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 As the Fall trotted a brisk steady pace into the Winter, there he was and the time was right. He was Platinum Blonde, with a little tan nose and a cute butt. All on sale for only $4500. Ok, rewind. French Bulldogs have been the chosen companions of my family for generations. I had decided that it was time to make the short journey back to Sweet Home Alabama to visit a family friend and coincidently a trusted breeder for pickup this season. I slowly coasted to a stop at the decision over breakfast. Thoughtfully, I sipped my carmelized coffee and nibbled my muffin as the pieces of a puzzled picture just fell into place quite perfectly. My life would be so much better with a puppy in it. I  just had  to have one. And not just any puppy, the finest and as soon as humanly possible. Long walks in the park, puppy school, cozied up on the couch, I was ready. The memories that we could create and the compassion I had for my little one was endless. A small shadow of doubt streaked naked across my thoughts. A recent memory that seemed to nag at the back of my mind, “Why are you so happy?” Inquired my neighbor who had been sitting on her balcony petting her feline companion. At the time I had returned from PetSmart with even more puppy clothes and toys in preparation for his arrival. I had mentioned to my neighbor I was expecting a new furry roommate and she had replied with her nose in the air; “A dog isn’t like a goldfish you know. And to add, they aren’t as peaceful as cats.” I abruptly clapped my hands to snap out of it. “Only a dog, not a cat can save your life from burning to the ground. That’s what a true friend does.” With steel resolve I then thumbed through my contact list and made up my mind then and there to call Jessica after I finished my chocolate chip muffin. After I reduced my breakfast to crumbs, I told Siri to call Jessica. The phone rang a few times and I was so excited, it was as if I had forgotten to breathe. The recorded message just added to the excitement as my heart hammered away in my chest, “Here at Bama Bulldogs we join together best friends and parents with their fur-babies. Are you ready to gift a member of Bulldog nation with a fur-ever home?” I inhaled slowly to steady my voice as the phone-line clicked and I was connected. I know that is was only seconds but it truly felt like an eternity. “Hi, this is Jessica, How may I help you today?” By now I was smiling ear to ear. “ Hi Jessica, this is Alice. How are you?” I could hear the smile ringing in Jessica’s voice, “I heard it through the grapevine that you were looking for a special someone to keep you company for awhile.” “You read me like a book Jessie. I was looking at your website when I saw your Platinum White Puppy from your winter litter on sale--. She swiftly cut me to the chase. “…And you’d like to have him placed on reserve as soon as possible and come get him ASAP?” Jessica paused and I could hear quick typing in the background. I was speechless, “How did you—“ She went in for the kill this time, “Ok, I have you down for next Saturday for a meet-and-greet with Bailey. What time will we be expecting you?” “How does 10 in the morning sound?” I stammered. “Sure thing, that time is open!” “That’d be perfect! Awesome! See you soon.” I hang up the phone feeling like a dazed champion of the Winter Olympics. Everything had lined up so perfectly. Not only was Bailey still waiting for someone to come and pick him up, but I was going to bring him home with me! I couIdn’t believe it. I felt limitless, weightless, uplifted and so fortunate. I danced around the house and made up my mind right then and there mid-waltz to give him his first bath as soon as we got home that evening and his first Puppuccino from the Starbucks Secret Menu on Sunday afternoon. The next few days went by in a blur. It was as if the entire week had stepped out of the way and I was ready to rekindle the energy I had left for a quick trip down the road. The drive was a pleasant one full of blue skies and civil drivers. The next thing I knew I was pulling up to a familiar little cottage off a dirt road. I used the little puppy door knocker and Jessica swung open the door wide. A stout woman with a fuzzy pink sweater and matching house slippers greeted me warmly, “Good Morning, Alice! Come on in. We’ve been expecting you. Please follow me down the hall to the nursery.” I followed her down the hallway to a room with a clipboard hanging on the wall outside of it. As we stepped into a cozy little room, Jessica gestured to a pillowed rocking chair for me to sit in. She brought me into the room that the puppies in. She excidely asked me, “Are you ready to meet “Bailey”?” This was it. I was finally here. And the answer was, “Yes, yes and YES!” I recognize Bailey from the pictures that Jessica sent me.  Bailey, with his golden platinum blond fur, is the only puppy wide awake out of all of his siblings. Everyone else is fast asleep. He looks up at me, almost as if he recognizes me too and I can tell that he is the best puppy ever.  We are going to have so much fun together. We’re going to walk, we’re going to play, and we’re gonna be best friends. This is awesome. Now I can finally spend time with my special little guy.

December 03, 2021 07:37

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Boutat Driss
08:20 Dec 06, 2021

nice tall! well done


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