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The family house.

Due to hardship and spiritual reasons most of the people in the family got married out of wedlock particulary the ladies, they settle in a small hut with their husband's together with their grandpa, he doesn't want them to disassociate themselves from each other. He's still wanna keep the family bond. Thoughtfully enough they all bought to his ideas but there's a hidden secret that holds their destiny in the house.

The virtuous man

He got everybody's back, he's head of the family though the youngest, he cares to extend his hand to the less privilege, he works in a reputable company and his love for everyone is free from stain.

Jamal got married some years back but ended the marriage due to misunderstanding which could be resolved , the family surprisely didn't call for resolution but allowed their anger to asunder the lovely couples.

Some few years back, he got married again, supported the lady in her businesses, catered for her fees during her education days, fed the lady's family but unfortunately it ended sadly. His lady was caught with another man having an intimate relationship.

So the third wife of Jamal, came in like an angel but she's a real devils incarnate, she pursue for treasure more than life, Jamal is being reported to hospitals on a regular notes only to find out that he's been poisen slowly. Jamal's wife was been traced but to no avail. 

Jamal thinks he's not worth it and may be a bachelor.

Do you think that's his destiny?

Lets see the profile of Noella

Noella is grandma's favorite among her siblings, she couldn't further her education because she needs to extend her care to grandma but Noella is been led contrary,her believe in christ is stain with Idols believe, she believes this idol culture is a tradition which must not be neglected but reserved. she believes grandma idol is genuine. She affirms the culture and introduced her daughter into it secretly thinking her daughter will excel among her siblings forgetting life is full of hurdles. Her daughter got raped one night returning from her village and as the family idol speaks against abortion, they had no option than to allow her birth. Her condition did drain out the family's treasure. 

So will they ever make it? Let's see the next profile

Bamal is a brother to jamal, he's successfully married with beautiful children. Bamal works as a prison officer whiles his wife works as an event organizer. Could this couple ever find peace. Both couples are competing against each other, they contended for the race to the top notch. They rather argue or fight through to achieve that height. Misunderstanding and unsubmissveness have clouded their marriage.seems marriage vows have gone wrong and blank out. rings are invisible then and meaningless.

Joana the virgin mary. 

A woman of God, God's chosen daughter, she's was a devoted Christian and an oak in the family, the family thought she's gonna be a Roman sister, serving in the lord's ministry because of her spiritual status. She was lured by a reputable man in the country, apparently family will choose money over everything. She conceded to the family's wish, The family status elevated till her demise. It's good thing when you investigate into a family you're getting married to. Some use their own selfish gains to destroy your destiny to get what they want. Money they say is the root of all evil. 

Profile of the ford's. 

Nelly is married to a vulcanizer, a mother of three lovely children, she's also a devoted christain. she realize there's no power in the idol worship. Her husband has tried all efforts to educate his children out of the peanut he earns as Income. 

Notwithstanding that she adopted some children she found on a quite street to a friend's place. Despite the peanut she believes God will path a way. 

One Day Nelly reminscince about her life and the family status, she thought there might be some spiritual forces holding on to their success. She visited her village for a funeral. After the funeral she met a yeasayer who held her palm to reveal the misery about her family, she returned and became anxious. She couldn't communicate it to any of her siblings. She never cease praying till her children confronted her with a family issue. One of her child had a prophesy about their destiny in the family house. 

One Saturday morning, the eldest one among the three sent the family out for eatery. 

Mum we've been warned not to discuss any plans of ours in the family house, it's believed that there's a spiritual idol that works against our success . Our ancestors have exchanged our destiny with their idol worship and benefits. A benefits we do not know. 

Mum :I knew it, I was told by a yeasayer on a returned journey last week in our village. So everything would be discussed outside home 

And that's the only breakthrough to it, we must not violate it or talk it out, I'm so sorry for hiding stuffs from you but we shall sing in praise soon. it's gonna happen soon. In a year to come our story will change.

Eldest: I saw it coming, didn't wanna tell you because it's your family and you may not have voted for it. But in God's own time he makes everything possible, he reveals all things in his time and nothing can stop it. You will soon smile to the tunes of your fruitful wombs. 

Some years later,the children found themselves in reputable companies and went on a visit. they surprised their mum with so much wealth, cars and opened a new business for her to sustain her and the family. They left the family house and made a difference in the family. She was overwhelmed. 

Nelly siblings now understands the family's ideology and believes christ is the answer to all their problems. Their thoughts and ways began to change, they adapted to christ living world . The family was renewed once again. 

There are generational curses in the family that must be broken regardless. Do pray and seek God in all your works. 

November 06, 2020 20:22

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