"Fighting for a change" by Ye Wint Aung

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In every country, humans need electricity for machines and stuff we use every day. We can get electricity from generators which use water and air as fuel. Many people try to find new ways to generate electricity. The electricity services are all around the globe.

People make and use wind turbines mostly because air is everywhere. Some people use water too, and some make dams to trap the water. Making dams and trapping water is a bad thing if you ask anyone. If you cut the river with a dam, the river won’t flow into the ocean or give the land and places any water source.

The lands where it doesn’t receive water will soon become dry and be a wasteland. Many animals and people die without water.

Alice Rogers lives in a town. It’s not a really big city and there is a forest with a river flowing inside it. Animals come to the river to drink and people go to the river too. The river provides the forest water so the trees, animals, and berry bushes can live and grow. It’s a wonderful place and it's the life of the forest. The river splits into two, just a little farm near the city and connects to the ocean.

The city Alice lives in had a low electricity power source. A long time ago, the city used a water-electricity generator. They still use it to this day. The power levels are very low, so they need to upgrade the machine. Sometimes there are power cuts and other problems they have to face. People want to fix that problem for a long time. It’s very annoying to have a power cut, especially if you are in a middle of an important conversation or winning a game which you are trying to win for months.

One morning, there was a difference. Alice doesn’t exactly know what the difference is, but she can feel that. She goes to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After, she looked at the news on TV, the engineers built a dam and made the electricity power stronger. That’s the difference she’s feeling, better electricity. “I can’t believe it. They built a dam so we can receive better electricity.” Alice said.

Everyone in the city can use better and faster electricity and it is the best day of their lives. Everyone is thankful to the engineers for giving them what they want. At noon, Alice schedule to meet her friend Sam at the restaurant to talk and have lunch.

“Hi Sam, did you hear the news.” Said Alice. “Yes, I have. I’m so pleased to the engineers who made our lives wonderful.” Sam replied. “I have a feeling something is changing right away when they built it.” Alice said. “Don’t worry, everything just turned from bad to good.” Sam replied. “Yeah, I think it will be fine. Maybe I’m just too worried about something.” Said Alice. They both eat lunch and talk about the dam.

A few weeks later, Alice couldn’t get that off her chest. She is still worried about what can happen. She doesn’t know what is making her so worry. “How can I get this feeling off, maybe I will go to the river tomorrow to relax.” She thought in her head. She tried to forget about what’s making her so worry and go back to sleep.

In the morning, it is very cold so she used her electric warmer to try out the new and improved electricity. She goes to the river to relax and found out horrible news. The river is dry and the forest is becoming a wasteland. She has to do something. She took photos of the river to post it on the media to tell everyone how the dam is affecting the river and the forest. People come to the river to see it in person. People couldn’t believe what they see, they all tell to break the dam or make the river flow again.

Engineers denied the citizen’s request to break the dam or find some other ways. The citizens discuss on their website to change the city. “We can’t forfeit now, we need to convince them or do something about it.” One of them said. “I have an idea! They don’t want the electricity to be bad again, that’s why they won’t listen to us. We all can give one or two dollars and we can buy a wind turbine for the city.” Another man said. “That’s good enough for me, do you all agree with that?” The other man said. “We agree with that.” All of them said.

They all give one or two dollar(s) each and have enough money to buy about 2-5 wind turbines. They all send the money to the mayor to buy it and break the dam. The mayor agrees to build the wind turbines, but the engineers don’t want their work to be a waste of time. The engineers find some other ways to make it work.

“How are we going to convince them? They have enough money to build it.” One of them said. “Maybe we need to give them ideas, I guess?” One of them said.

They give them ideas and won’t stop until they change. The mayor wants this to stop and beg the engineers to give them what they want. “Please, I want this to stop. Give them what they want or find a solution to restore the river. They want to change what’s happening now.” The mayor said.

One morning, Alice wake up and look at the news on TV. There's nothing special. She goes to the river again to see what’s happening. She’s shock by what’s she seeing. She takes pictures and called everyone. The engineers are breaking the dam, restoring the river and building wind turbines for the electricity of the city. It’s very good news for everyone who wants to restore the river and still have good and faster electricity.

After weeks of hard work, the engineers finish everything. They give them what they want and build wind turbines. Now two good things happen at the ending, they all have improved and faster electricity and they can restore the river back. The forest is now healthy and it’s not a waste land anymore. The lands, animals, and trees have their water source back. The citizens fight to get what they want and they have their victory.

For future buildings, the engineers now know to look at the good thing what will happen and the bad thing that will happen. 

March 16, 2021 06:37

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