Agent Q

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I looked around. Perfect. No one has arrived yet. Suddenly, people started pouring in. Within seconds, nothing but dead bodies lay on the ground. Who am I? It is not important. I walk out of the building, chuckling to myself. Those losers actually think they had a chance? Ha! I go by the code name Q. That is all you have to know. What was I doing there? You see, I am a secret agent for the well-known society, TGB. They specialize in killing the clan called the Cloaks. As you can probably tell by the name, they wear cloaks to hide their identity. What do they do? They go around trying to steal the 6 diamonds. If they get all six, they can control everyone in the world.

So far, they have 3 of them. They were trying to steal the fourth one, but as you can see, they failed. I happen to be the best agent in the TGB. Why? Well, I suppose I can tell you……. I   have   powers. How else am I supposed to take out thousands of thugs by myself? My power happens to be just the tool for that. I can control time. I know, right? Best power ever!!! My power lets me slow down time, speed up time, freeze time, go to the future, and go to the past. 

I have heard of other people that have powers, but I have not seen any around. According to legend, my power is only the 2nd best. The first was supposedly the power to shapeshift. What is so good about shapeshifting? Suddenly, my boss walked up to me. I thought that was strange, because my boss was supposed to be back at the headquarters. He told me to follow him, so I did. Big mistake.

Whenever I got in the car, he said he had to get something from the trunk. He walked up behind me, and CLUNK, hit me on the head. He hit me repeatedly, until everything went black.

When I woke up, I was staring into an unfamiliar face. That is weird, because I swore I saw my boss. That was when it hit me: this was the guy who could shapeshift!!! I tried to use my superpower, but I couldn’t. That was when I saw a second person. I guess he has the ability to shut down other people’s powers. That was why I could not use my power. I now know the power of shapeshifting. I should have thought it through. Now is not the time to mope, though. I have to think of a way to escape.

Since I can’t use my superpower, I will have to get out through pure wits and skills. I have decided to escape at 7:53. You think that is a weird time, right? Not really. The gates get completely locked down at 8:00 P.M. I have to let them think I have given up on escaping, so I will do a lot of false escapes. I know the headquarters of the Cloaks inside and out. I will plan my false escapes where there are the most security guards. That will make them think I don’t know about their base. Then, I will make my real escape where there are the least amount of guards. 

 My escape was a success!!! I reported the new superhumans to my real boss, Wayne. Now, we have a secret code, and no, I absolutely can’t tell you. The Cloaks are not really that strong, except for a few individuals. 5, to be exact. There used to be only 3, but now we have to include the 2 superhumans. You might be wondering how we know so much information? Well, we have around 100 spies planted inside of their headquarters. No biggie. 

We will try to eliminate the 5 people one at a time. We are currently tracking down the first target. Her name is Sonya, and she is basically the Medusa of 2020. She can do everything Medusa can do, and more. One thing she can do more is control who she turns into stone. That is why none of the members of the Cloaks have been petrified. We have special glasses to protect ourselves, but she is also crazy strong. We have failed 5 times to capture her. Now, I will go and try to arrest her. If I do, we will give her a chance. Join us or die. We could really use someone with her skills.

We have tracked her down. We have thought of a plan to trap her. She fell for it, and is now in our prison. I will go interrogate her. I walked into the trap room. This trap disables abilities, which is why I can tell you this story anyways. Wow. Her face is covered with a cloak, which I already thought she would. She doesn’t look very strong, but from what I have heard, she is. “I have a question for you.” I said. “What is it?” she snarled. “You have a choice: to join us, or to die.” I replied. “Why do you want me?” she asked. “ We can really use your skills, and you can work as a double agent.” I said. “Over my dead body!!!!!!” she screamed. I did not know what to do. I did not want her to die, because her skills really are useful. “How about this,” I tell her, “ If I beat you in an arm wrestling match, you will join us. If I lose, I will let you go.” She immediately agreed.

 She might think she has it in a bag, but she doesn’t know this: I am also crazy strong. I can lift more than 2000 pounds worth of weights. I took a strength-enhancing drug. It was legal, don’t worry. I brought out a table. She was already celebrating her victory, but as I said, she doesn’t know how strong I am. We locked arms, and the ref said start. Wow. She really is strong, but I know I am stronger. 

After a few minutes, I was able to beat her, and she finally took off her cloak. Wow. She is really beautiful. “Will you join us?” I asked her. “Yes,” she said unwillingly. I did not expect her to keep her promise, but she did. She got us a bunch of information. Meanwhile, I was able to capture the second and third people of the five. It was really just one mission, because they were twins. 

Their names are Alexander and Joshua. Their powers go great together. Alexander has the ability to shoot ice out of his right arm, and Joshua has the ability to shoot fire out of his left arm. The way I beat them was to let their own attacks backfire on themselves. I kept dodging their attacks, and they kept hitting each other. I got them to join us by offering them both unlimited candy for the rest of their lives. They are kids, after all. 

The Cloaks are really falling apart. Our double agents are doing a great job getting us information. The lord trusts them after all. They might not know it, but the Cloaks are in great danger. 

The fourth and fifth people are really hard to capture. One of them is the shapeshifting dude. He is hard to capture because he could turn into literally anyone. If we catch him, we will just eliminate him. The fifth person is the hardest to capture. He is the Cloaks lord himself. No one knows how he looks, but everyone knows his power: the ability to disintegrate anything he touches. It is the third best power in the universe. Why is it only third? All you have to do is not get in range of his grasp. 

But the lord is smart. Really smart. He managed to find a way to extend his arm length, so now his wingspan is about 20 feet. Yes, he looks stupid, but he might have found a way to turn his power into the best in the universe.

WE FINALLY MANAGED TO TRACK DOWN THE SHAPESHIFTER!!!!!!!!! It was all the doing of the twins. They saw him transform into his true self, and put a tracker on him. Now, he is basically ours.

The fifth one is a little trickier. He lives in the heart of the Cloaks headquarters. They have guards all over the place. We decided to leave the job to Sonya. Sonya quickly turned every minion into stone, and the twins blocked off the exits. I wanted to catch the boss alive. 

I stopped time, and went behind him. As I was about to knock him out, he suddenly reached behind him. I barely dodged his hand. “How are you not affected?!?” I exclaimed. He chuckled. “You are so naive, boy. Do you think your little power can stop me?” Oh no. Everything has just got a lot harder. I can’t get an opening. He has guarded himself very well. He disintegrates anything I throw at him. Then, I had an idea. I ran over to Sonya, and told her the plan.

3 months later

I am now about to get a Ruvian Medal. It is a medal only for the best protectors of the Earth. Only one person has got it before me. He is the boss of TGB. Now you know how hard it is to get one? Why am I getting one? I have officially destroyed the Cloaks, and we can live in harmony once again. I pulled Sonya, my girlfriend upstage with me. I gave her a big kiss, and told the audience that I could not have done it without her. It was true, too! Remember the plan I was talking about? I was going to rush at the boss of the Cloaks to distract him, and Sonya was going to petrify the boss. If it didn’t work, I would run straight into the lord’s hand. Thankfully it worked, and after it worked, Sonya ran into my arms, and gave me a big kiss. Now, everyone is safe, and I can finally live in peace.

July 20, 2020 21:21

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