Before my relationship turned into a long distance one, I couldn't

ever imagine a relationship lasting as long as it had. My name is

Mandy Wiggins I am eighteen years old. I was raised in Montana on

a horse ranch. I always wanted to ride in the rodeo since I was

three. My dad rode for years until he had to retire due to injuries

My Dad. was number one in the bull riding for many a year till

he almost died

My grandfather helped me get started with the rodeo. He paid for

me learn all there was about barrel racing. He even paid for my

first entry fee so I could enter. After winning I was hooked! We

went to every rodeo on the circuit there was we could enter.

learned so much as I became older and much wiser. The rodeo

became my life from then on.

Let me start my love story of how I met Alexander for we met on

line. I entered a dating sight after being persuaded by my friends.

They said, "It would help me pass the lonely nights."The dating

sight said,"Meet Your Cowboy!" I was curious so I entered and the

pictures were amazing! I found a sexy looking cowboy who was

from the Deep South. So I began to talk to him and our every day

started from that day on. I found out his friend

talked him not signing up on the sight. His friend was a fellow bull

rider who he traveled from rodeo to rodeo together.

We talked every night we weren't riding in the rodeo. I praised him

and he would congratulate me if I won.

His full name was Alexander J Masters he was twenty years old

he's a bull rider and moved around a lot from town to town

following the circuit. We began talking online, talking about our

lives getting to know each other talking for hours on end.

When ever he got a chance he would call me from where he was at

or he'd Text or we would talk daily on line when we could. We

talked about our families with each other, I felt like I knew them

and could'nt wait to meet them someday. He's on my mind and in

my heart constantly even though we haven't met. I feel like I've

known him all my life.

Being in a long distance relationship does have its challenges that's

for sure. With that said, it doesn't mean it was impossible, for me

because it was all worth while in the end.

As my grandpa used to say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

He was quite right, and he was very wise man for his age. He said,

"long distance relationships can work". He said, "it takes effort and

constant communication between each other.

During Alexander's riding career he held the record for the highest

score in the bull riding rankings in the PBR. It was his year to win!

Alexander wanted to meet me, so we agreed we'd go ahead and

meet halfway in between our destinations. He was especially

excited when when he learned I was going to be riding in the

National Finals about a hundred miles away from him. I knew my

horse Sugar was a bit skittish, I had been training her for three

years,so I wanted to get to the rodeo early..

The idea of arriving early was so my horse could get used to the

arena. I compete in several events, barrell racing, and my favorite is

called breakaway, it is when you rope the calf and then the rope is

tied to your saddle horn.You have to finish as quickly a possible.

let my riding speak for itself, we are a team. She helps me as much

as I have faith in her ability to win! Sugar and I have a special bond

and that is why I will never sell

When I got to meet Alexander J. Masters it was love at first sight

He was so handsome beyond my dreams,from his wavy black

down to his cowboy boots was fantastic looking. He had a look in

his smokey eyes that would make a girl weak in the knees I

knew right then and there we would always have each other's

backs. Everyone said,"We were meant for each other."

The worst thing I found in my long distance relationship is having

the entire discussion to be about being so far apart. It eventually

caused haan emotional impact on me being so far away from each other.

Alexander felt the same as I did we wanted to be together. We

traveled in different directions so it was almost impossible at times

to connect.

When we were together we tried to squeeze as much time as we

could in sightseeing, finding out each other's likes and dislikes.

Come to find out we both liked the same things! same foods,

drinks, movies, our love of horses, we even loved rodeoing. We

attended each other's rodeo when ever we were close to the same


We dated for three years but we seemed to have drifted apart. I

guess it was my stubbern pride that did it. I didn't want him to

know I had fractured my hip and leg and might not be a le to ride

or walk or talk again. It was a freak accident,

I was in the arena practicing when all of a sudden, a truck full of

bulls went by. The truck back fired and Sugar reared up throwing

me to the ground. When she did her hoof crushed the right side of

my head as she came down. It wasn't her fault and she watched

over me till someone came to my rescue. A man mucking out stalls

seen me fall. He called an ambulance and they rushed me to the

hospital. He kept my horse till grandpa could go get him.They rushed me right into surgery soon as I reached the hospital.

The doctor said he was surprised I was still alive. They worked

hours putting me back together. They had to also replace my hip

and fix the fracture in my right leg. I had memory loss but the

doctor said it might come back. I had to learn to talk all over again.

I guess my hard-headness paid off like my grandpa said. I made grandpa promise he wouldn't tell Alexander till I was sure I could make it on my own. It was a long journey back but I wasn't going to give up! My memory was still scrambled but the doctor was sure my memory would come back in time.what happened next was so unexpected. It was late on Saturday night when suddenly there was a commotion outside in the hallway. In barged Alexander and the startled look on my face brought him up short. He looked like he hadn't slept in days. He walked to the side of the bed and learned in and gently kissed me. He said, " honey! I understand why you didn't want me to know."

"I want you to hear me out before you say anything." He went on to inform me he was here to stay. He wasn't going anywhere,he was here to stay until I was well enough for him to walk me down the aisle to marry him. With that said, he put a diamond ring on my finger, it was so beautiful and so delicate! He said,"Mandy Wiggins will you be my wife and partner for a life time?"

He then turned before I could say anything and asked my grandpa if he could have my hand in marriage! Grandpa looked at me and nodded and shook Alexander's hand as they introduced themselves to each other.he looked at me and said, "Well I am still waiting for your answer!" he says smiling.I said,"yes of course I will!" Handing him my tablet I used to communicate with.I was still having problems with my speech. tears of joy ran down my cheeks well

Grandpa insisted he come stay out at the ranch since he didn't know anyone here abouts. Grandpa surprised me, because he just doesn't cotton to folks right off.

Alexander travels in a motor home and asked grandpa if he could park it on his property. He called it his home away from home, he said," it beat sleeping in seedy motel rooms." He said, "he sometimes takes some of the rodeo guys with him that are up against it"

Well, to make a long story short it took me the better part of the year to learn to talk and eat solid food again. Another year after that before I actually walked down the asile to be married with a bit of help. It was the happiest day of my life. It was good to be alive!

September 09, 2019 11:35

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