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We have all learned at least once that life is not fair. Well, that means we grow up day in and day out. Not everything always depends on us, in fact, so many times we are completely powerless.

Maria has been through this more than a few times. From an early age, life was not fair to her. To put it mildly.

The mother left her as soon as she was born, and the father would show up occasionally, only stirring up her very unhappy childhood.

As an unwanted child, she struggled from orphanage to orphanage, from one foster family to another, which was only one worse than the other. Anyway, she didn't resent anyone. We are all looking for our place under the sun, so she will find it one day. She just stuck to it, because why all this anyway?

Now after her thirties, it was all behind her, and in front of her almost within arm's reach, she smiled at the chance to achieve something she had dreamed of as a child in those stinking and stuffy rooms. Heavens finally gave her a helping hand and she clung to it convulsively. This time everything else depended on her and she promised primarily to herself that she would not screw up.

The evenings are somehow the hardest. No, that's not the right word, they are sad and melancholy, and Maria is looking out of her inconspicuous bed through the window into the lights of the big city. Then she just put both hands on his stomach and felt the peace spread. In and around her. Her little fortune is there with her and she knows everything will be fine.

They still weren’t in the right place, but this time she doesn’t worry. Behind her are all the bad things, all her bad choices, all the sleepless nights and spent days.

Now she finally knows that this is her only choice and she will fight for it by all means. She already knows that they will have the strength and will whatever the future brings them. Together will be an invincible tandem. She would provide her little being with everything she didn't have, what she aspired to and what she dreamed of.

Although this apartment is not something special at the moment, it will be better one day. Not even the job she does instills any security, but she’s got a chance and is willing to learn. Finally some people believed in her and her future.

As she lies this pleasant and warm autumn evening with his eyes closed, she remembers everything again. She used to be horrified by those painful and even unbearable days. Now she watches them from a distance, almost as if they happened to someone else. She feels the good energy of his unborn child who erases more and more ugly memories every day.

Her unfortunate companions, children who were of the same fate as her, imagined some other things one day when they grow up. There were many unreal and unrealistic wishes, and Maria would laugh at each of them. Not because they were just children and because their wishes were mostly unrealistic. No, she already knew that most of them would unfortunately end badly.

She was not clairvoyant, just a realist, and even as child. Now that she thinks about them and sees how right she was. Many really ended badly, about some she doesn't even know where they are, and only a small number of them still managed to stand on their own two feet.

Luckily she was one of them too. Perhaps it was contributed to by her only wish that she held on to all her life and that would finally come true for her. What is even more important is to make her life so much more meaningful and better.

The faces of the children who grew up with her were just another incentive for her to persevere. She would remember them one by one, smiling and playful, no matter what. That’s what she wanted for her child as well. Because children's love and endless trust, even for the little attention they receive, has no limits.

Tom loved flowers. Mike was dying for a basketball he found one day, tattered and dirty, but he kept it as a treasure anyway.

Anne was small and gentle, and yet always ready to make them all laugh…

Yes, there were many more in all those years of her growing up and they all remained in her memory, like little pearls.

Sometimes she even thought that God had given her such a life that she would now know how to appreciate what she has. It might have seemed like a great price to someone, but she didn't complain. Her daughter will know better. Together they will know better.

That only counts.

She wakes up in the morning and the first thing she does is strokes his stomach. "Good morning my love," she says in the empty room, as he does every day.

Make breakfast and coffee on your old stove. They say people should take care of two now. And she does, very gladly.

The job is something that will work for some time, before the due date comes, but she has already prepared everything else.

She is not naive, she knows that there will be difficult and bad days. She knows the two of them will fight like lions. That's the way it should be. Life so far has at least taught her that. And she will teach her child all that through her experiences, but also so many other things.

She will teach her that not everything in life is always great, that those who should love you the most are not always up to the task.

She will also teach her how little it takes for any of us to be happy.

She will teach her everything that no one had taught her, and yet now she is here with her unborn child waiting with so much hope.

Yes, she will teach her all this, and she will learn with her too, because their little or big, no matter how much one day, will be only theirs.

November 05, 2020 18:52

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