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Hiding every time it hears sound, the Harocele, a seemingly impossible creature, has never before been seen in person. This creature is only 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It was first discovered when the security of a mall reviewed the footage from the day. When they saw a mysterious dark blob, the mall managers told the security guard to zoom in more on the picture. The picture was still hard to see, but you could obviously tell that this was a new discovery in animal species. When they ran the picture through a special program to make it clearer, they were shocked. The photo was sent to a lab that studies Zoology. Never had anyone looked at such an ugly, bizarre living entity.   

The Harocele had dark grey feathers on its face and patches of light brown hair on its body. The skin you could see was Maroon, with a few streaks of pink. It had a bright yellow beak with floppy ears. It had hooves and a tail that looked longer than itself. The Harocele appeared to be walking on its hind legs in the photo. But part that truly made the scientists recline in horror was the fact that it was dented on its body and face. Because of a gash in its head, the thing’s eyes were on either side of its head. The body was irregularly shaped, more like the shape of pottery than what should have been an “animal”.   

 The best thing the scientists thought to do was investigate. A search began for looking all around the mall in hopes of finding where it might be or any evidence on where it came from. They found bits of evidence, such as cardboard boxes that had oddly-shaped bite marks in them and an broken eggshell in front of the mall that was the color of olive. The group devised a plan to catch the abnormal being. The scientists figured the Harocele enjoyed eating paper and cardboard. They set up traps with nets using bits of cardboard wrapped in paper as bait. They set the traps everywhere in the mall. The mall managers hung a “CLOSED” sign from the door. They were all set. They sat around the small TV’s in the security room, watching for any signs of movement. Hours passed and the managers decided they would go home and watch the night’s footage in the morning.  



Reviewing the footage from the previous night, the managers found that the tape blacked out about an hour after the left. They figured the Harocele must have chewed through the cord. Of course, they referred to it as “the thing”. No name had been given to it yet. Inspecting the mall, the mangers found that every piece of balled up paper and cardboard was gone. They found this incredibly surprising, since the nets remained untouched. It occurred to them that this was a special animal with speed and reaction time greater than any other known living thing. Tip-Tap. Tip-Tap. “What was that?” Hank, one of the mall managers asked. The sound wasn’t very loud, but it was mostly silent while they looked around. Just the occasional sound; the shuffle of feet or the shifting of a net. Suddenly, the sound got a lot faster. TAPTAPTAPTAPTAPTAPTAP. Mark, the other mall manager frowned. He mouthed, “It’s the thing.” Hank snatched a net down from the ceiling, causing even faster footsteps from the creature.   

Out of nowhere, it darted in front of them, so fast it was a blur. Hank jumped, causing the Harocele to temporarily stop. Hank froze at the sight of the odd creature in the net. Then he scooped it up, carrying it back to Mark. Hank looked directly in front of him, at the racks of clothes of the store they were in. The thing seemed to paralyze him when he looked at it. “What are we going to do with it?” asked Hank, still staring straight ahead. Mark didn’t respond right away.   

“Uh- Maybe we should name it,” Mark. “It feels weird calling it ‘the thing’.”   

“Good idea. How about something that starts with ‘H-A’ like my name.”   

“Pick a random object,” Mark said.  

“But... Why?”  

“Just do it.”  

“Okay. Ummm...cello,” said Hank.  


“Now let’s scramble up the letters. How ‘bout...” He paused a moment. A word he had never heard before came into his head. Harocele. Mark shuddered. He knew something was wrong. He looked at the Harocele. It was staring straight back, eyes stone-cold. It looked like it was trying to concentrate. I want you to call me Harocele. And not just as a name for me. I want that to be the name of my species. Mark’s face turned flamenco red. “H-h-ow about Harocele,” he said through his hyperventilation. “Great,” Hank said, oblivious Mark’s breathing troubles. “Let’s take him back to the scientists.”  


“Why do I have to hold it? It is giving me the creeps,” Mark said, leaning back far in his seat as if the net bag in his lap contained some sort of deadly virus. The Harocele appeared to be sleeping. “This has got to be the strangest animal ever discovered.” “BOOM!”    

A puff of smoke, and the net was gone forever.  

“Get me a bag,” Mark whispered. “This thing is going to make my leg explode just like the net.” The harocele started stirring and its eyes started growing bigger and bigger, like it was afraid. Before it could dash away, Mark grabbed it. “My wife’s purse is down by your feet. It’s fine. I don't think she likes it that much. Just take everything out.” Mark obeyed and dropped the animal into the purse then zipped it back up. Then he heard the voice again.   

Be quiet and I won’t do anything. I hate noise.   

Mark didn’t speak a word the rest of the car ride.   


“Please write a character profile about the creature,” said one of the scientists. “That way we can know what to study in the animal.” “I got it Hank,” said Mark after a moment.   


Name: Harocele  

Date Discovered: 5/15/2040  

Size: Hardly bigger than a tennis ball 

Special Skills: ESP, Speed, Incredible Intelligence etc.  

History: The offspring of a donkey and a pigeon. Unknown how unusual colors happened. Dents on body are from being accidentally hurt by rocks when 2 days old. 


“How did you know that other stuff about the Harocele?” asked Hank. Mark shrugged, figuring that he would sound stupid if he told the truth. They all walked into the small testing lab that held the Harocele and found him missing, no matter how hard they looked. The scientists were understandably upset with themselves for allowing such a breakthrough to slip through their fingers. The Harocele escaped by teleportation, and he made sure Mark knew that. He didn’t like the idea of being a lab rat, tested in mazes and put in a cage to be further examined. He resolved to never cross paths with a human again and burrowed himself in some soft mud. He knew if he lay in the mud long enough it would stick to his skin and he may be able to pass as a mouse. He thought of the cardboard back at the mall. He felt very hungry after being in the grips of lab rat life. A few seconds later he was back in the store he was before, but now eating the dollar bills behind the cash register. When he was full, he left for a nearby forest and was never seen by humans again. 


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