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Paws slammed on the ground. Wolves barked and howled as they ran through the forest in hot pursuit of Ax. 

Ax, a light grey wolf, dove under a log and scurried out. He sprinted as fast as he could, his brown satchel flapping on his flank. Inside was the most precious material known to wolf- blackrock. Ax had planned to sell it on the black market for some gold and meat, but he had triggered some alarms in his escape. 

Now, the Winter Pack was coming for him. And they didn’t plan to take him alive. 

Ax hid under a large pile of ferns, trying to catch his breath. He spotted two or three flashes of white fur streak by, barking. The others seemed to go off in another direction. 

Ax slipped under the bushes and jogged in the opposite direction the three flashes had gone. The woods grew silent, and he stopped to check the blackrock was still in the back. 

The four small black rocks, flecked with gold, gleamed in the moonlight. Ax sighed in relief and closed the bag. 

Suddenly, he heard more barking. Ax groaned inwardly and started to run again as four white wolves pounded in pursuit. 

“Thief!” one howled, leaping for Ax and missing him by a hair. Ax gasped in shock, then pushed his legs faster. He pounded down the trail, till suddenly, he was cut off. 

The three white wolves who had passed by his hiding place cut him off. The other four stood behind him, and the alpha stepped forward, triumphant. 

“We’ve got you now, you honorless thief,” he snarled. He jerked his head a little, and the other six wolves began to slowly stalk towards him. 

“Hey, hey, you’re not going to kill me, right?” Ax pleaded, glancing around him. “Fellas, fellas, come on. I mean, you have no use for me, right? All you want is the blackrock?” 

“Yes,” the alpha snapped. “If killing you is what we have to do to get it, then that’s what’s going to have to happen.” 

“Well then.” Ax cleared his throat. “If you want the blackrock, come and get it!” 

Ax ripped the bag off his back and chucked it over the three wolves facing him. Then, in their brief moment of shock, he leaped over them, grabbed the bag and slung in over his back, and sprinted away. 

The alpha wolf howled in rage. “Follow him!” 

Ax didn’t dare look over his shoulder, but he could hear the wolves pounding closer and closer to him. Suddenly, he saw a cliff about five hundred yards away. He gulped nervously. 

“We’ve got him now, boss!” one of his pursuers barked. 

Ax finally stole a look over his shoulder. The Winter Pack was slowing down, in anticipation he would stop at the cliff. Ax panted heavily and forced himself to go faster. 

“He’s going off!” one of the wolves gasped. 

Ax pushed off the edge of the cliff and dropped like a stone. 

He curled himself so his back would slam into the river first, tucking the satchel to his chest, and squeezed his eyes shut as he braced for impact. 

The water was cold and hard like cement as he slammed into it. He sank immediately, his back stinging horribly, and paddled to the surface. When he broke the surface, he gasped and choked on the cool, midnight air, and buckled the satchel onto his back. He looked up and saw the Winter Pack on the edge of the cliff, staring down and barking angrily. 

Ax sighed in relief and chuckled at the fact that the pack refused to jump into the water, even when he had and he survived. He paddled over to the pebble bank and collapsed, trying to catch his breath. In a matter of seconds he was asleep. 



Ax threw himself awake, gasping, and he was surrounded. 

The sunrise was barely over the edge of the cliff, and it made the white wolves’ fur glow. They stared down at him, teeth bared, as the alpha stepped forward with a satisfied smile. 

“Well, well, well,” he said smoothly. “Look what we have here.” 

Ax gave him a cold glare and pulled the satchel closer to his back. 

“You think you could have escaped us?” the alpha spat. “No one takes from us and lives to tell the tale.” 

“Well, I guess I’ll have to be the first, then,” Ax replied coldly. 

The alpha rolled his eyes. “That will not happen, thief. We have you cornered.” 

“You had me cornered up in the woods, but I somehow made it here,” Ax pointed out cheekily. “I think I’ll be alright.” 

“I must admit that I am impressed with your courage,” the alpha told him, pacing around him slowly in a circle. “Maybe if you had made a few different choices, you would be standing here with us.” 

“Like I would want to live in your pack,” Asher spat. “You’re all merciless control freaks. You’re nuts.” 

He stood up and went nose to nose with the alpha. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going now.” 

“No, you won’t,” the alpha replied. “In case you forgot, you’re cornered.” 

“That didn’t seem to stop me before.” Ax smiled. “See ya.” 

Ax whipped around, and swiped at one of the wolves, who screamed and collapsed. He whirled around and kicked two others with his back legs before leaping into the river and swimming as fast as he could away. 

The alpha roared in rage. “This is the last escape, thief! Enjoy it!” 

The alpha himself led the charge into the water with his remaining three wolves. They swam towards him, much faster than Ax was going. 

Ax panicked. Maybe the alpha was right, and this was his last escape, but he refused to give up. He dove underwater to throw them off, and he didn’t see feet above him. His heart soared. He escaped! 

Just as he turned around, eight claws sank into his chest. 

Ax’s body fell limp in the claws of one of the white wolves, who yanked the satchel off his back and tied it around his own. Then he let go of the thief, who’s body sank to the bottom of the river, the eyes still wide with happiness at what Ax thought was an escape. 

July 12, 2020 23:12

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01:34 Jan 02, 2021

Why does this story have 0 comments?!?! It's amazing!!!!


Megan Sutherland
01:36 Jan 02, 2021

lol thank youuuuu I was actually just re-reading this one haha


01:38 Jan 02, 2021

hehe no problemmmmm haha thats a weird coincidence


Megan Sutherland
01:39 Jan 02, 2021

It's like you're close and you can telepathically sense my every move


01:40 Jan 02, 2021

I mean, we ARE besties.... but i'm not a creep who can do that don't worry


Megan Sutherland
01:40 Jan 02, 2021

Lollllll yea I hope you're not a creep 👀👀


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