunch. I don't think Amity would appreciate me staring at them like I'm some sort of stalker looking for their next victim. I can feel Mason's eyes burn into my back as I walk the opposite direction. He always nagged me about leaving him to ¨ deal with Amity¨. An old pain in my chest started to turn and awaken from its slumber. I start to panic because it usually awakens at night, when I lay in bed staring at my alarm clock that flashed the time of 1:00 am. I wish Masons would actually let his heart open to a lover. And for years I wished that the lover he opened up to would be me, only me. But I have to be honest with myself, he is way out of my league. My brown hair can't compare to her blonde. My hazel eyes can't compare to her shiny blue eyes that shine like mystical dreams that were caught wondering in the sun's awakening light.

She was a goddess that held beautiful promises and I was a person that wondered in the shadows of shy and silent thoughts. Her words were gentle but loud, for when she speaks everyone stops to listen to what she has to say. People like her are the only ones that can even be close to dating the real life Apollo. He would never lower himself down to my level. It's like asking the Alpha to settle for the weakest Omega which could destroy the pack all together. The rain began to fall as I looked out of the glass doors. School was over and all the seniors and juniors were walking out to the student parking lots and hopping in their cars. I didn't really want to walk in the rain, plus my little red car was in the very back of the parking lot. So I decided to stand here in my thoughts and wait for the rain to lighten up a little before leaving. 

Suddenly Mason darted past me and in the process he snatched my hand. He started to drag me along with him yelling ¨ Vixen lets go!! Hurry!!¨ ¨ But why??? What happened??? WHY ARE WE RUNNING??¨, I puffed as I tried to keep up with his fast movements. I soon heard loud crying following us as we turned a corner. I looked back to see Amity sobbing with mascara flowing down her face. I understand now. The wolf showed his true form and he had ripped the heart right out of her chest. I look forward to seeing Mason burst through another set of doors leading outside in the rain.

¨ Mason stop please ¨, I cried. My legs were hurting and we were not running in the soggy football field. We stopped in the middle of the field and he turned to me and embraced me in a tight hug. We were soaked and cold so the hug was cold but my insides were as hot as the stars that sparkled in the sky when I watched them at night, praying for something like this to happen. Wait, Why is this happening? ¨ Are you OK?¨, I whispered. ¨ Shut up you dumb nerd!¨, he pushed me away but kept his hands on my shoulders. ¨ I can date one of the hottest girls in school and you will still not say a word about your feelings?? How long were you gonna keep your feeling away from me?!?¨, He yelled. His words went through one ear and out the other. This can't be real, I must be dreaming. There is no way that Mason could have wanted me to confess my feelings to him. ¨ Why could you never just open your mouth and tell me that you were uncomfortable and that you were hurting?? Why couldn't you just break from jealousy?¨, he had his face down to mine once again and I finally connected the dots. He played a cruel game to make me jealous and make me confess my feelings for him. But instead I kept my mouth closed and just sulked in my feelings. Instead of asking for help I just let myself drown in my own ocean of tears and insecurities. He held my face with a sorrowful look and he took my hand and started leading me towards the student parking lot. He walked me back to my car without whispering a word. I feel like I did a crime worthy of being brutally executed. He hugged me goodbye before I hopped into my car and before he pulled away he leaned towards my ear and whispered, ¨ Next Friday lets go watch a movie.¨¨ I smiled.

September 23, 2021 17:38

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Margrit Perrin
09:42 Oct 02, 2021

Hello Kenzie. I received your story as part of the critique circle. I like your storyline and the idea of hidden love, so true to life. Well done. Mason's description makes not only the reader dislike him but it seems Vixen is not that keen on him either: "But no one actually knows his favorite game. The most harsh and cruelest game you can possibly play. He played the game of heartbreak. " To then secretly harbour love for him that then comes to daylight and fruition on both sides needs for me maybe a little more time spent on her own con...


Kenzie Strong
15:36 Oct 05, 2021

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am a very young writer and so I have many things I still need to learn when it comes to writing. I am very grateful for what you have brought to my attention and I will work very hard to improve! Have an amazing day!


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