Evie Hears an Elephant

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Evie is lying in bed asleep when suddenly she is woken up by a trumpet-like noise. “What was that? It sounded like an elephant!” she thinks. She waits to hope to hear it again but nothing. “Maybe if I listen at the door, I’ll hear it again,” and then she climbs out of bed and tip toes her way to the door. She presses her ear to the door and waits a minute, but she cannot hear anything. “Maybe if I go into the hall, then I will hear it.”   

She creeps out into the hallway as quietly as she can. As Evie is just a couple steps away from the bathroom, she hears it again, “Bahruuuuhhhaaa.” “The elephant is in the bathroom!” She creeps closer to the door, but just as she is about to open it, her older brother Ezra walks out.  

“Evie, what are you doing out of bed?” he asks. “Did you see the elephant, Ezra?” Evie asks excitedly. “What are you talking about? There is no elephant, Evie.” “Yes, there is, I heard it. It woke me up with its loud trumpet sound coming from its trunk. It sounded like it was coming from the bathroom.” Evie insists. “Trust me Evie, I was in the bathroom all by myself. I would have seen it if there was an elephant in there with me. Come on now, you need to go back to sleep.”   

Ezra grabbed Evie’s hand, walked her back to her room and tucked her back into bed. “Go to sleep Evie. No more worrying about elephants.” He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves to go to bed himself.  

The next day, when Evie wakes up, she decides to go to the bathroom and check for any signs of the elephant. She looks all over the floor for footprints but sees nothing. Then she looks behind the shower curtain to see if it hid in the tub but there was nothing there either. She saw no signs that there was an elephant in the bathroom last night. “I know that I heard an elephant but where could it have gone? How did Ezra not see it?” she wondered. Giving up her search she leaves the bathroom and goes about her day.  

Later that night, Evie is woken up again by the same trumpet sound. “The elephant is back! I have to run and catch it.” She rushes out of her bedroom and out into the hall only slowing down when she gets to the bathroom door to stop and listen for the elephant. “Bahruuuhhhaaa,” she hears it again. “It’s definitely in the bathroom” she thinks.  

“I have to get proof that it’s in there. How can I do that though?” Evie wonders. Then she remembers her mom gave her a little Polaroid camera for her last birthday. She rushes back to her room and swipes the camera off the top of her dresser. Then turns around and runs straight back to the bathroom. “Okay, all I have to do is swing the door open quickly and snap a picture before it has a chance to disappear again.”  

With her plan set, Evie lifts the camera up to her eye, puts her hand on the door and as she pushes the door open, she takes the picture, and the flash goes off. “I got it!” she thinks. But when she brings the camera down, it is not an elephant she sees but her brother Ezra again! “Evie! What are you doing? You nearly blinded me with that flash!” exclaims Ezra. “I am sorry, but you had to have seen the elephant this time Ezra. I know I heard it again and I was trying to get a picture as proof that it was in there, but you got in the way when I opened the door.” She replies. “Evie, how many times do I have to tell you? There is no elephant in this bathroom or anywhere else in this house. You must be dreaming it.” Says Ezra. “I know what I heard Ezra and I will catch that pesky elephant and prove to you that it’s not just a dream.”   

Evie huffs in frustration but heads back to her room. She puts the camera back on her dresser and climbs into bed. “I will just have to catch that silly elephant tomorrow night.” She tells herself and then she drifts off to sleep.  

For the third night in a row, Evie is woken up by the same noise as the previous nights. “Bahruuhhhaaa!.” This time, she doesn't worry about the camera, and she doesn't wait outside the bathroom door. “I’ve got you now!” she says as she bursts into the bathroom. But there is no elephant in there, it is just Ezra again! Just as Evie is about to ask him where the elephant is hiding, her brother blows his nose “bahruuuhhaa!.”   

Evie’s eyes open wide in surprise. “It’s you! Ezra, you are the elephant I have been hearing every night!” Ezra looks at her confused, “What do you mean it’s me?” he asks. Evie starts to giggle, “You sound like an elephant when you blow your nose. Every time I came looking for the elephant because I heard a noise, you were leaving the bathroom and there was no sign of an elephant in here.” Evie tells him, still laughing her head off.  

Pretty soon Ezra is laughing too. “I do kind of sound like an elephant when I blow my nose. I am sorry I didn't believe you Evie. You definitely were hearing something.” He tells her. “Thank you, Ezra, I’m glad I solved the mystery of the hidden elephant. Maybe now I can get some sleep.” She replies. Then Ezra takes her hand, walks her back to her room and tucks her into bed. “Now that I know that I sound like an elephant, I will try to be quieter when I blow my nose. Let's get some sleep, it has been exciting the last few nights.”   

Evie pulls her brother in for a hug and tells him with a giggle “Goodnight, Elephant Ezra, I love you!” Ezra smiles, hugs her back and replies “Goodnight Exciting Evie, Love you too!” And off to bed they went. 

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